0 thoughts on “BRAVE WIDOUT A HEART

  1. GOOD MORN METTERS! MACKA for a artist ur dressings is HORRIBLE, and stop wear dat lipstick it no fit u Mek u look like some escape animal a no everything comes on market a lot of us should be wearing do betta fi a big woman and a artist representing us JAMAICAN.

  2. Morning all, as a big woman her dress sense is deplorable its not everything in FASHION should be worn by all. There is nothing on her that I would say is NICE. Macka you are of a certain age group dress APPROPRIATELY…

  3. Morning met n gentle ppls don’t have a word fi say but me ago do did :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  4. mi seh no matta di stress lady saw inna yuh neva see she step out less dan..macka yuh tan badddd sumthin bout you n spice..unnuh juss neva luk klean yet :nohope

    1. Quena morning a Macka u fi send go buy Catier cause she a “international dancehall artiste” cause how she drap in the tiger head pon the lace n leather a don’t know smh a just don’t know

        1. Obs really Macka look like a Flatbush she go grab up di cheap lolo dem nothing pon har look uniformed the leather dem no match one bright n shiny n one dull the pants just no look right not to mention har boot n u can buy cheap n look good but spend time n neat up the thing man, all that lipstick that is a felony in itself

          1. juss umthin bout har man neva stay gud no matta ow hawd she tri…saw a big ooman n saw luk trang to but she eva get it rite but dis hawd bak sadamite yah lawdd

        1. She n spice when dem reck set pon a piece a plastic hair di poor hair haffi wait till dem drap asleep n thief whey inna di nite a so spice piece a blue hair di look to ashy ass thirsty bitches kmt

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