1. Tell di harlot bout her mumma yes mi ukkibit?!!I hope ppl noticed she deliberately Highlighted/capitalized “black n ugly”enuh.I only skipped past it cuz i thought is a disgusting troll send this een fi rile up Pinkwallers..n mi sey mi nah tek di bait enuh.

      I lef har to PP dem when them see this cuz this brown n pretty thing a get out of hand…someone needs to let it be known that browness is not synomous with prettiness,yea there are plenty brown n pretty girl but only the duncest of ppl think it’s a given!

      Only brainwashed imbeciles think n believe that black is ugly. Someone might be ugly fi true but it’s not because they are black since we know there are plenty ugly brown n white ppl too n that also isn’t color related.

  1. F**k di complexion :nerd what di f**k is wrong wid har damn foot dem… a di dem gal stan up dat???? it nuh look like it still.

  2. Where is F**kout Stacy downscale aka Sumting , the one weh surgery can’t fix and her bress dem need Dr dubrow and Dr Nassif to brinf dem back tp life? Cause all the implant and lift she do the bress dem dead and long. How she nuh come road again and weh the big fat one weh Christine Hendricks say sleep out har grand daughter bed lol

    1. She hiding! Uncle a hide and f**k she. Plus from She baby father left she and Di line backer niece broke like dog and a live offa Ebt. Stacey life sad . man mascot. Uncle not even claim she and she a try style Di man wife. Dutty Gyal we know you need money ….but we know say uncle nah give you none. Stop bring pure man round Yuh pickney sum ting. Have some class bitch. Bronx mattress.

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