1. bloodclatttt mi nah laugh. mi Neva see dis yet, bobby dead? dwflllllllll. a him win, di war can done now.

  2. dis right here is hella funny, i laughed hard at dis battyman tracing dwl :ngakak

    but truth be told, why are they cussing or fighting over daffy? daffy luks like a professional mourner, him always luk sad like him about to cry.

  3. Who say daffy look like a professional mourner me jus drap n roll right out a my chair u cyah win tracing wit no battyman omg lmfaoooooooo

  4. Tambareen P*ZZY? Mi ago add this to mi urban Dictionary :ngakak Sey anyting u want bout me, but doe talk bout me p*zzy okay…

  5. Speaking of “in loving memory” when I was a lil girl back home, tow matey always a war for what I don’t know. So one day dem a war as usual, one a de matey call Madden (i think thats what they called the morgue in ja), an tell dem sey de adda matey dead. Next ting u kno hearse come fi pick up har matey… dat was the end of the war between dem she neve mess wid de adda girl again she shame bad


    1. Didn’t the girl pass out when the hearse arrive? I heard that story from one of the females from back then and she sey de gal pass out when madden come fi har and a dat mek she go mask and stop pick war.

    2. Never call nuh funeral home fi nobody yet a mus try it one a these days, but I use to gi out one funeral home name Mizpah number to any boy weh ask mi fi mi number. Mi seh one day a boy see mi and seh him call the number an d smaddy weh answer d phone seh dah Body deh nuh reach yet, mi seh I drap and roll yuh see, mi seh everytime d youth see mi him affi shake him head an laugh, boy dat was a day….

  6. Seriously… She should just raise the WHITE FLAG! Don’t think him ah cuss ova daffy… Just defending his family! I go hard for mine so I get it and no u cannot win any tracing wid dem.

    On another note, what’s up with Tracy & Keri??? Wasn’t Keri party her homecoming? Maybe it’s me but I’ve NEVER seen them in the same party and not take pics together???????? Inquiring minds want to know. I tell u if u look at these DH pics they basically tell stories at times…

  7. ohh god me DEA_______________________ KIMARLEY I :peluk :peluk YU FIX HAR GOOD WOIEEEEEE BOBBY ROBBERS DEAD …I CANNOT STOP :ngakak :malu :ngakak I DONT THINK BOBBY WILL TROUBLE U ANYMORE :ngakak :malu :ngakak :mewek2 :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak ….DAFFY DUCK BOBBY DEAD :ngakak :ngakak

  8. Me weak to rass him give it to her .now mi kn why daffy face always so sad cause him a fu–the walking dead

  9. I dont understand y batty man kymarly take it up on his self to curse out bobette u must want daffy.y u always buying out people sorrows kymarly u need a funeral youself

    1. First you fi ask why bobbette put up kymaly picture when she a cuss Tiffany that what got kymaly mad and him start defend him family

  10. :sup: :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak. There is no recovering from this bobette.. you know say a true the brother a talk.. the bump them in her face big like any jackfruit seed lmao

  11. Him. Say ffuneral home daffy eternal rest ___________::____________________________________ woiiiieeeeerrrrreeeeeeee no sah i kaint

  12. The man say bobbette wasa ugly ghost irl and enemy to many and we are not sorry for your lost tears… me shouldnt a laugh at these thing but me cannot help it

  13. Daffy with Bobbete all this time wheter she obeah mine or buy him him is there
    All fairness now bobbete wrong fi talk bout di pickney cuss har bout that but not bout Daffy him is there quiet comfortable and not looking back so low her now


  15. O goodness mi nearly choke pon mi icecream.Bobby u get rinse out by a batteymon, murderrrrrrrrr…….There is nutten u can seh afta dat flatline deh, nutten
    Mi seh mi laugh suh till and still a laugh like mi ketch up draft, nose a run run and eye a run wata

  16. No sah dah man deh finally decide fi close him eye???? Bobby been dead long time. Him did just lazy fi close him eye dem. Bobby walk an f**k wid everybody an cah fight. Bitch wen u luv f**k wid ppl u fi can defend Yoself

  17. a did bloodclaat tell unno sey de bluemas aguh put on a shelings no sah a laff till mi shrink helpppppppppppppppppppppppp :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    the service nice bad all de eulogy bring tears tuh my eyes yow,no man wen yah trace battyman be he prepared dis sweet me bad a de chuet him did har up

  18. This is just sad, sad and sad some more. Everyone inna this just seems to be jealous of of each other The bwoy who is cursing sound angry and that anger is real deep . I suspect he is just projecting his anger onto her because she is just that “a her”, something he could never be. He needs to work that out. The one Bobbette, now she sounds angry that he has the man but the girl have the baby. She should be satisfy. At least she doesn’t have the stress of having to hunt him down to support her child (and as a woman she should encourage him to take care of his seed), but jealousy tends to be ugly, and she is real ugly with it (not referring to her looks) . Now the baby mother just want her family back. Maybe it time she moves on and build with someone else. Like I said this is sad, sad, and sad some more.

    p.s. Man nuh fi inna agrument wid no ooman But then again he is …..

