mix up met so bodygood how you never tell mi seh you nt sure a who breed you make chrissy and poochi have your baby pic a put up how much different man and try fine out kavin come answer fi mi lasttime dem di done you mama at less you know yur bbyfada.

Big mix up pon live yesterday momo i dont knw him but gal them war ova you bad yesterday them come fi beat you poochi and yu run left yur grocery eeee..poochi which gal can come in my house yu mad and beat mi nana yu win u and Melissa. …poochi and chrissy a pussy them look threw window no ….last time chrissy give it too kim and jodi pon live knw the table turn. ..

50 thoughts on “BODY GOOD BODY TOO GOOD ++

  1. Good morning Met, maybe a new rule is needed for 2017? If you can’t write in a comprehensive manner please do not send in the story; or,I u can’t write above 1st grade level please don’t send in a story.
    Weh Simplicity deh fi decipher dis fi wi

    1. The results are the same. If you cannot read and understand what is written, then what is the purpose. Knw = now? Too=to? WTF? Did these people even attend primary school? Sad…..

  2. yh, translation please. Sender u fi do better. Time u take a fast u need fi take out a subscription fi ABC

  3. Unno sure unno nah be too hard pon the sender? I read it quite fine till I reach the

    Jodi is on live knw part.
    Now* sender.

    That chick in the gold choker goodly can get IT!


  5. Body good always a look man and a F**k the man deh she give the baby run left her that no surprise me and she just have young baby and deh a pArty every night a look man smh

  6. Mi 100% sure bodygood know her bby daddy y’all bitches hating her because she put down Shit she us to do I respect that about her she change how she is to act loud and vulgar she’s not no more leave the blood last gyal alone the gyal post her baby daddy on snap and the bby dead stap a the youth she post puchi and chrsy ,muf unu go suck unu madda and leave bodygood

  7. Charlene are melissa who is the friend you send to put them lol..anyways charlene di talk it pon her live yesterday that chrissy and poohie did put the bby pic with other guys try to find out who is the real fada cause she f**k alot so send rite i guess send was watching nana live and poohie is nt the frist yu f**k yur man them friend cause yur bbyfada and dose was friend and yu f**k dose so mi nw yu did ago f**k momo too so everything that nana said is true

  8. Body good know who her bbyfather is add her on snap him nuh ashaamed to hug her up at fight in bed the baby is twin fi him father all of his features look like the baby daddy ..I’m saying his all the way from england sender ur a real hater let people live here life come like you want a piece of her baby father what a baseless story as for krissi ever in blonde hair like she brown in of the year never seen a girl so stay bad like she gym and diet she need its not a good look .

  9. Puchi need to go fins out who is her big son right father because we all know that’s not Jaykrome baby, no wonder him hate yuh suh, don’t know why dose still with u kmt

  10. Puchi really f**k Momo no sah she nuh easy and she still f**king her baby daddy no sah Queens gyal them a get bad man dwl

  11. Momo and nana parppa a f**k and puchi a f**k him too anyway …sender i guess was watching nana video sunday cause nana send that momo show her what chrissy and puchi was doing to the girl baby pic with other man and a send it to eachother and a ask so sender did nothing wrong too drity chrissy and big hole puchi too mix up so come off a the sender she are he naver say it nana and melissa did i was watching too…them go fi deat puchi and she run and them go up in her hus fi them watch frm her man momo

  12. Chrissy plz dont talk about ppl and them bbyfada plz cause the twin them fada never want them the srry the day him fuck you and breed you and never dud a own them up all now him still nt is ppl and him frens them have too beg him fi see them worry about that has of puchi u fuck off yur man fren has him come frm jam and only because the man always a look gal nw s big women dose a fuck ….puchi a yu a run down dose the man dont even member yu hoe mi iggy fi the gal yu see

