How the hell Rodney Price bounty killer can get robbed when he have a bodyguard And bounty at every party nightly street dance that must be a set up because over the years! He have never get robbed.
Cauldia Ratigan bount girlfriend she’s just salt bad because like she need to get a life she seh she a bounty woman and no have a chick or child fi him I guess she can’t breed!! As a man weh me a wife a gal weh cnt give mi no youth bredda! Gal clown thing! And she just a salt up the man! That gal bad luck all now the general no get back him visa .

Government tek the man house now them robbed the man and him birthday coming up!

General support the getto youths dem suh a idiot move dat! Mi nuh rate deh move deh! Warlord need fi find a nice girl and produced some more yute and gwaan do him music! And cut off certain people cause a bay bad mind deh bout str88. And fi a better gal still warlord gal look like a man star! Warlord check yuh surrounding!! Nuff link need fi get cut!


  1. I’m gonna just put this right here n go
    “So a Jamaican man became very ill and was in a coma for about 3months the whole time his wife rarely left his bedside not even to eat as she longed and prayed for her husband’s recovery, now one day her man arose from his coma and look around his bedside n lol n below his wife was there he then motioned her closer to him he said “hey gal every time me bruck n no have no money a u mi see, mi madda dead n a u me see, all the bun mi give u, u still by my side u no see say u salt and u a crosses”
    Typical Jcan ppl

    1. Trust mi this post just annoy mi….how do you really take the time out your life to send in a post about how “bounty ooman salt” ? This can’t be real….sender are you the woman bounty needs or are you a battyman ? One or the other

  2. Claudia is a very SALTED NON AMBITIOUS HORSE

    MODEL where? On killer community property dick??? Cause real models don’t know of her..

    KILLER you need to change your birthday from @its tha party to ” CIRCUS ” cause your party will be hosted by a “GAL CLOWN” you boo hahahahahahahaha

  3. Sender so b/c she deh wid Killa and don’t have any kids for him would equate to her not being able to conceive? How yuh know seh d man even want a next youte? Youte cost money fi raise! Yuh soune dumb nuh frig! Having a baby nuh mek noone wife or ooman. Like stfu! The one ting mi agree with you on is that Bounti support ghetto yute and always try to help.Other than that u coulda neva send ene this post. Maybe ah you set up d man!

  4. What a thing to write. As much as I wouldn’t look pon smaddy like Bounty fi date much less in a serious relationship with, somebody else decide fi share herself wid him and dis is what ppl have to say. Bounty nah look love from no man, needa has he ever needed anyone to speak on his behalf, suh guh sit your ass down somewhere and stay in your lane.

  5. The whole a uno weh a move like the sender wrong

    Go and help the police recover bounty things better yet go join @HORSE GENES CLAUDIA” in a 3 some with the Killer (well atleast he once was)

    Claudia go look a JOB and a LIFE you not BOUNTY wife go run a caymanas park with the rest a you family breed. That’s where you belong horsy…

    Off course CLAUDIA is number 1… She line up in race number 1 in saddle one…

    Place your bet y’all on “LADY KILLER” race one caymanas park this coming Saturday

  6. Guess like how mi can’t have nuh pickney biologically mi husband a gal clown fi married me. Some ppl don’t know when fi shut the fcuk up and u sir are a fish. Next time when Bounty a look a gal him fi just come push him black Horse dick dung yuh choat so u can stop run yuh pit latrine diarrhoea mouth. Mi nuh know how woman deh wid some a dem mumma lashy man yah enuh. Man nuffi chat so much. Look like u used to lap yuh frock tail wid yuh mumma and yuh sister dem and them teach yuh how fi put on make up and tek buddy. U need fi go look a wuk. Gwaan go liff two block or something man.

  7. @IF MI LAUGH ONE MORE TIME, yuh soun like one of di women Bounty f**k and duck. Is yuh Sen in di story? Yuh soun bitta tho.

