17 thoughts on “CUSSING FOR LIKES

  1. The girl a talk the truth low har, something you just gotta rant at the dutty hypocrite people dem pon social media

  2. Go change that curly hair so that’s the only style u can do with center part and take it off that make up yuh lip them big like mud fish

  3. Listen to me ppl and I dont give a shit when me tlk u knw y crome a seh suh cause she craves attention she try too much fi ppl see har especially man she paints a pic so man can see har u ever hear dem gal yah chat yet like dem born a america like dem nice aneka life uno want fast life fi a man see uno and put uno in an apt note to u stop trying so hard stop!! all the curve u curve u body with the app curve u mind to do the right thing and I love that u acknowledge God dats a plus

  4. I dont like this girl 1 bit but its true she talking she not cussing for likes, she is just saying when she dress fully covered she nuh get commended for it but when she inna swim suit people have all kinda bad things fi seh. It just goes to show people just focus pon di negative, when she post her likkle praise and worship them nuh have nothing good fi sehh & them barely press di like button but if she out a enjoy her young life them quick fi bash, And its the truth!!!

  5. Saw the post and thought the same thing. She loves attention no lie. She Eva a caption her pics with some epistle whe she Google and a talk
    Bout ‘just a thought’ she annoying bad !

  6. Sender, how is she cussing for likes?? I hate individuals with a low IQ I swear!!! Reading is fundamental. You need to go sit your ass down in a classroom and learn to read with understanding. F***g fool.

  7. Bella….please to leave Chromaz “Mud fish” lips alone. Those soup coolers give me that tingling feeling in my left nutsack every time I see her…@===> ~ ~ ~

  8. Am sorry but I always find it strange how all these so call hoes always talking about God on their social meDia but not following the godly path and stop whoring

  9. You love the attention on IG that’s why you post half naked pics and video so stop acting like your mad for the negative feed back that get. You have no class you in every party always naked and doing the most. You seek attention. Who cares if you have a job that don’t stop you from f**g down the place which you do. Your not pretty you have a nice body and that’s it and that is taking you far cause them looks can’t help you. You want good attention how about stop acting and dressing like a Thot and have class go to upscale parties and restaurants be classy then you probably attract good attention. Your a typical gal who live for likes and attention from men. No man own you up yet cause your not worthy of ownership yours cheap whore and that’s it.

  10. @stockychick I dont get you people just because di gyal dem go out & party & dress up dem nuffi mention God or praise God? This is a gossip site where people slander people all the time but Met still posts her Godly stuff & I myself have learnt soooo much from reading them especially the L.A. Ewing posts. So stop with the double standard. Mi sure nuff a we dont come ova here fi read or see nothing bout God we come for the Mixup & Gossip but still we can read a 1 message and feel blessed. So a di same way we go pon di gyal dem page fi see what dem a wear and we buck up pon a 1 praise or suh. Aint nothing wrong with that man SMH

  11. suck uno madda and low the gal alone some a uno dutty gal can gwan like uno a somebody.. If night could turn day nuff a uno shame

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