Met gnight , just a watch sadda bolt snap & then see deh collage deh and realize seh a him shanzi did out with today ! She leave the Lickle boy fi good now sadda a run things !

19 thoughts on “BOLT BREDDA AND SHANZI?

  1. sadiki love the freaky hype life just as much as bolt probly even more, him a live afa bolt like leach, a this crimson-chin shanzi want, fi get a hype man who love the limelight like her, perfect match; yall really think crimson-chin shanzi did love that young youth??? lol she is a social climbing undercover freak & her attitude stinks, sadiki & the dentist girl still a link so i dont know wah gwan. Sadiki is a IG hoe dress up, tek pics & pose up like him a gal fi chris martin likes lol dem questionable.

  2. She is in for a rude awakening with serial cheater Sada.If she leave the little boy for him that is a downgrade for her Sada gave the dentist girl pure problem so mi no know why shanzi woulda gone deh so.

  3. Young and foolish, I can’t stand daddy with his ugly ass pose and smile, his snaps are meaningless and retarded like him lol

  4. Oh these young people and the social media spotlight,smh.
    I think she’s a pretty girl and I’d really love to see her grow into something positive. The hype isn’t always the place to be. Shanzi please finish school and don’t become a statistic.

  5. Shanzi is not fit for the public as she lacks media presence. I had to unfollow her on snap because of how rude she is to her supporters. Her responses on snap shows the little respect she has,too much attitude man! They made you who you are today,so respect them or shut up!

  6. We see these people on social media,but in real life they are trash! Social media puts people on a pedestal that they wouldn’t have gotten any other way.Its like getting a job without qualifications,just cause you have links with the boss.

    1. Good Lord. .I should hope not! !If so send him go John Hopkins University Hospital. ..scientists a guh want study him!!

  7. Miss Allen he is no prize so don’t get your feelings caught up lol he is currently f**king 2 other bitches. Best advice if yuh want him keep it low key and nuh mek shame reach yuh

    BTW anonymous 10:02 that baby that he keeps posting is his godson that’s his best friend Jermaine’s baby

  8. She a look di hype! Sadiki a live offa him brother hype and money! Haffi find somebody fi gwaan maintain her, worse like how her mother don’t work and Swaby get fling one side!

    Wid how mi see him did do fi him ex a only a licky licky gal woulda go deh, cause him really did dog her up! Shanz just by association to da bwoy yah u show u hand!

  9. A me Alone realise say the Toni girl who shanzi used to par with never at the yvas with her? she didn’t even post the pic to help get shanzi votes. Are they still friends?

  10. A me Alone realise say the Toni girl who shanzi used to par with never at the yvas with her? she didn’t even post the pic to help get shanzi votes. Are they still friends?

  11. Dem girl deh no normally have friends for long innuh Dem don’t know ntn bout friendship Dem change friend like how Dem change the clothes them wear on them back.I would love to know is what really go dun with them both though. Does anyone know?

  12. Toni use to go hard fi shanzi,while shanzi wouldn’t even lif’ up straw fi ar. Toni fix up herself and buy hot clothes when she went to the states in summer and start tek on road hard wid shanzi. Lmao. Somebody talk why den mash up!

  13. the toni girl is overseas she migrate and dat boy weh shanzi did deh wid is the biggest dog shit on this earth! a two time him make apology video on social media to her lol him gi nuff nuff nuff nuff nuff nuff nuff nuff nuff nuff bun it nuh stop yah so ask any girl bout him him all did a look my fren wah day she did fi lef him long time kmt

  14. Sadiki dentist woman bun him wid her bestfren dats why dem lef lol one late night me see she post up the best fren dem mussi a f**k so she was no saint ….and everybody know shanzi ex man/man was a dog shit and still is and act like him rich a shanzi mek ppl even tek a second look on him cuz him is a nobody have dat van from when and cyaa change it cuz him bruk…well what a ting if dem two yah really deh lol

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