    1. Very bitter…damn disgusting….going mad hard for what? Ah probably you same one set up bounty an ah salt up him ting true yuh jealousy & envious behavior bc I wanna know why you going so hard

  8. I’m weak!!!!!! Bounty is not married!!!!! Lmao well if he does why it’s a private wedding bitch stfu u sound stupid!!! I wouldn’t even comment on this I’ll be ashamed and keep my ass quite!!! The world knows killer for a lot a girls tropical entertainer… Smh

  9. So me afi be a disgruntled side chick or a girl bounty f**k and duck to state AVIOUS FACTS? Hahahahahahahaha

    Who does that?? Hahahahahahahaha

    Dem people yah hahahahahahahaha

    1. Go to school and come off pink wall…. What the fvck is “AVIOUS”?

      You should be concerned more with education than bounty & his concubines

  10. YES ME BITTER and jealous a wah?? You jealous a me bitterness Hahahahahaha

    Make me troll you Cause you a the side chick weh nuh make BOUNTY weekly rotation list hahahahahahahaha

  11. Some gal gi birth to demons; all when a gal can breed she no better than who can’t.

    The man already have kids, so you wanting him to him more is none of you damn affairs. You talk bout him house and visa gone, yet you want him to carry more burden by having more kids.


  12. Some a unno is a set a bhumboole unno same one ago come beet fence how “him deh wid foreighn/uptown omman and dis him long time girlfren”. Claudia has been through the trenches wid Killa so don’t hold har responsible fi robbery, next thing since you all up inna di gyal ovary and bounty sperm bag connect the two so she can breed fi him. Unno is a set a dranko

  13. Yes you are fking bitter, you come een like the bitter gall weh me use to pray no buss pon the chicken when we a pluck dem a country. Bitter bitter bitter.

  14. I really feel she set him up, the story seems fishy. Robbed at gun point and she pull out a knife and cut one and none a dem nuh shoot ?? When she cut him before or afta dem tek the money ?? Unless dem neva plan on hurting anybody, but how could u come with such a plan to rob Bounty Killer ?? Suppose he had goons nearby ?? Or suppose he had pulled out a gun ?? Nuh worry even if the police nuh find out a who set it up Killa will.

    1. when the news report about knife? A swear it say the robber got busted in the face with a kitchen “utensil”. not all robbers go out to kill and this was an opportunity robbery. dem try a thing and nearly succeed.

      Big up the bloodclaut “salt gal” because she gutsy enough fi chop a bitch in a him face during a tense moment!

      I salute any bitch wid a dog heart! I swear me would read “den she couldn’t do something? anything?” if bounty got hurt during the process.

      She no favor man fi nothing! GWAN BOUNTY BADDDDDDD BITCH :maafaganwati

  15. @Saranwrap who you a tell fi go a school and come off pinkwall?? You a cartoon character scooby do-bi-doo bugs bunny are wha BITCH???

    Look from when me a AVOID fi mention yuh old skirmage old zaar old jancrow eeee??

    Don’t draw me out old enamel chimmy


  16. But sender say bounty house get tek whey so y would u suggest he go get anymore childRen now when u basically telling we everything a fall apart?

  17. @Saranwrap you a waste a time hahahahahahahaha not even a mention you again…

    Girl yuh nuh memorable bye

  18. “If me laugh” .. whatever the he’ll you call you self, go look a life and mind you business… you sound bitter and envious … a wah killa no want you??? Hush.. NEXT!

    1. In all my years lmfao…..never seen that yet….Met please add “AVIOUS ” to the kmt dictionary ….

      Bounty needs to start sending his women to school because this is serious. Lmfao

  19. Saranwrap claudia is that you hiding? a nuff people post and a one person you hot for lol met killer will find out a who set him up

  20. @2 sugars & milk…. A nuff gal bounty deh with long time before, during and after Claudia… A nuff gal go through things with killa not just Claudia.:. So how this fool up too acting like a Claudia alone been through it…


  21. @ Big Bad And Back Broad….. Killa will always WANT ME BITCH,

    Gal stop send your friend over yah come gang up.

  22. Big up ‘ if me laugh’ take time wid dem nuh man cho raaasss claudia senda say you salt jah know looooool

  23. Who tf is bounty killer whatttttt!!!! Claudia ???????? Hmft!! Only thing I’m happy about is that nobody life was taken give God thanks!!! Arguing over who bounty fi deh with or whatever and the man don’t want Claudia nor none of the others else he wouldn’t be going around sleeping with females unprotected!!! A lot of girls always talks about how they sleep with bounty unprotected!! Y’all stupid!! Give thanks the man no dead n tell him to be safe uno worried about who he wants and it don’t take a dunce that he don’t mean none of the females good he’s just doing him!

