This girl is a natural beauty. Name never call up pin road and man, natural body , Smart educated and loved by his family. Bolt you need to try get her back . These others just with you for the money. She pick you up when you was long ugly maaga and bruk. She was brave to cause I wouldn’t do it and neither would any of who you with now.



  1. Kmttt yall need to move on from the past! The man move on and happy with his relationship now. A bet a she send een dah story ya

    1. Listen bitch I a concerned citizen and founder of give Bolt a thotless future to preserve the Legendary DNA sent this in. We need bolt to get him shit together for the future of Jamaican track and field. He need to marry a woman who know bout yam dashine pumpkin cho cho cassava and other GRUNG food. Who can blend banana peanut Irish miss and make porridge . We need future Bolts and dem uptown gal de can’t manage the job.

      1. Ahm but Kasi a country gyal so a doaan know weh all a dat extraness at the back of it fa. Fi a pretty and coveted cyal (the brown with pretty hair aspiration *roll eyes*) she is a nice girl for real

  2. I am certain this young woman has moved on just like Bolt has moved on. Sometimes some people are just not meant to be.

  3. U kno we as people nuh easy tho? :ngakak :ngakak why people trying to mend back these two together is beyond me!!! The man seems contented,,sender you right nuff a dem neva know or wouldnt want the man in the making, they all prefer the made man.. a just life

      1. A real thing mon she move on but who cares dem a best fren and will always be frens him na leave har side she na leave his dem have a great frenship so even if dem deh bk I don’t see the big deal cuz dem no gone no where

  4. to me she got the best of bolt, young, ugly(sender words, not fimi)mawga, hungry, humble and faithful, cuz a she alone did want him. now him older, pretty cuz $$ is attractive, hype, and sexing on everybody, eww. I think if they can remain friends, and him set her up real nice, she need to find a nice steady guy that belongs only to her, and mek bolt go deh wid everybody, or go marry smaddy weh cann sleep at nights cuz dem a worry weh him deh and who him with. dat is no life

    1. Set her up real nice? Please….if him “set her up real nice” you think she would be able to have a real relationship with a new man….Which man is gonna knowingly set you up nice and you not his personal concubine, current woman, or relative? Let’s be for real….dem nuh deh so why would he be setting her up nice unless “best friend ” means “we still fvck occasionally friends”?

      1. He gives her money still so mi hear so maybe that a nuh lie…It is funny how men are those thats why we haffi respect men like denzel…As soon as dem si likkle money dem switch

        1. Mi mean him can gi har a $ fi guh school so she can be self-sufficient, you gi a girl a money she ball for a day, you gi a girl education she ball for a lifetime. Or him can gi har property, a house, a business, as a parting gift. I am a romantic.
          Met, I love Denzel story with his wife, he said he was doing a play and say this beautiful girl in the audience every night and wanted to meet her. One night he was not onstage, and he was in the audience watching, when the lights came on for intermission, who was he sitting beside? Paulette, his future wife, and the rest is history. Love their love.

        2. Ok I don’t doubt that it’s true….I just doubt the relationship is strictly platonic….regardless of them knowing eachother since they were 14 or whatever…possible yes…but I doubt it when he’s still taking care of her….

  5. That’s true Met, I agree. I’ve heard he keeps her close, maybe they are genuinely best friend because knowing someone from you are 14 and he was 16 is a long time. She also has a solid relationship with his family, especially with his mother. And she did not move on she bowed out gracefully when Bolt started to sleep around. She focused on her studies and left him alone. People who know her will tell you she is humble and for her not to go do the false hair breast etc just do her is commendable because a lot of females would remake themselves in the image of the girls he was now going after.

  6. Yu know from wha day mi seh it a crasses pussi mek bolt injured
    Now this mek mi believe it more
    All di way a Germany him gone fi help
    When will dese men learn

  7. What if she’s in a relationship with another dude? Do you expect get hurt because Bolt want her back after dissing her? You people can even live your life properly, but want to tell people hoe to live theirs.

