1. When she good an ready fi unleash pan ppl and cuss out dem rass daily u tell har fi gi dem a break? Shut up u rassss. Ppl will tief n rob and unno wi find a way fi seh nooo gi dem a break. Wtf make her bday special? Dem nuh serve cake a prison so she nah get noooo days off.

    2. Bobby will neva get any break not afta shi admit sey shi put her man hand dem on Tiff daughter. Suh no bloodclaat break ova yasso fi dat breading man FOH bout break. Mi sey mi nuh like Bobby fi di main reason sey shi put har dutty nasty man hand on someone else’s child. I wudda chap her in her f*cking face and den step inna her head while shi bleeding. Met sorry but I cannot stand that man royal teifing cruff. Dem nuffi let her outta jail f*cking teif

  1. Must smaddy she gi her password 2 put up d post. If it was her she would sure pot a pic on har man face/body. U naah fool nobaddy ya so

  2. What a way man lucky, daffy get whey fi the birthday. I can only speculate how much it would have cost bobbette to buy her own presents.

    1. And book the hotel room, then there would be the purchase of the engagement ring, you know gotta do it like the celebrities….. :travel

  3. Scorpio….go figure…the worst set of bitches I have ever run into. When deim madd dem mek up all weh nuh guh suh

  4. Howdy Met & JMG bloggers, mi affi cum outa peeping an address da one ya. Mi hig-narant
    mi all a di tiefin low-down, wutliss, tan-bad people dem. A dem put ‘Merica inna recession! Hope shi tell har big trang man-royal looking cell mate dem seh har birthstrang…mi sure dem woulda mek it a birthday to rememba. What BREAK ppl fi gi har??? She need a permanent BRAKE fi har butta finga dem. Hope shi luv har new residence! Fi all who no hav IG…si har new link yah.


    1. How yuh so lie? yuh go forge documents bout Manette ah 27……..27 mi rhass! more like 37 yuh know wah mek mi jes :travel

      1. @ Ms. Renaissance – some dutty tief did tief mi credit card info an order expensive luggage a Manhattan an even doe dem find out seh a fraud and mi neva affi pay, it still bun mi fi dem tiefin low down waste yah. Di docket seh shi fi pay $198 wut a restitution to Sephora…a who shi ago tief from now fi pay di ppl dem RES-TI-CHEW-SHON

        1. Mayb she he daffy can meck it inna di bar at the party n pay fi it, mi memba mi see she post one bag say a vintage collection mi waaa know how that bag was gotten thieving bobby y u Neva eBay the bag n go buy out Sephora ????????

  5. Stole 198 worth of good fr sephora sentences to 45 days atty requested release a few days ago. So how much this 198 cost u. She will be home in time for daffy party days her priority smh

    1. Hey Sephora no easy a think a Guilani daughter dem ketch in deh n no amount a name calling r dropping couldn’t get dem fi drop di case so u bobby is a brave heshe

  6. Ok I finally open the link WTF she doing in Ohio don’t she know Black people stick out like a sore thumb in those states

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