  19. Lolllllllllllllllll. Dedmentz.. Di man seh when him get up dis mawning him seh a prayer… Not Dear god wah Bob di Builder building today. If I ded here today… Bob di Builder come here..Suh not only yuh Puzzy suddy but it a knock like tambourine. :ngakak

  20. Tiffany posh dis yah wan yah mek yuh nite mama yuh sleep gud nung yuh here yuh fren keep a free service fi de ‘man weh tek weh yuh man from yuh

  21. Dwfl….den a jus 3 Paul bearers a guh carry di casket?…it look like di casket a guh duh gully creeper, cause if a 3 somebody bring di casket it mus unbalance… Mi di think a 6 people bring dead body…dis ya boy ya nuh easy a raaas..Lolol..

  22. rest in peace bitchz BIG UP Tamara and her nice clean family jungle to we thing bobby get yu life plz …. stop tell pon daffy look how long the man have affi a act no sah this sad daffy look like a happy person oh god

  23. petergaye uno know how much cocky she suck a south met run her file cause she dirty up bad them gal deh a f**k from them eye deh a deh knee she nobody

  24. A which man Robbas left, whey she did deh wid fi five years, di boy did have him good good woman a bronx, these bitches be in relationships with a man and the man dont know, now kymali kill her, please god let her know she is dead, Robbas please rest in piece, a daffy alone want yo, professional mourner and dead is like timberland boots, its for snow and woods, but people rock it in the summer, daffy just rocking it right now, what a day when di boots get dutty, (singing) what a day, him ago make yo lose faith in a yo obeah man

  25. Me did have to sign in how me laugh. Bobby brown u should Neva post up kymaly picture n a try style a styla, now u been served. Met n metters wats up :peluk :peluk

  26. I don’t know why unu even a entertain dirty bob. Him sick stomach nuh bloodclaute. U kno how long me want somebody fix d big hood boi. Dutty bobby weh run in an out a toya closet. Me Neva wear no gal bobby. No gal Neva tell me dem nah lend me pocket book yet.. Gal u nuh good.memba. Bitch ur closet empty show ur closet bob. Mek we see ur full closet

  27. bobette makes me so damn sick!! Matter of fact all these dancehall bicthes make me sick !! They put on this whole persona of the ” riches ” and dont have a damn thing to their name. Its pathetic that a woman would buy herself things and boast that a man buy them for her. To even read the statement she made that daffy use to sleep on her floor before sleeping in her bed makes me sick . Do she even respect her own man ?? & what kind of man is he , if she is violating the mother of his child ??? These stupid ” wife” dancehall bicthes make me sick ! They are all so ” in love ” , such good “wives” to these aint shit men . If it wasnt for pussy , stolen clothes, men and materialistic shit, what would they boast about ???

  28. Met, you need to add a new category to your award, DEAD OF THE YEAR, gi robbas di life time achievement in dah category deh, dah youth deh embarrassing, mi want fight him, mi ignorant, di man say MUMZ FACE LOL

  29. How your father dead 5 years with no head stone and you cursing ppl about what they wear that’s how you know they never had anything in life sad sad sad sad he right to kill her off I agree with him go fix your Life he my new friend and he don’t even know it your father was killed for robbery of a friend and y’all Hype sad sad sad bobby dead wrong

    1. @anonymous 10:14 nice try leave the man let him R.I.P bout no head stone all the world know who kill the man n it wasn’t what u just say bobby

  30. Morning Met, Metters & peepers! Mi seh I had to read twice! Never ever get In a tracing wid a gay man cos you shall surely lose…I CANNOT dis morning

  31. @ Honey bee, :ngakak Mi Never call nuh funeral home fi nobody yet a mus try it one a these days, but I use to gi out one funeral home name Mizpah number to any boy weh ask mi fi mi number. Mi seh one day a boy see mi and seh him call the number an d smaddy weh answer d phone seh dah Body deh nuh reach yet, mi seh I drap and roll yuh see, mi seh everytime d youth see mi him affi shake him head an laugh, boy dat was a day…. :ngakak

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