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E Online reports that ;Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of the late Whitney Houston, remains hospitalized and is still unresponsive after being found face down in a filled bathtub at her Georgia home and is breathing with the help of a ventilator, E! News has learned.
Hospital officials and her family have not commented about her condition. The 21-year-old’s husband, Nick Gordon, and other family members, including her father Bobby Brown, have rushed to be by her side.
Bobbi Kristina is breathing with the help of a ventilator but is still unresponsive, a source told E! News. Entertainment Tonight and other outlets had also reported that she was placed on a ventilator.
The “machine is aiding” and “she has vital signs,” the source said, adding that precautionary measures are being implemented.
“Bobbi is being taken good care of by a top team of doctors,” another source said. “Right now, she is still unresponsive. Of course their main concern is getting her better with the hopes that time will help her heal.”
People magazine quoted a source close to Bobbi Kristina’s family as saying she “is stable at the hospital.”
Two sources told E! News on Sunday that she was not placed in a medically induced coma, as reported by CNN and other outlets. Near-drowning victims are often placed on ventilators to help them breathe and are also sometimes put under medically induced comas for some time in a bid to reduce potential swelling and inflammation in the brain.
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North Fulton Hospital, Bobbi Kristina Brown
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Gordon and a friend had found her unconscious in the tub early on Saturday and helped revive her before officers arrived and paramedics took over life-saving measures and transported her to the medical center. Police are still investigating the incident.
Bobbi Kristina’s medical emergency occurred almost three years to the day her mother was found dead at age 48 inside a filled bathtub at a Beverly Hills hotel room. The coroner’s report stated that cocaine played a part in the death of the iconic singer and The Bodyguard actress, who had battled substance abuse for years, as did Bobby.
No drugs were found following a preliminary investigation at Bobbi Kristina’s home, police had said. Her cousin and her dad’s nephew, Jerod Brown, who goes by the name YF Kennedy, told E! News exclusively on Saturday that “Krissi doesn’t do drugs” and also “hasn’t been drinking.”
“We are interviewing all the family members and friends that were at the house at the time,” a police spokesperson told reporters, according to Fox News. “We don’t know that if it was an accident or what this could be.”
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Lisa Holland, North Fulton Hospital, Bobbi Kristina Brown
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Actor Tyler Perry has also traveled to the hospital to be with Bobbi Kristina and her family, while celebs such as Missy Elliott and Ciara have tweeted prayers and other messages of support.


  1. Hope she can recover and find true help to rebuild her life. All we can do at this time is pray for the best, that God’s will shall be done.

  2. Apparently, they telling the family to expect the worse with the brain situation. Sometimes you wonder what is in a family line fi cause so much tragedy to dem. Di Houstons have a bad line of sorrows. God is still in the miracle business and Cissy is a devout Christian so I hope they can get one miracle for her, that is if she wants to live. Not everybody wants to live and the spirit of God is all about free will. Wish dem well.

  3. Poor gurl, if di pic wah dem got of har pan di web is the latest pic of her and it nuh photoshop den something was going on for sometime..Mi see some people ah seh she and di cheetah hubby been having probs caz him is ah cheetah of di wuss kind..bwoy a really hpe she pull thru and really get some help @ 21 wid so much problems, can’t good. God help har, caz right now is only hime one can.

    1. Tinan, he been doggin her out…mi personally hear ah see it wid mi own 4 heyes…and very disrespectful towards her in public…*VERY*….

  4. Sleep him go sleep out pon di girl and come home come find har in d bath tub in d mornin. Ole jancrow bwoy a dis n stress out d girl cuz him know she mentally weak. Mussi a pray fi collect inheritance or insurance money if shi dead. I hope Sissy have evry thing lock whey so d ole jancrow dont collect.

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