  8. All mega stars and ballers want MIXXED women to hybrid their chullumz .bolt is no different .shadism hot but hush

    1. You mean white, not mixed. It’s for dis reason an dis reason alone that I do not support Bolt and even if he marries Kaci (who in my opinion deserves it), I will never forgive him. In big black jamaica he couldn’t fine a black gal to show to the world. He couldn’t be a Obama, Denzel or Samuel L Jackson. He like most a dem humiliated every black woman by showing that we are not capable of being loved. That was years ago, yes but the damage has already been done. I don’t wish him anything bad but at the same time I couldn’t care less if him bruk de udda foot and never step a foot in Rio. He hasn’t done a damn thing for Jamaica that dead legends and jerk chicken hasn’t done before him. Me garn.

      1. the thing with these men are, deep down they are insecure that is why the do what they do. when they get $ they go for the girls they couldn’t get before they had $, “why should I stay wid a basic black girl, when mi can get a pretty girl? that is their thinking, getting these light girls with naturally long hair is a sing that they have made it.

        1. Black women are the insecure bunch, that is why y’all bleach your skin, wear these disgusting long weaves, long fake nails and color contacts. Black men don’t like fake black women, with butt and breast injected with silicone, and body covered with nasty tattoos. Keep it real and we come running………..

          1. Is must one a the Uncle Tom coon this run in. EVERY black woman wear fake nails and hair & bleach? You walk and do that survey? The girl up top bleach too for Bolt to be wandering when exposed to exotical Front? That’s why me leery of riding with some a unnu new blacks coz ya’ll ain’t holding down black women. Then when the exotical a and whites remind unnu sey unnu ashy & black and take all unnu money or gi unnu a assin, is the same black woman have to be marching & protesting for unnu ungrateful asses. As man unnu refuse to take unnu place as Kings and leaders but rather play house negro. FOH. Like white woman nah wear fake hair and nails too.

  9. And after all of that, sit back and watch him marry a quiet, plain, discreet and probably ugly white gal like Lubica. Notice seh to this day she never ever tark. Ever. Watch disya space. Bolt a mess round wid de yard gal dem but the diamond and honour will go to a white gal. Memba seh to dis date the ongle gal weh him show to de worl including white people paper a Lubica. No black girlfriend of his got her name, picture and credentials in the newspaper. Ever. Watch an see how dis pan out.

    1. Are you f****g stupid or what. He did that woman publicly dumped her as a distraction from competition. A who u man. Up to the Kasi chick get more respect than she.

      1. None nuh get no respect cause mi would not want a man whey a go show off my naked pics to him to his friends.. :travel

      2. He was forced to dump her out of shame and humiliation. He like his peers don’t have a clue. They are like the stupid puss dat kill bird and rat an drop it inna de house like trophy, waiting to get praise but instead get shock arf when de owner scream and run dem a bush. I heard she wasn’t even a girlfriend but a PR stunt. Dat mek it worse. A next cooning black man weh can’t stand him own.

  10. Let’s see who else can go olympics and hug up mama Bolt. If Kasi pull that off then we can say she might be the one. Only one ever do that was Mitsy. Let’s see who go Rio with the Fam.

    1. Hugging up Mama Bolt? That means absolutely nothing.
      Anyone cyan hug up. People hug up stranger. When de long foot bwoy publicly acknowledge Pretty Kaci, chups her on the world platform an it mek white people newspaper den me an you cyan tark. Kaci has been around for years and all the average person knows is that he has a girl from Old Harbour, that is all he has ever said and on Jamaican TV. Outside of Yard, no one knows who Kaci is an she well deserve better Dan dat but we black ooman often tek mediocrity when it comes to love from our own black man. Get de ring, Kaci an tap give it weh.

  11. Den Met, suppoze yu have di “ten tonna” pums and yu man proud a it, di man can’t show it off? Soun like a fi yu own and not fiim.

