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The reggae superstar Bob Marley, became internationally known for collecting platinum records, but he also liked to collect women and had many relationships, which generated 12 children ..Alpharita Constantia Anderson was born in Cuba to Leroy Anderson and Cynthia Bada””Jarrett. At the age of three months, Rita Marley (fourth photo, right), as it became known, he emigrated to Jamaica. Together, Rita and Bob had five children: Sharon, Cedella, Ziggy, Stephen and Stephanie. Sharon, the eldest, was conceived with an anonymous man when Rita was only 17 years idade.Depois, when he was only eight months old, Bob adopted her. At age 25, married and goes by the name of Sharon Marley Prendergast. In 1983 and 1984, Sharon took time out of their college studies in business administration to help his younger brothers to record the first two albums under the name The Melody Makers. Stephanie Marley may possibly be the fifth child of Bob and Rita. The sources vary but Timothy White writes that Cedella Booker, Bob’s mother, claimed that the girl was not generated by her son. Cedella says that Stephanie was generated by Rita Marley and a man named Ital. Any truth that might actually exist, Stephanie is really recognized as the child of Bob and Rita Marley, and certainly received a portion of his property. Yvette Crichton (the first color photo, Bob) was the last woman with whom the reggae superstar Bob Marley is officially recognized to generate a criança.Outro relationship outside his marriage official with Rita Marley, the fruit of that relationship was born Yvette Jahnesta Makeda Marley in 1981. In 1992, Makeda was a regular visitor at the home of Rita Marley and would later become one of the beneficiaries of the properties of Marley.There are quite frequent confusion that occurs in many places where there are things published about Bob Marley. And consulted on two women, appears twice, both with the name of Yvette. This is what the picture is Yvette Crichton, mother of Makeda Marley Jahnesta (by the way, is the name Makeda Ethiopian Queen of Sheba). The other is Yvette Morris, who was related to Bob through the date of 1975. Amiga also the soccer player and close friend Bob”Skill”Alan Cole, Yvette says participated in several of Bob’s decisions in their businesses. There is, as almost all lovers of the star, well documented.Nevertheless, if the latter is more popular Yvette, is the recordings that circulate under the name “Yvette Tape” or “Yvette Bedroom Tape”. Are 1976 recordings of Bob Marley with his guitar and as few as between friends. Asked about it sometimes, Yvette Morris said he has no special storage, that Bob was always with his guitar and must have many tapes like that. The recording is very interesting, and reserve a Marley show more musical, very different from its circuit star. The musician in the house, the songs can be heard at times when it was working, and Bob always had a song in hand.Lucy Pounder, a resident of Barbados, gave birth to the son of Bob Marley, Julian Marley born in London on June 4, 1975.Lucy had a marital relationship with Bob in London the year anterior.Criou your child right there in London , but brought him frequently to visit Rita and Bob Marley in Jamaica and Miami. Julian recorded his first song when she was five years old and since then it has established itself as a vocalist, bassist, drummer, and tecladiista. He released his first album in 1989 called”Uprising.”After moving to Jamaica in 1992, Julian has released another album called”Lion in the Morning,”which was produced in part by Stephen Marley and aided by Rohan, by Kymani and the Melody Makers. Julian toured Japan, Brazil and Mexico. In 1996 he was also featured as part of “Marley Magic” a tour of North America …..Janet Dunn was a dancer in a club, Janet met Bob Marley at some time in the 1970 ‘s.The literature in its origins or at their first encounter with the king of reggae is almost nonexistent. In fact, there is even a discrepancy on your behalf. In the book Catch a Fire by Timothy White, the author Janet Hunt credited as giving birth to Rohan Marley, as the Wailers’ family tree lists her mother as Janet Dunn, whatever the case may be, is little known of Bob’s case with this woman. Born in May 1972 to Janet, Rohan was later brought by Bob stay with Rita at the age of four years because his mother was not caring properly for him. This time forward, Rohan remained with the Marleys. He attended the same school as Ziggy and Stephen, but unlike them he was rowdy and incorrigible to the point that was sent to live with Cedella Booker in Miami, Cedella and eventually adopted him. Rohan came to get the university to play for a football team called Miami’s Hurricane. In the 1990s, Rohan was arrested on charges of trying to invest on a police officer in Miami with his van pickup.Casou with singer Lauryn Hill, the Fugees ..In 1970, Bob began a relationship with a woman named Pat Williams of Trenchtown, and again the sources are confused as it is referred