Tash sit yu ass Inna di back Ole whore a Spice a run tings now tash party dun yu get back yu money yu lend Nick use dat money move outta di basement yu live Inna 1 bedroom basement and every man yu carry Inna di basement pon yu pickney worthless tash stop pay toll go an come a Bronx yu nuh shame man a check yu an yu affi pay toll man a left Inna yu basement yu affi pay toll fi him go an come use up that money to move outta di BASEMENT an next time leave yu suitcase home we all know it FAKE like yu Ass

9 thoughts on “A HOME IS A HOME O

  1. a nick u fi tell get somewhere for him baby weh jus born ,the lady want har out bad , stop watch tash all a dem a get nick fi trust ,if u can pay u will and must stay ,he will keep u if u can always pay ,so a fi dem time now fi trust lol, nick tek this money and get a place for ur two babies dem ,nick the whole a Bronx know ,ur family a talk ,u already know which one ,please her ur children dem ,nick ur kids need helppppp

  2. Suck pussy gyal up top leave Nick baby mother out of this and his kids dem this is not about dem can know ur a hater r u mad at d babymom bitch @real talk

  3. Suck pussy gyal up top leave Nick baby mother out of this and his kids dem this is not about dem can know ur a hater r u mad at d babymom bitch @real talk

  4. dutty germs bag filter @real talk how my kids a hurt up your head suh big pussy gyal u sound real hurt Khloe r Kylie nuh unwanted like yours my kids dem nuh hungry dem have a roof over dem head and dem nuh naked Suck cacky gyal go and worry about your dirty pussy a nuh my fault d man u hate me fah nuh want u bitch y d f**k u cum on here a talk bout me nice clean kids dem weh nuh want for nothing u ever hear seh dem a coach nowhere r me a walk a beg nobody fi dem slime bag grudge and jealousy a kill a kill u bitch leave Oshein and her kids out of this dutty sadamite gyal lick out batty gyal weh u know bout me joncrow stop assume go investigate again and stop call up ppl name bout family a chat me sure @real talk u are not half of a gud mother as I am bitch so get d f**k off my kids and stay on d topic

  5. Real talk Osheen leave the blood cloth gal and are kids them out girl kids then clean and nice nuff a uno pickney wa Look after leave the gal and Gwey look how out side cold u see them nose a run them ok fuck off hater

  6. @real talk u sound mad and miserable wats wrong with d girl kids this is not about Oshein stick to d topic dirty bitch u r evil talk about d bitches dem weh nick klean nuh stop rob fi keep party

  7. the gal weh live wid him a she love him ,met nick get everything from she and give him kids dem, the gal dem really a tek care a him cocky go thru nick big up dat good cock u got .wear rubbers

  8. Who the fuck is nick dirty uno a mek dis nasty suck pussy bwoy feel too important di nasty bwoy worthless like wah a 2 time a year alone him hold money February and August when him keep party and a gwan like him a somebody him no care bout nothing but the $20 fi pay go Inna party a night time cause him nah buy no liquor him just drink out the man dem him is nobody oh please if only dem woman yah can just wise up nick Dirty go take care a Yuh kids deadbeat dad.

  9. All me can say is the hype weh tash give nick at her dance him don’t give her back it at all him no look pon her, all night she vex me and me friend dem no stop watch her and laugh the 1 time him com by a tek pictures she grab on pon him and tek bout a dozen pics it just sad fi a big woman mek a man a treat her so all because she want to feel young smh not even a bottle she don’t get 1 plastic cup

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