Loop news is reporting that the police have revealed the identities of the woman and her two young daughters who were slain in Hanover on Wednesday morning.

The deceased have been identified as 39-year-old Adanique Cunningham and her daughters, Jayanna Coote, 7, and Shanique Coote, 4, all of Green Island in the parish.

Reports are that about 7:00 a.m., the two girls’ parents had a dispute at the father’s home, and the altercation developed into a fight.

A machete was reportedly brought into play, and the woman and her two daughters were chopped to death.

The alleged 61-year-old machete wielder was subsequently taken into police custody.


  1. I think the government of jamaica need to do their owne test on the food that is coming into the country… This is unrealistic what’s happening in our country

    1. What unrealistic? This is not a rare case and a gwan for decades.

      The rare cases a the teenagers becoming murderers.

  2. Lawd, this is too much, unimaginable. This demon killed his children’s mother and the innocent girls, HIM FI DEAD. May his death be a long and painful one, WICKED ole f#@ka. He was 20+ years older than her, RIP. Father God please comfort and strengthen this family

  3. Why would you take a monster like this into custody!!??Extra judicial killings by the police is happening and in some cases we can justify same or don’t lose any sleep over it…in some cases we even sleep better! !If ever there was a case for jungle justice. .omg THIS MUST BE IT!!

  4. Phoenix Ofcouse this is unreal.. U used to hear them things wah happen jamaica every day now used to happen?? I am 44years old and b4 2005 jamaica neva was like this.. Yes up a mobay spanish town Kingston but a only gun crime.. Now a days a everywhere in Jamaica n any method them a use

    1. St. Catherine long known fi dem things here. Clarendon and St. Mary too. Me born a know bout chop up or hog tie and beat. Along wid poisoning of people and animals done by majority women.

      Town people use to stab up or shot.

      1. Pp i don’t know y ppl say these things .. wah unit a 36 and gun man go a him parents when him a baby and hold gun pon fi bby so the father go dem him gun and money ,,,, mi Anty in her seventies when she a little girl man jealous over dem wife and chop dem up … Plus man chop off wife head and carry it go station .. this is not new …. cane kill his brother able

  5. I think the Jamaican Judicial System need to really stop taking this demons into custody. Can we please bring back hanging? This dutty germs nuh fi nyam taxpayers money, he shouldn’t even get the chance to breathe. Something really need to be done to these men who kill women and children. Hang him!!!!!

  6. SPEECHLESS!!…I hope that cocksukker, swell, burst and explode and nothing left of him to be buried. Cruel heartless old man..

  7. blood blood an fire, why did they take in this man,,,,,,,this is not good for anyone to even look at this,, the is embedded in your memory for life, man that work a deadhouse numb to rass

  8. I just heard that she was 8 months pregnant omg!!!The news just said that they executed 2 young gainfully employed brothers 20/21yo and the mother had to beg the gunmen not to kill the other siblings. Same road in Zimbabwe arnett gardens where Meadowbrook school girl Mickolle was murdered through her window on the bed!!

    Jamaica is in a crisis cuz all now we don’t get justice for Mickolle n now 2 more yutes murdered by marauding gunmonsters!

  9. Can we even try to put the politics aside n someone please answer me as TO WHAT IS THE PRIME MINISTER DOING ABOUT CRIME!!??For that matter what is the opposition doing too…but ultimately the buck stops with the PM who promised we could sleep with our doors open if we gave him the mandate to lead us!

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