    1. but willie, from what I have been taught and weh mi observe-men are territorial by nature. so I feel if a man woman have “ten tonna” dat is going to be for him, and him only. he would not share those pics wid friends if a him woman weh him respeck and love, a side chick yes, but main girl, no. so if u ago say that a man will share main girl “ten tons” dem dat flies in the face a weh mi tink me know bout men.

  12. Mi wah know why dem lef before me start chat, cuz getting mega success changes everything, nobody can be the same and that itself can cause probs. Mi woulda wah know how it go.

  13. Gabriella and Anonymous at 12:41
    It does not look good. On one side you exepect only “black” women to get wifed up and the light ones must be left aside. Okay. And then on the other end “black” women basic and and arent pretty and dont have long hair anonymous?? Okay…i see

    1. read weh mi talk bout wid comprehension, I said that how the men see black women, not how they are or how I view us. most of these men who not dare to approach a light skin, pretty girl, with long hair, because they know that being broke, hungry and ugly would get the now where with said woman. now when they get $,emboldened by their wealth, power and success all the go for it the type of women they couldn’t get before, they are no longer interested in the type of women they could get before, because all along it not who they wanted, but were just settling until they have what it take to go get a “hot,pretty gal.”

      1. So we can infer that:

        A) Light skin long hair chicks are groupies, shallow and only after money

        B) black chicks can’t be ‘hot, pretty gal’ because hair nuh long and all dese tings?

        in this day and age in a predominantly Black Country too…..smh

        1. where in my post did I ever say all light skinned/white chicks are gold diggers? Or the black chicks can’t be “hot, pretty, gal.” I was speaking of the thinking of these men once they get money or status. These men think as part of the movin’ on up package, along with big houses and car etc. they need a upgrade in the kind of women they date, so usually they go for light or white. Not that these women are gold diggers but these men without money etc. wouldn’t approach these girls cuz they think “a woman like that couldn’t want a man like me,” once these men get money that is the kind of women they go for. to them is like, “when I was broke I rode the bus, now mi have money I drive a Bentley.” So they must be thinking,”when I was broke, I cud just date a sista, cuz hot girls(black, white or light) neva did look pon mi, now mi have money all I want is a certain caliber of girls, no more “regular” girls mi upgrade.” It doesn’t necessarily have to be upgrade in looks and color, it can be an upgrade in class, uptown girl vs. a girl from the garrison etc.

    2. @ Yanow – please note that I made no reference whatsoever to light skinned women. I made a point about black men even poor bruk ones who gravitate to WHITE. I have no problem with shades of black, more so since I am light skinned myself. My issue was compounded by the fact that in big black yard there are more than enough beautiful successful educated black women but Bolt chose to humiliate us by digging out a white woman and not even a white yardie but a Czech woman from racist Eastern Europe. Dat bun me.

      1. Well obviously he doesn’t mind her being a commoner. Plus he realise that she is not a stuck up snob like most light skinned girls uptown. Kaci Old Harbour have some nice looking gyal 😀

  14. Anony….Ef it are mines den a fi mi! Meez a proud man and mi love show off any woman mi claim. If mi woman have BIG batty mi buy baay tight jeans fi har. Ef she blessed wid di ten tonn den it are baay yoga pants a buy. Man fi see my woman and want her. Dem fi beg har piece a di ting. Dem fi blow up her phone. Sexy and confident mi seh.
    It is my woman who is to know she has a great man and does not need to sleep around. Free will does not come without responsibility

    1. Wow Willie yuh real proud and like show off yuh trophy, you like wen other msn look and salivate, but u know deep down though they are tempted they won’t get to touch cuz she well loyal. I think all men have that in them, , women too. But fi show off her naked pumplex to yuh frenz? Dat is supm else.

  15. Kaci seems like a cool girl still,even on her IG if people pay her a compliment she thanks them, unlike Yanique or many others that obviously read all the comments and only reply when someone a Diss dem.

