Then Met yuh really mean fi tell mi say Bobbie used to f*** Kid ‘Pedophile’ Kurrupt? When was this…..was it when Bobbie was underage? And Bobbie come a road a gwan like she a “potient” (portion). No man. Mi iggy fi u p*** Bobbie (Dovey Magnum voice).
Btw…..a you offer Kid Kurrupt the likkle hideout spot? (wink wink)



5 thoughts on “BOBBY WAS NOT PAWSHOL

  1. Rosie was with him too, remember he was the hottest thing back then and they are both groupies!!!! So nothing new here. Question is who these two girls have not f***d.

  2. Den if Him use to put Bobbie thru a lot an him still a put women thru a whole lot, dat mean him not learning. Ladies take notes… altho some a unnu wi know di man a johncrow an still deh wid him smh… then come dog dem pan social media after unnu get unnu fair share.

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