den met is why gairy sweetness and fetterchenie mash up suh? no man!! gairy I remember I used to dream about being wit u but I couldn’t cause im married, and fetterchenie u getting too old, two a unnunold, no sah!!!

0 thoughts on “NIGHT DEW TUN OVA

  1. Gairy Sweetness ah nuff gyal and man fantasy! Him luk dun out now…too much jucking (ah de pums n bums), nyaming, and licking…poor ting him worn out!

  2. A nuh every man can age with time like musician Pharrell Williams….a guess mi pop dung and a suffer wid mi two gray hair and 40 nuh ketch mi yet.They both look fine to me

  3. Video man u luuuuu mi cyan c nuhtin, ur video dark baaaaddddd u cyan video, u nuh know when dem tins yah agwan video man fi run behind di war and catch everything, if a did video flex, romeo or jimmy a bet dem wonda all do interview, da video man yah want a; beating to cause mi nuh know how fi do him job, suh wah mi want know, wey di interview de cause nasheen a mi fren and mi want know wah di him

  4. Gary Sweetness is a very nice humble guy. And what the heck the sender means by “you’re getting too old”? The only thing that stops aging is death so move with the foolishness!

  5. Fett is a very nice man, very quite and keep to him self, unlike him battyman friend gairy… Weh name Eva inna gyal mouth bout di nyamingz…. Real ole freak…. Buk him babymadda a hair shop a cover up di baby like him a star to rass…. She mus shame say a gairy breed her…. At least her baby cute too bad him Fadda a fish and him maddd a man clown

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