VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: Prosecutor’s key witness tells court Kartel, Shawn Storm wanted him out of Ja

Published: Wednesday November 27, 2013 | 4:30 pm 0 Comments

The main witness at the Vybz Kartel murder trial today told the court of a plan by the deejay and fellow entertainer Shawn Storm to get him out of the country to prevent him from telling the authorities about the alleged killing of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

The witness also denied suggestions by the defense that he made up a story about what happened at Kartel’s house on August 16, 2011.

Kartel and four others are charged with Williams’ murder.

The witness said a day after the alleged attack Campbell spoke to him telling him that he was going to take him to Guyana.

The witness said he told Campbell that he did not have a suitcase and the entertainer told him that he would get one for him.

According to the witness, Campbell told him that he was taking him out of the country because he did not want anybody to question him.

The witness said Campbell later gave him the suitcase which he said he took to his house and put clothes in it.

He said a few days later Campbell called him and told him to get ready.

He said he and Campbell took a taxi to the airport.

He said the taxi was driven by the same driver who took him, Campbell, and Lizard to Kartel’s house.

The witness said when they arrived at the airport he was met by Kartel and two other men who he identified as Sheeba and Mooney.

He said a plane ticket was purchased for him but they did not get to go on the flight as it had already left.

The witness said he was told to return the Thursday morning.

The witness said the Wednesday night he went back to Waterford in Portmore and called his family to come get him and he left the community that night.

He said he did not go to the airport as was planned.

He said Campbell called him and asked him if he was ready but he said he was not going.

The witness said Kartel also called him asking him if he was going on the flight to Guyana because he did not want anybody to question him.

MThe key witness testified that on the day he and Lizard were allegedly attacked at Kartel’s house he was not able to see all the accused because of the light from a blackberry cellphone that was constantly shining.

He said he went with Kartel to the hospital because he wanted him to know that he was not involved in what was going on.

Under cross examination from defense attorney Tom Tavares-Finson, the witness denied suggestions that Lizard did not go to Kartel’s house.

He maintained that he, Lizard and Campbell entered the premises.

The witness denied suggestions that he and police investigators are a part of conspiracy and that he made up a story about what happened on August 16.


  1. raas so another ting leak out yasso….SHEEBA A MAN INNA REAL LIFE….bwoy da bredda yah a talk di tings …him have a heavy backy weh kartel cannot give him

      1. u know dungde a jungle and nutten nah come out a it…di boy smart dan di intelligent Kartel…dats y wen kartel go a guyana him did a behave frantic cause di yute neva come pon di odda flight so him demand fi dem sen him back a jamaica dat time di yute run weh…Kartel did a wait pon him a guyana fi done him

  2. Me glad say di guy didn’t go to Guyana because clearly they wanted to take him there kill him and jump pon a flight to Jamaica. Kartel sing about these things all the time not to mention this little boot leg video he had on YouTube him lucky.

  3. D flight leff dem fi a reason. If dem did mek d first flight kartel wudden deh pon trial now n probable wudda get way wid d murder dem

  4. Goodnight Met! I know I read somewhere that the killing was caught on video, correct me if I’m wrong but after reading the above statement made by weed ” the light from a blackberry cellphone that was constantly shining” could that have been the recorder on the phone that was shining? Basically recording the murder? Just a thought

  5. God play a big role in favor of this youth, when the flight miss it was an escape route to save his life. This youth is going to be the down fall of Kartel di demon son.

  6. It’s like God was testing kartel, almost every interview this youth denounce the almighty, God say believe in him with all your heart and he will be there in your darkest hour. Who in here read the story in the paper the other day about the dude who was paid to kill a person and he said Angels came to him and said don’t do it? Mi medz mash up when mi read it.

  7. wen mi see sheeba name mi did think a de sed gal weh did a back gaza slim bout de mek up robbery enuh…neva knw a two sheeba deh pon de gaza strip

  8. Wid all a wah di yute know an witness why a guana dem a try sen di man? Why not offa him a visa fi America are England? Cuz mi know addi hav di links an di money cudda facilitate dat…….are since a badman ting dem depon weh dem Neva killa him? Weh dem a parade roun a airport fah? If dem get fi carry him to airport dat mean dem cudda carry him guh murder him to……somn naa add up

    1. This might add up, since the witness had already told people what he saw at the house if by some strange occurrence he met upon a sudden death others would have gone to the police and tell them what they were told. …… hence one more murder with potential witnesses.

  9. the youth might send texts and leave voice msgs shirley couldnt afford that i klno that kartel was doin shows for a top hustler in guyana and that was probably b the reason they would have wanted to take him to guyana to have them discard of weed but god had a plan for weed so shirley’s plans were smite by god

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