  13. Not knowing ur baby father n having a baby father that’s a bum is two totally different things. I couldn’t careless if Andy Anthony Williams disown our kids to people, he’s yet to disown them to me. And furthermore he doesn’t do shit for them, my man does. The same Haitian man weh transvestite/ ugliest fat girl ever Nana claim seh no Jamaican man don’t want me that’s why I’m with him. Bitch please u sound hurt n very salty, bitter bitch. No gender Nana u should be the last person trying to fat shame anybody. Bitch u weighed close to 400 lbs before u did the bariatric surgery. The time u took to leave Jersey, pay toll n come to Queens fih fight over a man that obviously don’t want u, u should’ve took the time out n go shave ur hairy gorilla looking ass. Just please to leave my kids out of this. I can’t stand y’all salty ass bitches always tryna hit below the belt. Body Good quit spreading rumors on my name, when did I post Khalier pic with next man? Tell da truth Shadae cause we both now that ain’t happened. Nana I already called u out bitch just let me know when u wanna get shaking bitch. Ain’t gonna do the back n forth with u, cause u tryna build a audience so u can remain relevant. Foh bitch u wild pussy tho. Nasty Nana mih have yuh as a big waste gal. Social media bad gal, u came to South side twice n still ain’t did shit, kmft, u a lame ass hoe

  14. Anytime you ready ugle pussy chrysy cause cause yu cant beat none body cause when nana come fi puchi u stay 20mins befor you reach talk to me again mi iggy fi you bbc anywhere mi see

  15. Nothing not wrange with the woman lips, unno too wicked. White people paying thousands to have lips like that and they most often time look good. The woman lips fit her

  16. Nana stop mine the man them …frist you mine up notnice then momo fi a gal that have kids mine them and stop mine man tax time plz dont give mom yur money that fi yu have papers help yur big daughter fi come up and leave man alone you and momo nt even stop f**k good and a nxt man yu fine …see yu and puchi the same two hoe so plz

  17. No sah this ridiculous but Poochie noh shame
    Ugly Muffet f**k him to nana a good as everybody kno nana was pregnant for him mo,tell nana everything about unno southside bitches homeless body good stop f**k cab man for money u jus have baby none anno pussy not good this man jus play y’all mo tell nana bout poochie and dose business what kind of work you do poochie?
    Pure old furniture in your house?
    That’s a house mo too disgusting fi left nana house to come there to sleep poochie you a f**k from longtime mo tell the gal how you always hungry dose noh mind you poochie you don’t look good who fooling you? You don’t have nothing no clothes no money no food mo say all you do is beg you don’t wear nothing good body good is your fren you tell mo a jacket she gave the man unno sad mo wear good clothes thanks to my fren dose never give poochie anything so what now my fren find text in mo phone him talk to pure girls poochie all you do is worry and ask who him f**k all of your fren but your a wicked all this time you f***king my fren man she proper we ago releasing all the text n pictures weh we get from the phone

  18. But puchi you a the bestest hoe in dancehall up to sam gotti.. neil..and notnice f**k you that why dose always on facebook a look women yu f**k fi thing abay $10 you and chrysy and bodygood walk and beg and take teef frm jam ave …chrysy are you still in the shellter cause every place you get you lose that why you dont have your daughter cause yu cant keep a place bitch so plz

  19. Nana you make no sense why you fight over a nigga that just come from Jamaica and don’t have shit ????? You sound & look stupid grown woman like y’all fighting over man it don’t look good y’all need to grow up and when woman & woman a argue all they curse about is who a whore & who f**k and suck come with something better now tell a gyal about her self not her pussy cause the whole a unuh a whore from bodygood to Chrissy to puchi to nana so seems to me like pot cuss kettle the argument a waste a time

  20. Big pussy Nana imma buy u, Your Baby Can Read n Hooked on Phonics you illiterate ass bitch. Jamal student Charlene go learn to read n write,sound out vowels n break up words into syllables. Nuh gal weh battyman f**k caah style me. Jail pussy Nana,memba a u last ur baby f**k before him guh prison. Yuh hole condemn wid yuh phantom pregnancy bout yuh lose baby. Please go use tax money n get a full body wax from head to toe n stop walk n mine man. You desperate n yuh story dem naah match up cause first yuh seh mih run, then now yuh seh mih tek 20 mind fih reach. Quit lying you pathetic hopeless romantic bitch.