to as “Pat” in the book Songs of Freedom, but referred to as “Lucille Williams” in the book Catch a Fire, Timothy White.Bob came to know through the stay at home at 56 Hope Road .. On one particular night, he approached Bob naked in the moonlight. There seduced him in the backyard. Bob was so affected by the break so that next morning he wrote the lyrics of “Midnight Ravers” in a phone book of Kingston. The meeting produced a child, Robbie, who was born in 1972. Eventually Robbie Marley was also created under the care of Rita. Robbie attended the University College of the West Indies, manages a clothing store and the brand name Marley is currently contemplating a career in computer graphic ..Belnavis Anita, Anita in 1977, a champion of the Caribbean table tennis gave birth to son Ky-Mani Marley. Little is known about this woman.The only child of Anita Belnavis and reggae icon Bob Marley, Ky-mani Marley was born in Falmouth, Jamaica. At the age of nine years moved to the center of Miami. Earlier, Ky-Mani was unaware of his musical skills, sports were his first love, but learned from his mother the meaning of music, took piano lessons and guitar lessons and played the trumpet in his band in high school, besides singing. Besides his musical talents Ky-Mani was a serious jock, and is now also establishing itself as a reggae artist and also as an actor.Ky-mani spent summers with his father and mother substitutes Bob and Rita Marley and moved back to Jamaica in 1992.Janet Bowen, little is known of this woman also, another to have a relationship with Bob Marley.Em exception of many sources used for this role, not even listed a name, simply referring to women as “Janet in England.” Janet gave birth to daughter Karen Bob Marley in 1973 in England. Karen lived with her grandmother in Jamaica in Harbor View, St. Andrew, where he attended school. Karen eventually became a regular visitor of the Marley clan although initially feared Bob. When Bob became ill, he asked Rita cared for Karen and register the girl at the same school as her daughter Stephanie …The woman most often linked with Bob, except for Rita and his mother Cedella is Breakespeare Cindy (second photo). A box at the Sheraton in Kingston and a disco dancer Diz, Cindy first met Bob when the two became as tenants in the house of Chris Blackwell on 56, Hope Road during the late 1970’s, when Cindy was only a teenager.On Friday, 19 November 1976, Cindy won the competitions for Miss Jamaica Bikini, Miss Universe and Miss Bikini World, a campaign that really might be financed by Bob.A child was born of the relationship between Cindy and Bob, Damian Marley, born July 21, 1976 in Jamaica, is nicknamed “Jr. Gong”, and is also a successful artist today reggae.Cindy is married with jazz guitarist and airline pilot Rupert Bent and lives in Stony Hill Jamaica. Remains busy with her craft shop in Ital, as a decorator and your career as a singer. Cindy believes Bob today as a true hero of the song ..
In addition to these women who had children by him, Bob has also had many other relationships ..Her friend Esther Anderson is mentioned indirectly in one of Bob’s songs.”The Lovers’ Favorite Hideaway”was a fishing village after Negril. And on a night the two met at a road crossing across the island. This was the impetus behind the song “Rebel Music”, which allegedly was citada.Diane Jobson was Bob’s lawyer but that was not his role in the life of Bob initially started well before that. It was a fairly typical example of an upper-class woman completely under his control. Was a girl from uptown, with whom Bob was related and produced in the faith of Rasta in the late seventies, and after that began to meet her, gave her the task of everyday life to be his lawyer says Don Taylor.Pascalene, daughter of the president of Gabon, was interested in Bob. In the book Reggae King of the World “the author describes it as” a woman was to woo and win, and with whom Bob had one of his last serious relationship …..Bob spoke openly queensize had sex with three friends Cindy Breakespeare during the time he was with Cindy, but the sisters Virginia and Nancy Burke did not seem to worry about sharing your lover. Sandra Kong, another friend of Cindy, was also linked romantically with Bob. In 1977 in London, Bob had an affair with the princess Yashi, daughter of Libya’s oil minister. Described as having a skin to “smooth olive complexion and a queen-size” the two London clubs have attended together. However, Bob still preferred to be surrounded by as many women as possible. That same year, Island Records has organized several major festivals in Paris and Los Angeles for Bob and the Wailers. Several photos showing Bob dancing with several beautiful women in nightclubs, and many of them appeared at that time in both cities in European and American newspapers. At about this time, Bianca Jagger, former wife of the leader of the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger met Bob, according to information received by him, although it seems that no relationship has evolved …

