Noo to bloodcloth KAYON yu couldnt go a yu fren SHEBADA nails tech and was yu birthday
Yu coulda a least go treat yu self
Wat about ruff stone or a foot scrub a town weh a fi 100.00
Ohh sorry it look like a bleaching cream alone yu intrested inna
When gal say dem hot and clean
Foot also involve



  1. 1. Har foot want a proper scrub down!

    2. She need fi bleach har foot properly (di top part nuh ketch good)

    Sidenote…bleachers kindly to bleach di difficult parts first (ears, underarms, knuckles, elbows, knees, ankles, feet, toes), so that when unnuh bleach at least unnuh will look even and not look white like snow with di black weh fava fungus pon unnuh!

  2. Dutty Kayon yuh mek di wall, bout yuh name British, more like brishit. Stop guh dance and leave yuh kids alone a night time.

  3. This girl have two kids and I swear Kayon don’t know how them eat, sleep, and shit. Her son fada tek the likkle bwoi from her, the likkle girl fada gone a farrin and every night Kayon carry the likkle girl go leave pon ppl so she can do road. Ah nuff sister she have, she’s the youngest and the worst–kid you not! When Kayon ready she pack up and go country go sell pussy…no morals or values. She’s Franklin Town ghetto bicycle!!

  4. I for one will take that dutty foot anyDay inna mi bed over that sickening bleach foot yuck!! Discoloured veiny veiny no just no…gimme dutty foot everytime.

  5. Kayon crawny nuh bc..idk a who fool har,a mussy the second tym mi si har ina clothes…di gyal stay bad n always naked,, ina har quartapound a cloth clothes dem..gyal go bathe n go up a jamal,bou British..kmt I Wanda a who spell dat fi har

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