1. WTF, so is a runaway buddy cooler this, or is it a missing child? Lord help this mother. Maybe the child just bad.

    1. Fe real Life Lessons…Mom, I hate tuh be the bearer of bad news, but your daughter doesn’t want tuh be found…she have bigga fish fe fry and dat is ah man…find him ah mek one ah yuh man relatives deal wid im case…afta yuh duh dat, den put couples lashings pan fe ar tail and I guarantee yuh…she will never go missin again…young lady, if you are reading this..TAKE YO FAST ASSS HOME TUH YOUR MOTHER/FAMILY. YUH TOO YOUNG FE AH DUH ROAD AH COOL MAN BUDDY 😡

      1. I hope if she breed this man or boy keep she and the picney an don’t send dem back to di trying mother. Me never lucky fi have dem ya mother here. If me did missing or runaway my mother would not know because all fi months I don’t see she. If me huh look fi har mi huh see har. She know me now though. lol

  2. i swear if a did my pickney dis me wouldnt even look for her again since a man she want so bad.. i wudnt mine him beat the living pulp from her body and send her back home.. dam idiot u kno how much pickney wish dem did av a mother that cares dam ass

    1. I would look for her with a 2 x 4 and then go about my business. I don’t know what wrong with these hot skin lil girls

    2. @Stay Real, I don’t know if you are ah mother, but lemme tell you this….loving and caring mothers D) NOT close dem yeye guh sleep until every last one ah dem pickney tuckeen ah bed safe and sound…I would lift every rock and turn every stone til mi fine ar *whereva she deh*…den once mi fine ar, I would grab her by the ears and drag her aaaaaalllllllll the way home, that way she wi know seh if she cyaah hear, she wi feel!!! *dat shit hurts like ah mug and it really does work*…it is not easy being ah parent, but the worst thing ah parent could do is tuh turn their backs on ah chile…NEVER you do that!!

  3. @stay-real ur comment need to take back seat. Jud becuz the child bad that mean her mother suppose to give up on her?

  4. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…
    yuh can stay type up yuh phuckery bout wuden luk fah agen yuh tink a suh giving birth to a damn child guh worse yuh gal pickney aint no way in hell yuh wuda sleep and sleep sweet or function as before…
    1.everybody fuss thing tuh mind a man she run weh gone tuh put something out there tuh nuh,she is 14yrs old what really going on in the home,problem dont start from outside its ALWAYS inside
    2.mi a wonda if wen the police dem bring her back tuesday dem buss har ass so bad she seh who mi tiad a dis and gone agen most a wi as JAMAICAN buss ass fi every muma rass even wen it nuh needed.
    3.where and Who did the police found her with to begin with in the first place

    1. Not necessarily , when some a dem have a man that have a place fi accommodate them that is how they act. Bus har ass and send her right back there thats all

    2. You would have done well as mi mum back when I took off. You right…the problem begins INSIDE.
      I got caught and taken back home and me not even in the house a hour, me mum fling me laundry me run whey lef fi go wash, along wid her judge and jury friend dem inna de house and the step father I couldn’t stand. Me tek me laundry and ress a things me could carry and haul ass for years, the closer they came the farther I ran.
      In the long run…me fail and the problems still never went away, dem just escalated. This girl problems are deep.

  5. I don’t know if she run weh cuz she bad or because har home life bad. Likkle girl go home, the streets or man yard ir wherever you are is no where for a child. Go home to your mother. IF a man she waan nuh kind of telling she a guh tek, she won’t listen to anything ir anyone. Age and time will be har teacher.

  6. What is she running away from, and what is she running to?
    When she comes back go to family counselling to get to the root of the issue. Things come out in therapy that remain unspoken otherwise. Yep, two ppl could be sleeping under the same roof, seeing each other everyday and still be complete strangers, I feel this is one of these situations. Mother, your daughter and you are strangers! Fix it before it is too late.

  7. Im speculating here, but Simply brought up a good point. It could very well be an internal conflict which has led to her running away x2. However, MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, ITS EXTERNAL AND IT INVOLVES A MAN MOST LIKELY OLDER THAN HER WHO’S HARBORING HER SOMEWHERE AND A DESSO DI PROBLEM DEH..Teenagers are the most difficult group to discipline and hormones are raging and as smaddy up top say, dem naah tek no check. ONLY WITH AGE AND TIME WILL THEY LEARN IF IT NUH TOO LATE..WE NEED TO PRAY FOR OUR CHILDREN, WE ARE LIVING IN PERILOUS TIMES.

  8. i dont av a child so i dont kno what its like to bring forth a child and yes i might have been too harsh on my comment but it hurt me because she is hurting her mother and she continue doing it, and yes pple is must a man she gone to, u come home den gone again no man.. she nuh watch news and c wats happening to the young girls. im 23 and me fraid fi go road me fraid fi trust pple these days and she a do dis??!! me feel sorry for her mother.. i can remember couple years ago a little girl run weh and her mother figure out where she was and to how the woman upset she run cross the road to go for her and a car slap and kill her it jus bring back memories..

    1. Good on you to apologize and come back with another perspective.
      Not must, supposed is the man in the home if there is one, she running away from, or some don in the community. Yes, it could be a man a road too. It is hard to say what the issue is for sure, so we should not be quick to cast a judgement and send negative energy on her path especially to one so young.
      Perhaps good the car killed that mother because maybe the rage she was in she would have caught a murder charge, as bad as that may seem.

  9. Hopefully it is not sexual abuse in the home. The mother seems guilty. The child is being pursued by the police but Ithink she is with a boyfriend and the mothers its aware and possibly protecting a male.

  10. Met mi wouldn’t want u to be my mother 2¥4 u beat with mi c u a come mi go jump off a RICK’S CAFE a NEGRIL, cause wen u done with mi I would Neva think of chasing a nutty buddy inna mi life again.

  11. Maybe the mother man a molest her, anybody ever think about that? Something going on in that house that keeping the child away smh

  12. Yawdy happy to b back di dutty new iPhone dem no work if u no have wi fi mi just figure it out now I’m here to stay cause mi live fi mine people business. How r you and your families hope all is well.

  13. I don’t know if any suggested this in an earlier post. But, have the parents ever taken her to a doctor to get a proper evaluation? She looks to be about sixteen and from what I can remember it was a very difficult time for me and most of my peers. Not only were our bodies changing it just seemed to happen over night. And those changes came with responsibilities which people rarely spoke about Our families were often broken (one parent or both absent), so caregivers often did the best best they could but not really parent as we now know it to mean. Most important, the silence around mental illness in the black community. I think all these things should be taken into consideration upon her return. But definitely take her to see a pediatrician.

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