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  1. I don’t believe the author of this article speaks English as a native tongue. I can barely understand anything. Bob was a naturalist that did not subscribe to any man-made doctrine of monogamy which is only a societal concept. He loved the ladies (which we can’t say for these nowadays men). Bob was consistent in his life as he was in his music. He lived for love, for of people in general, his many women and his many children and equally important – love of humanity.
    To some, he might have been a womanizer. His women were no secret, neither were his children. One of God’s most beloved-Solomon, reputed to be the wisest man to have ever lived, had a harem and he was sanctioned by God himself (should you believe the biblical tales).
    I have nothing but love, honor and respect for Bob and his legacy. Long live the lion! They don’t make men like this anymore. Last of the Mohicans indeed.

    1. Imagine defending a fboy who abused and treated his wife like trash. He was no man of God. He was childish, selfish, unloyal, reckless, and had no self control.

  2. I’m very contemplative and confuse at the same time. And who is this person that was born in Cuba? I’ve always thought that Prendergast chick was a Marley by blood.

  3. If I wasn’t so young at that time, trust and believe me, would be one of Bob’s many women and the mother of his child or children, as a little girl I had a super crush on this man, I don’t know what it was, I felt real love for him. Any where I was playing and I hear them say Bob is by second street, I have to be in the crowd of children, and I have to sit in his lap, it was a good thing he wasn’t a child molester, very good kind hearted soul, truly an amazing and unique man, that’s reason why so much women loved him, very mystic and royal and majestic. I am honored to have known up and personal. I know you are up there smiling down from heaven where u belong, Jah Rasta Fari my Lion. RIP Bob you will always hold a special place in my heart.

    1. Money nu fi chump pride and dignity…see gal love money till she have man a shit pan har…dwln……………

        1. him did damn well and now seh a rita a go spen him money ….him too good….caw dem have di same inital …….RM …..him a carry pickney go gi rita and when him a do nutten him a ask ar …… him mus did know wah go tek place ……………….

          1. well u know everybody want a piece a BOB…………mi have wah nighty wid him pon it …………….dat di only way mi a go get fi sleep wid ………………………… :tkp

  4. I don’t business wat anyone haveto say about bob Marley da man was is a legend I have yet to sed anybody take his spot I was only 2 when he pass n grow listenin to his music n was da best memories od my life all wen me feel down n listen to a bob Marley song my zpirit feel betfer n calm da man come n pay his due so ppl let him rip

  5. I watched some of his documentaries in the pass and I had to wonder why did he get married to Rita.Personally i think Rita was in awe that Bob willing to marry her so thats why she took all those cheating and kids

      1. Maybe I said it wrong,but he said fidelity is the western way so I dont understand why bother get married.Poor Rita she endured a lot of heartache.She is a stronger woman than me cause I couldnt deal with all of that.

  6. hello everyone….di white lady up top there ….thats not miss breakspeare ……………….bob wild him couldnt tame …………….him iron like a lion in zion

      1. wah white oman from boo york mi soo dig up ….yu eva si princess pascalene that he had his final serious relationship with….ÉÉ

  7. A soo little hood man wild ” me aunty wey grow up a trench town sey bob Marley have a little piece a hood . Most small hood man have nuff gal .

    1. ———————————————and mi jus did a go ask met how mi nuh si fi mi pic up deh eno…………………………..mi hurt

  8. Rita look stress out wid d one bag a gal dem…..kmt…………when I done spend…gwaaaaaaaaan yaw Rita u deserve it lol……

  9. That article is not accurate he has 14 kids . 12 biological and 2 adopted . Or of the 3 daughters Rita have 2 of them is not bobs. Sharon who is known as the first of Bob child is not his child .. And Stephanie is a child from Rita affair. Bob first child is Imani Carole who he had with crystal Murray . Imani was born 1 year after Sharon when him and Rita just met . But Rita want everything for her kids cause she often leave out Imani and the last 3 kids when discussing his kids but always throw in her two that’s not even his kids .. She need to include them all or none of her kids at all

  10. He married rita only so she could get the green card and then was very angry with her when she wouldnt stop usig the marley name ..the child they had tey werent together at the time bob was one a dem man dey wey just hold an tek a soh rita get pregnant wid d last one ..rita an my mom is very good friends and my dad an bob..she went thru hell he really didnt look on her like a wife or propper girl friend and she didnt pretend to be she talks about it all the time its just the public didnt really too yes bob is irreplaceable

  11. People can talk shit more time. How can he hold her so many times and she breed fi him so much time kmt. There MUST have been something Bob loved about Rita, be it the cooking, be iit the tight p…… or her smile etc. It takes one thing to have a man hooked on you. It dont need to be be a beauty. It could even be a simple hing as understanding him better than most women did. Hate when people say di man never want so n so or her and yet you see di same man wif di same gyal/woman people claim he dont want. I LOVED nad still LOVE Bob for many reasons BUT the bagga kids with different different women I dont agree with especially when one is married. I dont care what noone says I got my own opinion. Heartache is nothing I wish on noone not even my worst enemy. But The man was and is a Legend cant deny him that.

