**Some a di question dem mixup but unno can decipher same way**

Witness- says mi did gave a passport. Mi nuh have it again

Witness – Shawn Storm tek if fram me. And say him a tek mi go to Guyana

Jury of 12 asked to leave. Judge hearing legal submissions on objection. Can’t tweet submissions.

Tavares Finson now – is that stmt u gave to police, sign ur name an read over?
Ans – yes

Witness says he doesn’t see in stmt something he said in court yesterday- (Kartel phone was shining like a pepper light)….

Lawyer tenders inconsistent section of stmt into evidence as exhibit 2

Ques- is your name Leonard or Lamar.
Ans – Chow *Court chuckles *

Tavares Finson asked witness to ‘turn and look at me’. He does

Ques- who told u to put word ‘flashlight’ into ur stmt’
Ans – Nobadi

When did u stop calling number Ans
from me a get pure voice mail me stop Bout 3 day mi call it like twice a day and get voice mail

Q- When u return to ur community people asked u what happen to Lizard?
Ans – mi nu understand. Break it dung, Lawyer – I going break it down man

Q- did police take u into custody n inquire about the missing Williams
Ans – yes
Q-Police took u from Waterford
Ans – No.
Ans – St. Thomas
Q- u move bout corporate area a bit

Ans- no. Mi have family in St. Thomas. Not close to Kgn family
Q-police question u bout ur involvement in disappearance of Lizard?
Ans – mi nu understand Sah
Q- who took u up?
Ans- Mr. Benji. He and his colleagues come
Q-and this same police Calvin Benjamin was there went u gave stmt in presence of Mr. Gause

Ans – couple of them. About 3 car load come

I wait bout 20mins at the hospital. Mi wait in di yard at hospital. Yes wid di taxi man. I didn’t know taxi man b4 The said girl that was in di yard come up to di hospital. I knew her b4 but not to talk to. Her name is Candice,
Q- this was same girl standing outside gate at Kartel house?
Ans – yes.
Counsel proceeds to ask a question based on docu. Pros objects Tavares Finson – Mr Taylor it is getting late. Don’t send up u blood pressure Counsel to counsel talk in court

Suggesting that in stmt to police on Aug 4 u said u saw Kartel n girl standing at a section of yard on outside
Ans – no Sir
-Lawyer calls for stmt and shows to witness. –
Q-Witness says it’s his stmt St. Andrew hosp -Hope Rd in vicinity of Devon House.
Q- U waited for him n accompanied him to pharmacy
Ans – no. He n Candice go pharmacy

Q- u reboarded taxi n went to guest house
Ans-Yes. Kiro, Mad Sus and another person was there
Q-these r the same people u said u run away fr at Swallowfield?
Q-Sir How long would it tek u from Swallowfield to hosp?
Ans- Witness- depends pan di traffic
Ans – Everybody did deh a di guest house except Lizard and Shawn
Question- that’s the suggestion I am making to me
Ans – u can’t suggest that Sir cos u were not there
Ans- From guest house- taxi to Waterford. Mr. Palmer pay for it (Witness is laughing) Counsel says what’s so funny.
Ans – cos u just a suggest, a suggest, a suggest *pop up*
Q-U told court when u got to Waterford u were calling Lizard no-
Ans – yes Sir. Mi call it right thru

Q-Yesterday u said u ran from gate n jumped red gate at front. Is that so?
Ans – yes Sir,
– Lawyer calls for pic of gate. Gate has metal spikes going up in the air. Sharp looking spikes-
Q- when u jumped or flew over gate. Did u see dog attack Mr. Palmer
Ans – mi neva a look behind me enuh
Q-U said u put Mr Palmer in a taxi
Ans- yes Sir
Q- was foot bleeding badly?
Ans – no Sir
Q-And is afta dat u go outside n flag down a taxi
Ans- mi nuh understand.
Q- Say again Exchange between counsel now *hot in here* U signed a document at hospital Fi him
Ans – I just write on his name on Di paper

