Ques-You had lunch.
Ans – yes Sir
Ques-You treat her like a mother
Ans – no. Like a aunty
Ques-U met her downtown and gave her letter for public Defender
Ans – no Sir
Ques-Letter written n signed by you
Ans – never hear that b4
Ques-At any time did u write ‘ y I don’t want to come to court is cos I see Clive after that
Ans – no Sir
Ques-Did u write ‘that stmt taken by police wasn’t willing’
Ans – no Sir. I didn’t put it in letter Sir
Ans-Nobody showed me a letter like that b4.
Ques – u come here to tell lies
Ans – no Sir
Ques-So nobody showed u letter n asked if u knew about it
Ans – no Sir. First time hearing it here
Lawyer-I told Tavares Finson u never refreshed memory etc. And u remember all tele NOS from 2011
Ans-most of them Sir
Ques-This business of u saying Campbell told u to come to Guyana suggesting Shawn Storm said nothing like that
Ans- not so Sir
Ques-In fact u went to Shawn Storm house and saw him getting ready to go to Guyana Ans – no Sir
Ques-In 1st did u tell police I walked down to Shawn house where I saw him- said he was going to Guyana
Ans – repeat Sir
Ques-Witness says no Sir. He called me and told me Lawyer – wait nuh Judge – let him Answer
Ans-Witness – he called me n told me he’s going to Guyana
-Witness shown stmt and says it’s his. Date on it-
Witness reads stmt and agrees he said he walked down to Shawn house n Shawn told him he’s going to Guyana
Says what he told police was true
Ques-And u were the one who asked if u could come along to Guyana
Ans – not so Sir
Ques-And Shawn Storm said u can come along. Just bring pp n suitcase.
Ans – not so
Ques-U said u didn’t have a proper suitcase n he gave u a suitcase
Ans – he gave me a suitcase Yes 17th Aug
Ques-Shawn was the one along with taxi driver who picked u up n u traveled with him to airport
Ans- yes Sir
Ques-Did Shawn treat u like family
Ans – no Sir
Ques- Friendship?
Ans – no Sir
Ques-Even when u all missed flight, u n Shawn traveled back to Waterford
Ans – yes Sir
Ques- Judge- u were only ones in taxi
Ans – yes Sir
Ques-And Shawn paid –
Ans – yes Sir. I didn’t pay any cent at all
Ques-When u gave stmt Aug 24 did u tell police Shawn Storm I would say is my friend Ans- yes Sir
Ques-After u gave stmt police took u on a journey. They lead u or u them?
Ans- no understand
Ques-In your statement it said ”They took me to Havendale and ask me to come down next day to give stmt on Aug 25”
Ans- I didn’t go
Ques- Did you tell police on Aug 24, that ”I dont know where Jeffery keeps his gun?
Ans-Yes sir and that the truth
-Lawyer says ” yuh can look this way sometimes you know”
Witness- Mi Gud mi gud
-Lawyer bringing up evidence where he says he know where Jeffery keeps his gun-

Ans- that was b4 guns were missing
Ques-After they Are missing u know where they r kept
Ans- yes Sir
Ques- Did you take the police there
Ans-No I didnt carry police to show dem spot. Was the side of his house
Ques Is mek u Mek up story bout u know where Jeffery hide gun
Ans -no Sir
Ques- You were in a taxi and you asked the driver to take you to Shawn’s gate
Ans- Yes

Ques-Told us that at Swallowfield hse Kartel n Storm force door open. Was any light on in house
Ans- just phone light
Ques-Where was phone
Ans- said place Mr. Palmer put it
Ques-U ran to back of house behind phone light
Ans – yes
Ques-So no light in that direction Ans- yes
-Suggest – Shawn Storm didnt brace any door u were in-
Ans- not true
Ques-In fact – u didn’t enter house at all
Ans- 3 a wi enter me lizard n storm
Ques-In fact storm didn’t even enter house at all. He entered yard
Ans – not so Sir
Ques-And the plan was to go back to guest house
-Judge asks – whose plan
Ques-Judge- u know if shawn made any call at guest house
Ans- yes Sir
-Witness says no one was at guest house-
Arrived at g hse about 5/5:30 Swallowfield about 10 mins after that
Ques-In 1 stmt u said – at house with cell phone light, and couldn’t id some of people u saw there
Ans- yes Sir
Ques-U stated that there was a man w big gold ring but couldn’t see him well cos light was poor
Ans – Sir repeat question
Ques-because u didn’t see anyone w bug gold ring. Am I correct
Ans – no Sir
Lawyer-Hold on now witness seem like u change di ting on me Lawyer reads part of his stmt about getting to house at 8pm
Ans- mi never tell dem dat
-Lawyer – wonder where these police get this from- * Laughter in court *
Problem for defence as handwritten photocopy of statement but they got in court a typed version of hand written document…page missing
-Lorne- wants to put passage to witness but that passage is on missing page. Crown doesn’t have original hand written statement-