  21. Poochie f**k notnice
    She F**k muffet
    Yuh f**k sam gotti n neil Yuh f**k ziggy You and your fren ask yuh mother in law man
    Bout do body poochie yuh look like a big raccoon
    Mo a f**ery him bruk a nana mine him yuh wicked yuh chat the whole a yuh fren them from wee team yuh drag Chrissy name in the mud yuh walk over body good weh the rest name done make me start yuh wicked memba me kno yuh poochie

  22. Nana thank God you so called loose the unwanted baby cause mo don’t want you are it a di good clothes dem you use and Wop him suh long mine man sour gyal puchi don’t have shit and that’s where him wanna be think bout it him lef your nice house lol fi guh sleep ova puchi furniture less house of dat nuh prove seh ano you him want what will yuh fava eeediiiiotttttt

  23. Chrysy suck uo mada fat gal bout read and write fi you could you would have your paper your babyfada married you fi give you and it never work big pussy gal that why kim&jodi run out put yu in a shelter mi soon call trump pon you bitch abay old man fuck out babygood and chrysy a you tel mo that so go suck out yu mada bitch

  24. Bodygood everdoby knw seh ray frm 116 did a f**k you so plz chrysy and poohie chat you all the time yes mi here about the cab man them too suh u unhappy that why you take so long di have bby that chrysy nuh good

  25. Nasty pochie wid and Shit belly chrsy yes stop call mi friend bodygood name her baby a mek she blood last happy unu leave the gyal baby out and face her to bloodclaat non unu ca look like bodygood whether she wear cheap clothes or not the gyal always a lead chrsy go learn fi bloodclaat contour uh face and the Haitian DO T WANT UH CHRSY CAUSE a lil birdy tell me say him he’s not working Gwaan wid uh mad Haitian weh nuh stop dis u nasty big shit gut
    Poochi u now u nuffi talk bout pickney enuh cause guess wa ur 2 dem suck off cocky when them a bby that’s yuh aunty have dem poochi go kill the Roach them outta uh house cause mi say u a fry fish inna summer and bare Roach a crawl pon di cupboard NASTY poochi uh Eva smell wrenk and look dirty when u go out yuckkkkkkk weh the ugly one deh weh a try bleach wee family mattrasss bodygood one time whoring friend u a Pussy ugly Lil miss ugly Muff bitch u ave no class what so ever mi a roll out uh file from Florida wait cause mi ago get it and write u a walk wid uh Pussy pon uh forehead bitch go lock legs and stop lock the town kmft y’all some fucking nasty ass big Pussy bitch body good big up longtime uh fi leave them bitches deh

    1. How dear you come a talk how the girl kids suck off cocky bitch fall back wid yuh made up story, cuss puchi all you want but please leave my from Jaykrome kids them out of your mess

  26. Bodygood and ray 116 neva deh unu come wid something else all unu a talk bout bodygood F**k unu worried bout her eeeee everybody F**k unu love bodygood eeee

  27. Poochi , chrsy , mud unu need fi put inna barrel and roll go back a JA BADY GOOD NEVA DEH WID DAFFY A BIRDY TELL ME SAY DAFFY A F**K MUF AND SHE FRIEND boobette muff f**k any thing pon 2 foot anyyyyyyyy thing Marsha say all muff do a suck out her pussy every morning fi breakfast and F**k her man dem yow unu gyal a some nasty f**ka big nuh sweet chrsy go tape up uh belly dwllllllllll

  28. Chrystal don’t call me name I don’t want non a unu call me name cause the whole unu a call mi baby name with unu f**kery I’m jus giving y’all a 5 mins fame cause I wasn’t gonna answer y’all but I guess Alli g my baby name is only thing y’all can do to get to me but hear wah success mi say this year . Y’all talk anything it ain’t hurting me ✌✌✌✌ Baby daddy TRU TO THIS

  29. All a unuh on this thread a some set a wutliss no good tecking up good good space inna Di people dem good good country a unuh TRUMP fi kick out unuh wutliss nasty bitches

  30. Bodygood why you didn’t write everything in your name bitch
    Yuh get Brave at the end your baby father don’t want you nasty bitch you come over here like you have class lol you a whore from Jamaica and come done ny who nuh f**k you shadae an who don’t want your free pussy & mouth cause you f**k fi fun man liar bodygood tekarella bodygood you foreva have a infection your pussy stink look how much gyal your baby father have pan you a wah day him bring one girl guh cut cake for her birthday out a lornas bitch him nuh rate you big wotliss gyal him nuh stop walk and tell people seh your son a mistake a force you force on bAby pan him your child unwanted so you a big up a man weh nuh ramp fi dis yuh no ambition waste gyal lol yuh come off a the mattress that’s on the floor naked gyal how you thief clothes an naked bodygood ano you mi see a suck hood last Friday after Natalie party nasty gyal