Q-I Suggest that u enter Havendale premises
Ans – 3 of us enter premises. Me, lizard and Shawn. Mad Sus open Di gate fi wi
was traveling in a ole Kingfish vehicle from Waterford to Havendale.
Q- In Di back was Clive Williams?
Ans – yes Sir On way to Havendale taxi stop at guest house.
– Lawyer- suggest that Clive Williams left taxi at guest house-
Ans – weh, weh u seh Sah? Witness – say dat again cos mi no understand.
-Lawyer suggests story made up by u and police investigators inn this matter.-
Ans – no such thing Sah. No such thing

Q- for how many yrs u carried illegal gun?
Ans- bout 2 yrs. I was carrying it…
Q-So u r a gunman?
Ans – no Sir
Q- Do u agree that for 2 yrs of ur life u were a gunman ?
Ans – no Sir
Q-You Carry an illegal gun though?
Ans – yes
Q-Sir U have been arrested for firearm offences?
Ans – no such occasion
Q- when u went to give stmt in Aug did police ques u about gun related crime?
Ans – no Sir Witness – No Sah.
Q- only Adijah dem ask bout. Witness – and Clive Williams

-Witness reads his 3 stmts n admits he sees no mention of phone on speaker n getting money from Williams’ sis Tom asks who instructed him to give that evidence Pros – objects Tom – u r the only 1 who doesn’t understand ques
Q- would u agree that person who owns illegal gun is referred gun is referred to as a gunman ?
Ans – yes Sir
Q-A person who uses illegal gun to commit criminal (rolling r) is a gunman?
Ans – yes Sir………

Q-Do u recall saying u were in taxi with Clive Williams on way to Havendale n saw Williams using phone to text?
Ans – yes -Suggest- it’s 1st ur saying that ..Mr. Chow (Emphasis by Tom)

Ans- No Sir. Was in my 1st stmt Witness now shown stmt
– lawyer trying to prove no mention of texting is in it You read stmt and show where u said man was texting orders lawyer. He is reading …….Fingers running across pages of stmt. Lawyer asks – u don’t come off the 1st page yet’
Ans – me come off it long time

Suggest – pitbull attacked u n in process it bit Mr palmer. That’s why u helped to get taxi…
Ans – no such thing Witness now asks lawyer- ‘you were there Sir’
Courtroom outburst lawyer Police shout silence!

CHOO TAVARES GET BEATEN BAD TODEH-Tavares Finson has requested a stmt from Senior Deputy DPP to the effect that the witness was not prep for trial


  1. you know weed bad doah dwrclllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    yuh name lenard or yuh name lemar chow :ngakak

    twins a twins a copy dat outprint yah met …..weed a doah wrong yuh a bloodclaat bruck it dung tuh ghetto terms dem name trick yuh mek him ask tuh de level a yuh understanding of course bruck it rite bloodclaat dung a weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    1. lmaooooooooooooooooooooo tavares tink him wudda intimidate di witness but they need to have kartel on the stand fi prove seh him did a protect weed from di dog so i feel dem a go try dat

  2. have you been arrested for gun… such occasion

    yuh knw a accusation weed waan seh fe drop in a wan big wurd mi belly amaddy help dis yah sweet..we need a movie yow :ngakak

  3. Ans – yes Sir On way to Havendale taxi stop at guest house.
    – Lawyer- suggest that Clive Williams left taxi at guest house-
    Ans – weh, weh u seh Sah? Witness – say dat again cos mi no understand.


  4. met doah move dis yah thread it need front page weed mouth light bad is a fiesty piece a bwoy enuh him cum back dem sweet bad…mi sey kartel hate him 10 X 10 ans want him head like rite nung………..weed nah luk a justice him want

    1. u nuh mus be gun man if u carry an illegal gun so he answered correctly..u a gun man if u have run in wid police using an illegal gun so das y tavares a run a ask if witness get prepped before di trial

    2. an you know dis can be a double-edged sword, by admission that he carried an illegal gun for two years can be perceived by jury as an act of honesty, all mi a she weed dun Tavares nice nuh claat,

  5. Honest to God the witness sounds retarded and a guh round inna circle.
    He needs to be locked up also anuh suh things work! kmt this case a start fi annoy me now he is also a criminal and so was lizard do not forget this!

