This is Rochell icon the northwest London breeding machine, she has five kids by five different men all at the young age of 31 not one baby farther stay with her and all the mining she do she still can’t hold none of the five, she only walk with the kids to hype party or you won’t see her with none. all she do is hype with her market clothes long upside down titty and big belly self instead of stay at home with her kids them. All her baby fathers are disgusting…


Shatti is a recorded pedophile, gorge flash just sit down in barba shop wole day looking likl school girls, bio sexual Orlando aka the tongue God, her husband who she still married to and dj danger who is flash best friend she f**k without a cause somebody please tell her pinky don’t whole man again. What a disgrace. She swear she a the christening queen and nobody can’t out do her christening she keep them every year. Fi a dancehall hype girl all she have is her bad repretation no car or job thank god fi state benefit and housing

27 thoughts on “AN ENGLISH FILE………CABINET

  1. Sender, hey mate. You lots are a tragedy to proper gossip!

    U can’t spell, patwa tone is awful and that “bio sexual” is just bloody WRONG!

    Funny how you place the girl as a babymother then you mention her marriage status. make up u bloody mind about what’s really eating you. Is it the tongue god luv? :ngakak :ngakak

  2. She keeping christening every year? What? What the hell does that mean? Lmfao….she 5 kids…she keep more than 5 christening? Wtf are you saying?

  3. Bad mine a kill you What kind of reaction you did think you was gonna get pon de wall? Go get a hobby and keep Dj Danger’s name out of your unemployed mouth… Market clothes, what’s up with market clothes??? Please love your up your own arse. I bet you live in a b&b. Stop watch people!!!

  4. Met!!! Why?!! You coulda put up a warning inuh!mi almost dead Bio sexual! Bawling !
    No only the Asians wear mRket clothes stop it man

  5. Ruchelle is a married woman with kids outside her marriage, and to my understanding she have been the side chick for danger for a while now.
    Her husband have kids and move out her house when she breed for George flash. Tongue King was a desperate attemp at holding a man he still selling his mouth y
    To pop bottles in dance

  6. This is the same Ruchelle icon who put her own cousin champagne up wha day wishing for her and her man fi go prison karma. She is a lying wicked gal for true always in people’s life mixing up man with them woman Fren with all her friends Marie’s dem

  7. Rochell has been sleeping with danger for a while now and friends with all his baby mothers her baby father Orlando talk it, he say she trap him he never want no pikny with her so he breed his right woman Amelia so she wouldn’t leave him. And Rochell still refuse to quit she never stop till he move out the girl house. Her cousin all go to thee gal yard

  8. They shoulda put up the picture she take naked leaning up beside the babies crib her baby father show every one #disgracful and her mom is worse some big mouth beggy beggy stay bad woman she ghetto and load them call her mom sadam and gomoroh

  9. Rochelle has been sleeping with her best friend Roslyn for years so it’s that she have in common with Orlando bisexual and freakyness Roslyn husband walk and talk say rochelle wants to mash up his marriage. And it’s not market cloth she wear it’s Roslyn teefing clothes she always look cheep

  10. Dwl sender it look like u want me to answer u about my life y not send me ur address so we can meet in my market clothes so we can get sum ting straight so next time when u send in tings wat u don’t know this time everything will be correct mi just finish work soon time for school run so I will check bk when mi get sum free after all i do have five kids

    1. We all no is champagne write this for you because you can’t read or write rochelle is the biggest dumbo I’ve met just ask yaneek talk about

  11. Hello hi Rochell Bryan your baby father said he called immigration on your mom and social service on your rapist brother and you still beg him to be with you and him not looking and you only married the guy from idea to get discount on furniture. Your life is a joke

  12. Shatti mark said one night stand breed you and he wish you never try to mash up his life with Jamie the white girl, George flash said the same he never want to breed you you porposly in a race to be his first baby mother then he left u for the little girl. The tongue God is always walking a chatting you disgracing you and denying your child yet you still running behind him while he left you and Amelia to be with Shelly. Is Shelly him want. Him tired of tasting all your baby fathers him like how Shelly taste his words not minds

  13. Rochelle is a low life lyer talking about just finish work stop lying your baby father Orlando and George both say your a wotless mother always on phone chatting people and lost your. Job a while ago no job woman your big son Shatti pikny is on road all day every day selling weed to help you punch light and gas and your mom don’t stop begging people for tings to get by, you have her in your house like slave cooking cleaning and lock up in the little room and all you do is rude to her because she don’t have status in foreign. If you was a working woman you would do better

  14. The Harlesden and south girls are tired of receiving tongue pictures in there dm on insta big nasty pedophile and he f**k all your friends and brags about it and talk he was upset he never get champagne because is she he wanted but your over extra and fling your self on him, he talk say Roslyn did want him but he only want 3som with her

  15. Ruchelle why is it that you never keep friends for long is it that them find out bout you, is it that the truth set them free them find out say your two face mixed up chatty sketty and desperate to breed or you friend them matie or you can’t keep secret every pikny party christening or function you keep you have a new set of friends and God mothers what is it so disturbing about you make people can’t stay friends with you from talk about crew to rasher a to winy and her sister Kerry to roslin to Sonia it seem like only champagne alone put up with you but she soon find out to.

  16. Rochelle is mix up for true always in people business and life always in between people relationship with them man. True none of her baby daddies take the trap she jealous of happy people’s relationship she always trying to mash up Roslyn marriage because hers never work out. Such an embarrassment

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