‘We can’t wake mommy’: Dying mother recovering from C-section rolls over in bed and smothers her newborn baby

By Rachel Quigley

A mother who was taking strong pain medication following a C-section delivery fell seriously ill on Thursday and died, rolling over and smothering her newborn baby who was lying beside her.

The bodies of Marjorie Lyons, 34, and her 11-day-old son were found in a bedroom at her Brooklyn home by her twin six-year-old girls who ran downstairs and told their uncle: ‘Mommy’s asleep. We can’t wake mommy.’

Jermoe Lyons, 19, found his sister unresponsive and her son Preston Warren Alexander underneath her – not breathing and purple.

He told the New York Daily News: ‘Under her I saw a leg … a baby leg. I reached out and pulled him out. He was purple all over. I screamed, “Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead!”‘

The 34-year-old had been complaining about how drowsy the oxycodone was making her, which she was taking for a lingering C-section pain.

Her father Douglas told the New York Post: ‘I spoke to her on Sunday night. We came down to see the baby. She was saying she had a slight fever. And she did go to the hospital this week for that slight fever.

‘She had a C-section with the twins and she knew something wasn’t right with this one. So the hospital gave her medication.

‘I think it was oxycodone for pain. She said the medication was making her too drowsy. That was her complaint. It subsided the pain, but it was making her very drowsy.

‘It’s something I’m going to try to look into. Maybe ask if she took too much or not.’

He said they were going to tell the twins their mother is sick and had to go to the hospital.

Police have launched an investigation. An autopsy will be performed to confirm the cause of death.


  1. This is so sad on so many levels. My prayers to her family I their time of sorrows. OMG. Those porr little girls lost their mom and baby brother. Sigh

  2. Rip to the mother but how in the article. It one mention of the father for the baby smh black ppl need to do better

  3. RIP MAJORIE love and miss you girl. May God watch over your twins boo. You were such a sweet girl this really breaks my heart.

  4. this is a hard one to deal with, i saw her at work told her i was coming back to see her, how could i know it was the last time i would see her. rip

  5. RIP may God bless and keep the children she left behind. Soooo sad mother and child dad one time :berduka

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