    1. anuh how educated dis is…de man a ansa de way he knows how to plus him have a man weh a ask him wan question inna 4 different ways him just waan tell him story and i even sed b4 after him testify gence him daddy lock him up tuh cuz a nuff dirt dem did a duh b4 gun get missing nd almost his head unless dem cut him a deal weh wi nuh knw bout

      1. Me feel seh weed deal well cut n in place for him after the trial…got me thinking tht all the gimmicks by the police before the trail was to kill time to make sure they had weed on board to testify lol

    1. a wah duh yuh man…mi live so loud jus now all tera scum frm me like him av all a bigs voice a sey a wah duh dah man yah man.were you there sir :ngakak

  6. Ans – yes Sir On way to Havendale taxi stop at guest house.
    – Lawyer- suggest that Clive Williams left taxi at guest house-
    Ans – weh, weh u seh Sah? Witness – say dat again cos mi no understand…………………………………………………..funny as hell…………..phuck kartel

    1. di man seh dpp fi send in statement seh weed nuh get nuh prep_________________________________________________ it sticky pan dem

  7. Ans – Everybody did deh a di guest house except Lizard and Shawn

    Question- that’s the suggestion I am making to me

    Ans – u can’t suggest that Sir cos u were not there


  8. bwoy a audio fe did needed badly …mi caan belive dey even doah dem nuh waan nuh video coverage dem cuden even drop it ova irie fm air waves suh we can get two laffs while we a hear wah really a guh dung..dis shit is very serious but mad funny too bcuz a how weed a reply back

  9. 876@…..a dont know how yuh neva know dis since it’s common knowledge….but in nearly all criminal cases dem use smaller criminals to testify against di ring leader cuz di mastermind is who dem really want lol

  10. Q- when u jumped or flew over gate. Did u see dog attack Mr. Palmer
    Ans – mi neva a look behind me enuh…..:ngakak Weed nuh easy a tall tall. Ef mi di inna dat deh courthouse bailiff woulda put out mi kaka claat.

  11. UNO WELL WANT THIS MUDERING BASTARD GET WEH EYEN! uno lucky, a prison him fi dead, even if the youth was a gun man, he was under the evil influence of satan kartel. I luv how him stand to Finson, him sound funny but him serious.

    1. So agree with u. Now look how the crime rate high in JA & dem a back de demon who clearly was engrossed funded & operated this evil empire. Should it matter how weed formulate his words? The big question is What is this “entertainer” doing in this gun/murder mess. The mere fact that this was his life off stage shows the EVIL Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde side to him. WEED should be commended for his courage. Oh God I pray he’s not harmed nor his relatives later on down the line. What law enforcement needs to work on now is totally dismantling this gaza operation & should Kartel be unfairly freed due to corruption or technicalities, he should be so watched. The cops should follow him around & keep track of his every move so as to spare another mother from burying her child. He’s NOT to be trusted. Gosh I am so sick & tired of reading the Observer etc. & seeing ppl bawling for their loved ones.

  12. “I condemn today’s (Thursday) shooting in Waterford, and I condemn any attack made on Blak Ryno,” Kartel is quoted as saying. “Regardless of what transpires between the Portmore Empire and Blak Ryno, whether or not he is a part of the Empire, I will not tolerate any acts of violence against him. Anybody who does anything to Ryno has to answer to me.”

  13. All who a cheer lead Fi weed mus nuh love unu country cuz any how teach loose yard mash up….it wudda wus Dan dudus extradition riot suh careful weh unu wish fah!

    1. One more ting…who won when di people dem did riot fi dudus? A huh much a dem and dem pickney did dead agen? tell dem dweet oo :ngakak

    2. TEK DIS NIGHT SLEEP AND MARK YU DEATH! Nastiness whey drop out a somebody womb yu may want fi crawl back up inna dat IF ANY UNREST COME TO DE NATION.

      MET SAVE DA IP DEH cause somebody gwan have ansa to da threat yah at some point!

        1. Dem careless beyond careless. Is full time a full boycott go out pon de likes a de germs yah inna we society. Look whey we youth dem a stand firm fah? weeping…..

          Do IP cause dem think is everywhere dem can mek dem talk de…is a security threat and one that if push come to shove me we report to MNS.