  31. Mi nah stop f**k why you so hurt look like you a help mi Tek the f**k dem and all the f**k mi a f**k mi look good nuh blutclaaaat and all a mi man dem love mi I’m a proud f**kist ima own everything you say about on here it not stopping a dollar out of my pocket MAN LOVE HOES cause we do it better go professionalize your whoring cause you still broke and hungry the wol a my man dem stalk me so you ain’t saying shit …….. ALL UNUH CAN SEH IS mi
    Come suck mi pussy pan a bloody day R do something when you see me CAUSE ME MUFFET NAH STOP F**K …. no more words for them waste argument yah

  32. Scatter teeth Shadae mih already call ur name so when u see me do sumn about it. Big pussy Shadae as big n fat as me be mih never f**k fih a Burger yet inna my life. Dollar cab pussy Shadae u don’t even know ur so called baby father real name bitch. Every dollar cab man know yuh cause yuh nuh ramp fih suck off dem hood fih a ride. Dih time yuh over here a comment from different name, worry bout the mattress pon dih floor wid no back spring inna dih one room weh Ricky nuh ramp fih bring him gal dem n f**k n u same one lay down pon dih f**k n lef sheet. Shadae memba a days him lef yuh hungry n a Muffet affi drive hours fih come rescue yuh. Shadae a just December Ricky put u n Khalier out n a Muffet same one move u in her house. Go n pay the Nail Tech her for dih full set weh yuh trust. Stop lie bout man a mine yuh, Ricky hate u fih him $2500 weh yuh thief, memba seh that’s y him tek u off a dih dirty f**k out mattress n put u n the baby outside in the cold.Ricky disown u to all a him woman dem n say a accidentally him f**k yuh. Memba seh a u tell him seh the only thing the baby have for him is him finger nail. A how much time him put u out when u a breed again? Remind me please. Memba when him put u in ur pajamas wid dih scandal bag in ur hand n a garbage bag on the stoop cause yuh inna man messenger a tell him how u want him to come on ur breast cause yuh pregnant u can’t swallow the come. U the only girl that sports a black eye like it’s a fashion statement. Stop worry bout me n my man n guh worry bout Ricky duppy dem weh a f**k yuh. Nasty Shadae u slept at my house 4 days straight n neither u or the baby yuh bathe, u is a piece a shit house, ur worthless n good for nothing. U tight with Muffet cause she told u da truth that ur a f**king lazy fat ass bitch. Fyi nobody wants to look like u, ur a oversized ape. Stop wearing those fake ass Timberland big bottom shoes, they been played out bitch. Step ur game up.

  33. Muffet WEH nyam out Marsha pussy bitch all u so bad come a Florida plz and thank u know ur a pussy because when Marsha buk yuh fi ghe 3G u teef and married her bout u a help her get papers knowing ur stinking pussy ass isn’t a citizen. Muff u stop wear buy the shoes dem and bring dem back? U stop suck pussy? U stop drain? U fix the smell pussy problem u have? Then u blame it pon bitch control. Muff yuh granny HATE YUH ur mother don’t even want you a her place young Gyal with OLD PUSSY muff please come a Florida NUH and bring ur friend dem fi back yuh I dear u bitch just come

  34. lol muffet yuh f**k all a wee team plus the woman dem
    Dem past u round muffet stop F**k battyman stop walk and beg a night Inna ppl house dutty muffet yuh sleep next to body good n her man walk and f**k muffet you have loyalty you talk to all a your fren dem man yuh guh fren back poochie stinking stay bad poochie weh don’t have nothing hey gal don’t startle up yuh class up poochie unno F**k the same man you a the same stop sleep a steph yard oh you move back to poochie she don’t have a bed where you sleep stop walk n thiefon the ave police a look fi you I’m going to turn yuh nasty bloodclaat in to dem

  35. Drity chrysy why you and stinckin puchi bun the gal one shose like you have anything chrysy a shelter clothes you a wear so why yu a bun ppl thing eeee you and puchi stay bad nuh bbc …….bodygood everbody go threw somthing so make them stay too time cause them friendship soo mash up yes chrysy and puchi

  36. Nana why you call bodygood namw in yur video knw she dont have a shoe too wear dwl chrysy them go live and bun the bodygood shose no and a talk up the things mi na look

  37. Yea a older youth (20’s)use to live a poochie yard. And poochie son tell her him suck the youth hood, a poochie Antie save the youth bcuz the Wee man dem did ago kill him. Dats fact ask poochie or Better yet ask overdose

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