    Bolt and Kaci appear to be happy with one another she looks natural and hasn’t follow di trend by injecting batty n b happy for them..if he had a fat girl..people would say “na sah so im couldn’t do better n have a nice slim gal” if she wore her natural hair..people would say “na sah so Bolt couldn’t mek she wear good good Brazilian hair. I’m proud of his achievements and how he has repesented Jamaica!!! and he gives a lot to the community.

    1. “Kaci seems like a cool girl still,even on her IG if people pay her a compliment she thanks them, unlike Yanique or many others that obviously read all the comments and only reply when someone a Diss dem.”

      Kasi knows exactly what she’s doing. What effort does it take to reply to a comment? She is playing the game of being approachable and sweet so that simpletons like yourself will feel that you and her are cool. LOL I don’t wrong her, this is great PR. Make the people fall in love with you Kasi hopefully it will help you to get the ring! If not that you can start a business and make some good money from the popularity. Smart girl!

  16. The girl up top is nice sexi girl too…Bolt is a RICH young of course he mussi give trouble…maybe the attraction on both sides faded and they r remaining friends since they come from so far.

  17. Atleast mitzy got a house out of bolt and a car … Kaci and the other side chick Samantha are both going to rio the sam girl just quiet but kaci is well aware about the lawyer girl when kaci was at the track meet the Sam girl was there also … Bolt post his side chicks at his house all the time but them comfortable … The neeki_baby on Ig girl bolt just did her boobs they been together but everybody just siddown and laugh afta kasi she doing the most but they all getting the allowance same way #realtea he have them all on rotatation

    1. I just burned my lip. So much tea! What a price to pay to be with a rich man! Come back with more info please. What you saying Kasi doing all the work but everybody getting the same allowance? But at least Kasi is being highlighted and featured. I don’t see anybody else getting that. Her birthday is in just a few days we will see if Bolt outdoes the shoes gifts from last year.

      What’s the Sam girl IG?

    2. No man lowe off a Kasi now nuh jeesh, why bring up other girls when a Kasi his heart love? Mitsy get house out a Bolt? :bingung mi Old Harbour babe Kasi :peluk

      1. You been trying to shade mitsy all day bout Kasi this and that. The girl been there from girlfriend to best friend and obviously not going anywhere. I see her well cock up in bolt restaurant. Don’t act like she nuh important and don’t look like Kasi can stop their “best friend” status. FYI no ex can’t be my man best friend

        1. Mi nuh comment as anonymous.. and so what if bolt and she a fren?? Its not that serious, most break ups are amicable. Star struck syndrome i see…Kaci the man seh. Mitzy is not his girlfriend anymore deal with it. If Kaci and bolt were together in 2008 him wudda bring Kasi guh Beijing too but he brought his then girlfriend. So wats the problem?? Anuh everybody stay Like Kartel who’d never leave his foundation woman. Bolt did so accept it.

          1. Girl bye you sound hurt. That’s what happens when no matter how you try you can’t own the man.

  18. Money and my business come first dahling not the status of a man! Lowe Kasi the f**k alone man! physically speaking?! Mitzy only have batty! Kasi is the full package, both physically and intellectually! Lowe di gyal alone man! Di gyal ears not even pierced how natural is that?

    1. Damn down to the girl non-pierced ears, you guys don’t miss shit! If there was a Kasi exam, you pass with flying colours!

  19. Sad reality , in life when them man yah buss them nuh remember the girl weh did deh wid them, start from nothing ,god bless the ones who started with each other and ended with each other. Its been yrs now since bolt leave her,this post dont mean that its the girl send it in, fact is she is a pretty girl dont know her personality. But when u have money you buy variety. Hope she move on and happy, if a person dont check for u they just dont check for you from the jump.Facts it burn me to see how them jamaican men leave them nice brown skin dark skin woman for the exotic ones.

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