          1. all kinda sucking and disrespecting of woman him did a bring ina dance…likkle bit from desso who know whey him wudda lead di people dem…but from bigga ford testify dem shudda know dere was no way out….

          2. di gleaner article se dem tap congregate a courthouse oo :ngakak
            di person whey come dem fi keep coming since dem a play guard

          3. Bitch dem run out a transport fare or shorty/Finson nah gi dem none! Bunch a misguided BUMS!

          4. a mus fare run out because a cudden idle alone why dem really go tek dat hot sun…dem seh money low fi true das y him did want huh much money bot him a do sting

        2. Me is not a Christian but me believe in a higher power. From de witness decided to cooperate Him ‘sins’ wash wey inna my eyes.

          By making it possible fi that demon to sit in the house of justice under man’s law him atone fi him deeds…cause by facing down the demon and him advocates him start a path to correction. From me Christian grandmothers I do know the saying “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess”.

      1. Fi all we know de pitbull did a phuck some a dem. Dem nah shout bout unemployment, lack of social programs but dem a shout bout the defense of murderers, thieves, rapist, arsonist, pedophiles and all that is wrong in a we country. Me nah lie me ago resist from tossing out a tear cause it nah go pretty pon dat posta de fi de res a him days.

          1. It’s been a scourge inna we culture. But dis a nu ELECTION! so dem betta nhame dem owna bulla.

  14. Weed tek it 2 Finson BIG TIME. Bet him neva expect it mek him gwaan suggest n suggest. Weed u nuh easy a baxide!!! Talk u truth d way u know how to. Finson I suggest u seriously consider retiring after u loose this case

    1. FInson tink weed a go respect and fear him …but it nuh possible because dem help build a criminal society weh nuh have nuh fear of nothing that is called decent or so called decent ..him a politrickican and dem help build da Jamaica yah …a di fuss time mi si man a get light by a weed

  15. u know wat wudda sweet mi is wen finson say bout gumnan if weed di turn n ansa seh u shud kno ur son-in-law is one.. court wudda tun ova

  16. Lol this remind me of when me a read the lunatic inna highschool. lol woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I never so much joke yet in a long while. Mi miss Jamaica God know.

  17. Straight Prison!Dat fool nat seeing no road and if him do dog nyam him supper .Jamaica police done know seh dem kill di yute already

    1. no one can take a charge. it is not a individual charge. murder charge and sentence applies to all once there is common design.

  18. If him buss de case either police or man ago kill him so if him even walk out dat court house him stll finish.just a matter of time..because if he walks thats a big embarrassment to the police force and judiciary system….even if him run wey a nuff old murderer area don run wey an a live like hermit an wishing they could turn back the hands of time

  19. Witness is doing a great job. anything him don’t understand him seek clarity.

    obviously the witness has been coached !!! he is doing a good job for the prosecutor who obviously has coached him. because the lawyer a try trick him and him not falling for it,

    the basic trick a lawyer use is to try to trap a witness in a lie. hence trying to get him to say he was a gunman and then retract it. then a witness would lose credibility.

    prosecutors tell the witness how to answer the questions and I see the witness getting confident.

    the witness should not get over confident and start believing his own hype and start tell long story about horse dead and cow fat.

    just keep it short and truthful !!!

      1. Simple as that.

        The ongle issue of ethics here is that of the defense council. The witness doing exactly what him suppose to do if him short of comprehension…ask to be addressed so that one can comprehend before answering to a question. They’re cautioned repeatedly on that. That is the ongle “coaching” gwan in a pre-trial meeting. State don’t do nothing else…in some instances you MAY get to review your statement (Cannot change it) if there are discrepancies in it and you memory at this time they can decide to remove you as witness.

      1. if he was coached he would have said the exact thing his statement said, he has been listening to the trial yes and das y him get di statement n one a di questions mixed up..tavares tink him cudda intimidate him..dem get a TRICK

  20. Remember, is the same set a people dem a interact. The lawyer know the prosecutor cause them dealing for years in the same courtroom. So they know each other tactics.

    so when the witness a ask for clarification and a answer certain thing certain way, the lawyer knows that a the prosecutor a coach him to answer certain way.

    remember the only way the lawyer can get him out is to prove that he is not a credible witness. i,e, the lawyer have to trap him into a lie !!!