Lorne seeking guidance of judge
-Pros- both copies were served. Re original matters – counsel has secured it at a place and we can go under best evidence rule-
Witness asked to leave court so defence can be heard by judge
Lorne – it not only affects my XXD. Other counsel affected by it.
Judge – I cannot believe this is now being discovered

Ask judge if pros can use rest of day to find page missing from type written document
Judge- is there any other area u wish to proceed on?
Judge asks pros to provide defence with missing page of typed document
Suggesting – u told police u arrived at 8pm Kartel’s house
Ans- no Sir
– Statement shown to witness-
Lawyer-Says he told police he went to Kartel house about 5:30 not 8
-Suggesting Palmer m Storm didn’t bring u back in yard. U made that up
Ans – not true Sir
Ques- U said b4 u ran into a room u heard like lizard was saying Shawn. Did u mention that to police
Ans- yes Sir
Ques- Suggesting nothing about lizard saying Shawn in ur statement
Ans- I told police Sir
Lorne- Finson asked u if anyone helped u refresh ur memory and u said no. Now that we have DPP here I an asking u again.
Ans-No Sir
-Witness reading statement to see if he told police he heard lizard say ”Shaw”
– Witness took time to read statement and said he didn’t see where he said he heard Lizard say ”Shaw”
Ques-In stmt of 24th do u recall telling police no ticket was bought for you
Ans- ticket was bought for me Sir
Witness-I never tell police that.
-Witness again shown another statement
-Statement said witness missed flight so no ticket was purchased-

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  1. This lawyer Lorn, a guh harder than Tavares, but Weed still hold him own, him nuh buckle under the pressure, him need to just relax and try to recall every thing best as him can remember, and don’t let the lawyers intimidate him.

    1. Weed ongle faults comes from the fact that he wants justice and this he mus temper in order to relax and anwer the questions. Sometimes we want something so bad we over do it.

      Weed (a think yu a read ova here) breath and pace yu self. When the questions are ask tek you time and picture what you want to say, if you feel emotional then cry but don’t answer in anger a dat Lorne a look fah. And have them repeat as many times as you want.

  2. weed sey the same place weh mr.Palmer put it….de man a mek him knw sey ask kartel weh him put him own fone dah yute yah funny bad enuh man…lawyer a guh real hawd doah

  3. Lorne want him look pon him fe try intimidate d yute but d. Bwoy say him good dwl …. ah bwoy… why r they drawing out this case tho. And to think they really want to go 3 weeks. Waste of time if u ask me..just sentence d man n get it. Over with. They all are guilty.

  4. Police dem and pros coach this witness ,,,, missing files again .. ah weh di bloodclaat really a tek place. It nuh look too good ah swear. I still cant say Kartel aguh get lock up because weed cannot say KARTEL KILLED LIZARD AND I SAW HIM DO IT one bunch a fvcked up stories!! Some seem true and some seem made up to make the case look strong because from morning dem never have the puzzle together and two bloodclaat years later missing page from witness statement WHEREEEE THEY DO THAT AT!!!!! Dem ah mek d witness seem like because him fraid him ah mek up shit fi put weh kartel and he doesnt have facts everything he is saying is like hear say cuz he never saw what happened to the lizard person and they were all allies and gun man its hard to trust any of them. THIS CASE SUCKS!!!!!!! I wanna see kartel face lmfaoooo i bet he in there all calm n shit what a pusihole can act. Case still weak judge was like “and youre now discovering this” like really its been 2 damn years

    1. I think Glammity is missing the point that whether he says Kartel did it or not, as long as Kartel conspired or went with it, covered it up, said nothing about it etc, he will also be charged for it so weed nuh need fi say kartel pull trigger or stab or whatever. Mr. Bright Light dem need fi bring up now

  5. Honestly met its like im there in court. I can jus imagine how petrified he is of them. God i pray u take over this case an giv weed courage to stand strong an b the windows of this case. Kartel needs to go to prison. For a looooooooon time*miss joycelyn voice* lol. Mi feel it fi him. Coz i was in his position b4. I saw my brother friends kill him now they all behind bars. Gp an oval. Yep

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