She say bling dog Money tall she nah stop f**k him but me here say bling don’t want she are p** full a Gray hair old woman go take off the fake things them you don’t have no ambition you are a married woman bling don’t want you in a you mouth look like a pittoilet


  1. Bling is a man hoe he don’t want nobody mi here say she a talk say bling f**k her in her ass and everytime she go round a sea food him f**k her in the bathroom she is just one nasty bitch

  2. but thats your mate though…
    So who look worst in this situation.
    Bitches think when man a fuc k gal dem care if the Gucci real or fake. All they care about is the Good hole. The old lady in her fake Gucci coming from church a maaaaad yoooou……

  3. Bling a gwan like him a top man and the girl no stop talk say him suck her pussy and f**k her in her ass bling is one waist man him don’t want nobody not even him wife

  4. We all know from people wear Gucci shoes, belt, handbag are all fake. Not everyone has money like that anymore to be spending over 3500 over brands. Especially seeing everyone in them mumma having it on. These people aren’t doing anything more than going to the local parties, driving high mileage luxury cars, wearing fake brands, and posing off and taking pictures in local spots.

    I don’t see anybody going to exotic places. Hanging out in high end clubs with real celebrities not irrelevant ones. Why haven’t I seen a dancehall person going over to England and pose off but them seh dem rich? England is too dam expensive for them. Jamaica is easier because all them haffi do is buy a plane ticket and stay over dem relatives yard.

  5. Luw the woman wid ar grey hair dem. U a gwaan like fi u naah go grey to. Hat mi when young gal gwaan like dem forever young. N know this a big woman front a d best bcuz dem inna dem prime. Yes 38-55 a pum pum prime so u just a come.

    Lady do, fi the luv of me, tap e wid the fakery. Or better yet collect before u go roun a d bathroom yea bcuz say we man more kind before we bruk. Amen

  6. Who is bling, is he a good catch? Hell nooooo. Sender u lame wheel n come again, bling as his last name suggest is a big black phugly dwag. Kmt, him ugly like

  7. Dian Guyanese Dian from orange Nj why you don’t leave the woman and her life alone!! You are obsess with her entire life you f**k the husband and the husband son them don’t want you now you start on Bling dawg. He’s going to kick you Inna you stinking pussy. gal when are you going to stop with the madness? So what if her Gucci fake, Diane somebody need to send Met your story cause u been doing this Nasty Diane Jersey toilet pit u sell $10 pussy all your life and still don’t take out those rotten teeth out your head Girl you and Plummy are the nastiest in Nj both of you ducking Sam which is your baby dad and still can’t hold him as a matter of fact you can’t hold no man with that sad pussy you’ve been stalking this lady and her life too long now leave her the f**k alone!

  8. Dian you need a topic here calling all victims of Dian Met this girl is a sick individual she mad at this lady cause she doesn’t want to be her friend, the step son left her cause she f**king the father the father don’t want her and she live to stalk this woman and her famiy Dian you need a story The lady left the husband give you and true the husband don’t want you u keep stalking and sending stories All victims of Dian roll in

  9. Omg they do you real bad but you deserve it cause you talk a little bit too much girl you a run down the hype and don’t fit you do up yr body it only make you look only makes you tuffer and let me address you girl you can’t do what a man do and still be a lady you only f**k bling cause you a look a hype and he not giving you any of the money girl you can’t keep no friend for too long cause you are a very mix up old lady bling don’t want you bling don’t even want his self even the teeth in your mouth is not real bling don’t be Surprise if you see them drop off on your dick while sucking it girl I understand that you are a f**ka gal but don’t do it for the hype girl everyone know you f**k man and woman so you talk about your husband f**k in ass but why now you a talk about that cause that’s what you bring to the table in your house am going to give you a little advice just humble and don’t say nothing dwl cause your voice note that going around only you sound fool fool

  10. Miss lady! You see wha reach you because you settle for less?

    1. At a certain age you no fi a tek man wid dem likkle pissing tail gyal yah.

    2. You should be taking a man who go by him first or last name.

    3. Only you hardcore man you gi pussc to anywhere (almost 😀 ) and time-widout shame.

    4. If you can’t afford a brand don’t wear a knock off to it. Cheap and Clean or cheap n clean with a few high price pieces you can afford. All if you can afford a brand…from it common mek it tan a shop.

    5. Stop phuck common fowl men;dem is condemnation to ones character.

    You no ugly, so you muss can do better.

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