    Plus the lawyer ask the court for the prosecutor to declare that him not coaching the witness. the Prosecution object and the judge is to decide that today !!!

    but it clear that the witness is being coached.

    hopefully him don’t get too smart for his own good, cause him did timid, now him a start hail up people on their birthday like him at the grammy award.

  21. The system in Jamaica stinks, I have been trying to get the passport office to change the occupation in my mother passport and they told me they can’t change passport for that. In my the passport, they put housewive as her occupation, my mom never married from the day she born. What they should have put is homemaker. This is delaying my mom filing. Now when I see these criminals getting passport in whatever name and da amount a passport dem find kartel with. This prove how much corruption deh a yard.

    1. What did your mother put on the form ?. I made up an occupation, and what I made up is what is in my passport. i.e whatever you put on the application form, that what they put in the passport.

      1. Thanks for your response, I guess, my mom was the one who made the mistake, but I don’t think it should be a big deal for them to change it. Maybe I should have check out Kartel links….I guess ma mom would have gotten her passport change…

      1. relevance ?. the occupation what is on a child birth certificate does not relate with what is on a passport form.

        your occupation can change from one day to the next. your occupation is whatever you list when you are applying for a passport on the passport application form. That form has to be signed by a JP/Notary Public.

        1. Relevance….it may have stated “housewife” instead of “houseduties”, reflected on item #17 pon de new form. Daughter is de petitioner for her mother who may have housewife listed on said daughter’s birthpaper…relevance is typos.

        2. You would be surprise to know how simple things are relevant in administration.

          ****Miss/Sir: RGD and US are linked electronically. So if the US (I’m assuming) need clarification they can easily obtain it. The filing shouldn’t be stalled because of the occupation status and you should continue with the filing.

          1. Thanks for the your response on ma post. I am from Canada. On the forms I have to state if my mom is married or single (she is single, never married). If she is married or have a common-law, I have to put the person info on the forms. Then I have to put her occupation (her passport occupation is saying housewife). They will reject my application because how can she be single and then her occupation is housewife. Here it is no big deal to change occupation on passport. (I guess my mom made the mistake putting on housewife, but here I would have to show proof, like ma marriage certificate)

  22. a lot of people know a lot. there were other persons in the house according to the witness. i would assume that if people dead, others in jail then anyone who knows anything would make like ghost and disappear

  23. Manners & respect Metty & Metters, peepers & all. Metty u si di pic wid Kartel and Gaza Slim weh smaddy post pan Slim fb page, wid them well wrap up in a white towel in bed like them just dun f*@#. Slim she full a icky. Shorty waan si it!!!!!!!!!!! Ppl a debate for and against it being photoshop but it look like d real thing to me still

  24. Firstly kartel would run after him (weed)because he himself would want to also get out of what was goin to happen next …….kartel knew the other men were goin to finish him off (Clive lizard williams)if he wasn’t dead already…….and obviously the others men had to stay behind and clean up the mess………..(dead body of lizard)

    Secondly I would have put kartel in a taxi also…….because wen u are in fear for your life…..especially in this situation. I would have put him in the taxi 2 say well am helping u (kartel) so please save my life because as I know u have the power to…..taking the circumstance which have jus happens.

    Thirdly we all know kartel is a minuipulater…… he ran after (weed) on purpose so that he could be taken to hospital so that he could indeed have an alibi so when they did eventually finish off lizard…..he would be no we’re to be seen in the picture.

    Fourtly why would you go to the hospital for a dog bit that would eventually link you to a crime scean………….he kartel also had to think quickly as his house was eventually going to become a crime scean………so him going to the hospital would eventually give him an alibi away from when the actual last moments of when Clive lizard williams succumbing to his injurys as he was beaten to death.

    And MET……I know all of our metter agree that we are dealing with a very manipulating man… he only cares about him getting off this case……he couldn’t give a shit about the other four men that were involved.

    And yes I was also a diehard kartel fan that is no longer.

  25. Shirley, aka Kartel fi tan a PRISON till him teeth dem grow long and him nuh memba all him name and DEAD..DAMM WICKED OLE PAGAN.

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