    1. But if u a go mek a big statement like dat u shudden private at all ..dat means u have whole heap more inline whey him want den and u know it

  24. Perfect example of what happens when a man have too many women, see this girl dissing Claudia. Somebody asking who is Claudia…. like really! play fool fi catch wise yuh hear lol.
    So we all gonna sit and act like we don’t see TALKCHEUT’s comment at the very top :2thumbup so true, lol.

  25. Hello galo a weh Mi hammer a need fi nail some tings… met do you have Claudia pic can I see her Mi want see if di salt show pan har

  26. Bless up PP,well said.Wrappie a so it always go with speculations.Ppl a guh always talk things as if dem know 4 a fact a so it guh.Today 4 me,2morrow 4 u.

    Give thanks 4 life Bounti Killa we will get to celebrate another of our mutual birthdays come sunday!

  27. Who???

    I don’t acknowledge crosses…..

    Next thing me get rob Ina the night yah


  28. Bounty don’t suck pussy @peaches…. A bare lie them love chat

    Uno gal fi stop tell lie pan man when them no want yuh

  29. Well even if Claudia salt like makerel (bear in mind I don’t know this chic) she still get knowings. IF ME LAUGH reveal yourself so we can know you too no dawta, mek we crown you the new Mrs…. A unno salt up di man wid unno giddy cratches.

  30. The world know bout me already BITCH @2 sugars & milk…

    And my pussy nuh giddy skirmage… Infact BOUNTY take my virginity bitch

    Me nuh run down knowings from man, me get enough knowings in my job.

    but you think true me say bounty will always want me, means me still a f**k him. Smh poor you boo hahahahahahahaha

  31. ooookaaay!,,,,,,, just got home from WORK(my 7-5),,,,,,,, notice I say WORK,,,,, so let me give my little 2 penny opinion(even though I know y’all could care less),,,,,, I genuinely think most of y’all on this web site are hypocrites,,,,,, I genuinely think y’all are unemployed because aint no way people could be preoccupied with responsibilities, relationships & A JOB & find so much time to be gossiping about so much foolishness, I think y’all are unemployed just like the bobbettes, dollies, kwezies, yankies, yardies,apples, oranges, grapefruits, jackfruits that y’all comment so much about!,,,,,,, imagine, the dude got robbed & could have lost his life whether set up or not, he is an icon & have made a significant contribution to the music of jamaica & I couldn’t imagine the effect if it had end up worst & look at y’all comments, where did it goes from relief dude didn’t get killed to who sits in whos face?,,,,,,, only people who are unemployed & on welfare & section-8 can devout so much time to gossip(like down at the tenament yard, now I see what jacob miller was sayin),,,,,, y’all leave me with no choice but to sum it up to one conclusion!,,,,,, Y’ALL ARE RECEPIENTS JUST LIKE THOSE SAME/SAID PEOPLE Y’ALL CRITICIZE, CHASTIZE & REBUKE.

      1. Hahahahahahahahaha :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak IT must live 30 minutes from her home or is out and about reading via WiFi…..whoiiiiiiiiiii..she shouldn’t have been on here for 5 minutes much less 2 hours….hypocrite much????

        1. Suh dem love exalt demself ..and di person is on my facebook so a from desso dem a read come back to here

  32. Bouty not only break your hymen him break every fking faculty inna you head it look like. Granted as someone pointed out before anything is possible BUT di venom weh you come wid fi Cladia is appalling man. AVIOUSLY you have manufactured beef wid har and she probably clueless. I would not even respond to your name calling and labels booo, send me your job address mek me send you a gift and a get-well-soon card.Sick mofo

  33. Yes Met too much hiding we want to know who u people be bcuz wi can’t know if a lie uno a tell are is wi attention uno want..even if killa suck pussy a still mi General cuz me suck it to…lol

  34. Met is 530 in the evening weh mi deh too early fi gu to bed…hey Mr r ms ramjam I work from 5am till 230 pm today n going to watch a foolball match Peru vs Ecuador live not on don’t diss..

  35. Claudia is a little nasty carless gal she need to find a job a bay suck she suck killa gal them 3sum and them things there she do with killa gal n She act like some carless gal who a fu&k big entertainer hmft carelessness Claudia member wah day yuh su$$k girl byeeee oh please Claudia u just help bounty do his dirty deeds

  36. But idk why Claudia she feel the needs to come in here with her margwa self gal look bad for a entertainer woman Gezzz .. Out of all the entertainer bounty gal a the worse swear she Eva in a some mix up! And it’s not like its something good!!

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