Met I don’t know how I forgot to send you this. The other day Bobbie posted a pic of some persons who had unfollowed her. One of those persons was the mua Trish. Bobbie made the comment that she was unfollowed because she had given a mua a shout out. Anyhoo shortly after that Trish put up the post below that she was unbothered etc. Mi rahtid a who tell har fi do DAT, ms Bobbie start post up all sort a tings. Lv bag wid hammer n rae rae.
I looked at it and said to myself Bobbie has some growing up to do. That’s such a trivial matter. Doesn’t she have a son to live for? Probably there’s more to it than I know still.


  1. Bobbiesha need fi go have several seats, and I mean several she has way too much time on her hands fi someone with a child. She flaunting wedding band pon finger and cannot show the ppl dem man weh she a tek. See har a write bout she gonna be in Miami fi memorial weekend, Miami where Booo ? ova Paris infinity yaard (lol), where dem call likkle Miami ova Portmore kmt. Girl bye. yuh just a walk inna Paris footstep weh yuh have fi show ? kmt Try lowe mi fren Trish cah she have her backative, nuh care how much man yuh have

  2. Bobbeisha need fi stop trouble people. She a mek too much enemy and when yuh have a child yuh need fi stop. That girl going Gwaan until she trouble the wrong person. The amount of things me hear she a Gwaan wid. Somebody please give this gyal a work. She need fi stop wear those costume jewelry and a pose like a real wedding band. Poor girl is suh the devil find work fi idle hands.

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