This batty boy ian swaby a one a jamaica biggest man him nuh stop look beg mi fi suck mi p**y n how him wany lick out mi a*s… n when mi cuss him him a try style mi smh mi tired a him ina mi inbox now n a weh him guh n fb n duh to other woman n man

5 thoughts on “SIR COME OUTA HAR INBOX

  1. How about you block and stop inna argument wid him simple… dis nuh seems right cause nuh body nah run up inna mi inbox wid nuh f**kery and mi sit dung a argue wid dem..

  2. You know what I’m tired of you hoes .. So what if he wanted to suck you???? some men eat pussy and some girls suck dick so get over y’all selves that’s y these niggerz leave y’all. Bedroom business is private cause cause when he sucking and making u come you feel good vice versa.. The year is 2017 most ppl do oral baby just you ignorant bitchez who not Use to sucking cause all.the man dem do is ram out your wholes …. You should be happy a man waah suck and lick you stupid f**k

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