  12. Bonnie wailer despise her real bad Rita Marley . She done a lot of f**kery when bob get sick Rita mumma wos a serous peice obeah woman . Jacob miller them kill off back then . Met is a lot to bob Marley saga .

    1. Me either, I dont blame her. Bob still went to the tailor and made the tailor cut the jackets to fit. The man squeeze in a next man jacket till it fit him. To the point he gave them all his last name. Remember ‘hell has no furry like a woman scorned’.

  13. The woman that raised Rita was not her mother, and yes the lady was a known obeah woman, Bob never even know that him married to Rita, a that mi seh, is Rita tell him say them married and bring the paper come show him, Bob cuss and gulang bad for months about it. I guess she did it one a those times when Bob smoke the chalice and red out, cause him smoke and write him songs under a deep vibrations, and fall in a trance, how much people know that he had a gift to read people, Bob could tell you an event that is going to take place in your life, and the same way him tell you, it happen exactly. I love him, the man just different Iyah


  14. Sketel now mi a teck u serious bout the ting whey u say Bob nah know him married mi believe say Bob Neva know fi real u think di one Rita easy ahhh boy Rita dat day u reel in Bob a di biggest fish ever caught ee man u bad no blurtnaught tho

  15. Yes Met, Bob was no ordinary man, he was mysterious, some times I remember some things I have to laugh, one night my mother give me a beating when I was 6 years old through Bob, most every little children and adults have story to tell about Bob he was constantly there in Trench Town when we have football match at Boys Town you can count on him being there, Skill Cole was his best friend, and Les Brown, even though Les didn’t play for Boys Town, but his younger brother Carl Brown did. Peter was the one that I couldn’t stand because if him called to you with him big loud mouth and you don’t respond to him, him trace yuh like a big gal and tell yuh fi suck u mumma, even though I was a child I remember them well because my tenement yard in Trench Town had the prettiest girls in there and all the reggae artist used to be there looking the pretty girls, back then most of the reggae singers lived there. I went to Trench Town Primary with a lot of the artist children in my age group, and every body just blend in at that time, no one knew that these people were so famous because they were every day people that I see, so I was fortunate to have known them on a personal level

    1. ohhhhhhhhhh ok so u know di real tings..mi neva know bob had such a gift at all as to di one peter a nuff jamaican man and him riding in that boat

  16. I just remember now, the woman who raised Rita,is Aunty we used to call her,Them say Rita is Cuban, but back then we never know that, because she acted like a born Jamaican and she wasn’t. walking and advertising her nationality. Bob say is Rita give him cancer, Lol. the brother that I hear Met refer to, his name is Richard. Bunny wailer and Bob share a sister, miss Booker have a daughter with Bunny father.

    1. it is true, plus what about, Cherry from queens, she had a daughter that was living in England with bob as well. and what happen to Jennifer, ken Williams cousin, she use to date bob in the 80s

  17. Yes I did mentioned about Judy bumblebee, I told you all that Bob openly showed his love for Judy even in front of Rita, in them 12 tribe thing that they had going on he was called Joseph, I used to hear a lot of things. About the baby, I don’t know if it’s true or just rumor, but yes they were very close if you asked me.

    1. Pat Marley died? She was one pretty, shapely woman with a cool dark complexion. I think I heard she had breast cancer u kno? Was it true?

  18. I was away Met I just got back, Joseph was a dreamer and an interpreter of dreams. Judy has a daughter for Alan Skill Cole, I never hear say Pat Marley dead, RIP Pat, yes she was a pretty girl when she was young.

  19. how about the fact that the eldest daughter Cedella looks nothing like Bob … but looks like Mortimer Planno? Rita an Mortimer were very close while Bob in Delaware, when Rita switch to Rasta after the visit of HRH Selassie I … Rita didn’t tink Bob was coming back from America, so she was looking for her new ‘powerful’ man, which was Mortimer.


  21. Mi did a fuk tinga stewart same time wen him breed rita wid d last child SHIRITA AND RITA BIG GAL IS NOT FI BOB

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