Gm Ms Met, can u please post? This post is not about getting comments, it is about facts n to let people know how this man bite the hands that fed him in every way n now telling lies.

PSA Warning to the entire USA to stop take in Breezy in their homes, then mine him n give him $ n clothes. Him worse than parasite, leech n ticks inna dog as*hole. Him homeless for a reason. Him use people for him benefit to get $ n place to sleep n the moment dem call him out, him move on to the next victim n tell lies. I’m not going to repeat what I posted on here b4. But don’t forget him pull out gun on my family after they put him up for one year free. Now him running him mouth on the streets of Georgia talking sh*t about my family cuz him end up on community mattress. Here’s my response to you nahnowheyfilive Breezy.

Breezy u run gone back to Sharon of all pple tpc, U telling Sharon news about my family so u have free mattress to sleep on once more n more free clothes, car n $. Since u n she chatting, let me chat to. The same Sharon that u f**k in my family bed. The same Sharon that ur own friend Bonny wifed up. Remember ur friend that gave u him $ n u rob him, it is his woman who buss it over here that u n Sharon a f**k n u deny it. The same Sharon that talk the things them how u part her ass like how Moses part the Red Sea n plant ur face in there. The same Sharon who say u d*ck can barely stay up more than 7 mins n how shi have to beg it to stay up. The same Sharon who say as old as Bonny is him last longer then u in bed. The same Sharon who talk how she clothes n feed u n give u $ n car to drive. The same Sharon who sit n chat ur business n how u bawl real tears n tell her how nutng nah gwan for u. From Sharon reach Georgia u n her a hide n f**k n from what I hear from my Florida family, u n she a f*k from when Bonny a wife her up n shi use to give u Bonny $. Lots of night u n her leave club gone f**k at her yard n hotel. U really think Sharon mouth can hold water or sperm n is she walk/call/drive/fly n tell everybody u n her ***g, ask her how many pics shi have of u in her phone. I don’t care about u n she f**g, my reason for bringing it up is cuz u chatting my family with her n she chat ur business day n night.
I’m not God n everybody day will come, but how ungrateful u is to my family ur suffering nah done. Every1 reject u after u use them that’s why sufferation reach u, then u run come Georgia n plant u worthless self in my family bed for a year with no job. Now u a talk all kind of shit about them n lies cuz u finding ways to cover up ur lies n wrong doings. And telling Sharon of all pple. How u one so wicked? Personally I don’t expect better from u cuz cancer is taking ur woman life n u don’t even visit or look at her. Met don’t get me wrong, this is no disrespect to her, it is to show how heartless he is to him own so he wouldn’t be any diff to my family. Breezy I know lots of things about u that trust me u don’t want most pple to know, but I will hold my fingers. U think Georgia people them nice? It is no secret that u f**k n suck the women them for $ n clothes cuz them all talking. God not sleeping. U change ur # at least 3 times a year cuz whenever u owe people $ n other things u change it n tell one bag a lie why it change. U can run but u can’t hide. Everybody is finally on to ur game. Tell the truth why u run from Texas. The Mexicans them know exactly why. I will continue airing u out until u stop calling up my family name in a negative way. Go n take ur clothes out of my family house.
Met thanks for this platform. Have a good weekend.


  1. Who’s to ever this Big, nasty, dutty hole gyal/bwoy that is posting about this man from Texas to ATL yuh just deh pon di man name suh….smh you really don’t have nuh life….leave di man to time nuh…geesh but since it seems like yuh run out of tings to say!!!! Call Sharon name one more time fi mi deh!!!!! And watch how Mi rinse mi gun inna yuh mouth dutty bitch!!!!! Pray to God mi nuh find out ah who ah call Sharon name….Sharon is a big woman who don’t mix wid f**kery….and of Breed Eazy want to rinse his face in her ass he can that’s none of your or Met business!!!!! Ah true him use your bloodclaut and you used to suck him but because he didn’t give you any money or suck you in return yuh vex !!!!! THIS BITCH BIG MAD

  2. Yo that’s why I don’t f**k with non-green card ass jamaican Bitches. They need to talk the talk how they couldn’t even go to Jamaica to bury they momma. Keep calling out sharon name and see if I don’t call. My mother f*king president Donald Trump on ya’ll ass.F*k with it if you want to. Don’t think I don’t know who’s spreading it.

    1. Call yuh bloodclaat president on Sharon borderless hole, caw a it him must build up wall fah. Sharon yuh hole longer than the border suh not even wall can bill in or around him. Yuh think mi bloodclaat fraid of yuh and yuh president. Now him a yuh president, but when yuh a fuck no papers Breed Easy why yuh neva call him on him? Sharon guh find a elephant buddy guh suck becaw that is probably the only dick yuh neva suck. No one is spreading lie, it burn yuh sey it buss out sey yuh fuck breed easy inna mi family house and bed. Talk how yuh buy him tings all carry him guh mall and now him run lef yuh wid yuh puzzle hole. Mi nuh bloodclaat fear yuh wid yuh threat. Mek a talk. Yuh is Bonnie ole fuck and him and breed easy a dupes, an yuh nasty fi a fuck yuh ex man friend. Suh yuh mad it buss out. Breed Easy sey yuh pussy is no ending causen sey yuh wombless. Him sey yuh pussy smell like stale salfish and it open up like shark mouth. Come back Sharon mek mi talk up more things. Ole puzzle hole whoring bitch. Why yuh neva put him up when him run lef Texas. Yuh ole bloodclaat scrumage yuh.

  3. Met excuse me please but I gotz to answer big hole Sharon. Sharon whey coke drop out her big hole because it too big. Sharon whey not even drunk man wudda fuck. Sharon whey suck every cocky and pussy from coast to coast. Sharon whey beg Bonnie fi 3some wid him other woman suh yuh can hold him. Sharon when her pussy fuck out suh til it form puzzle wid missing pieces. Sharon whey her pussyhole and mouth size a run competition. Sharon whey fuck done pan suh till she turn to Breed Easy. Breed Easy cudden blow breeze in a my pussy when it hot muchless fuck and lef me. Him violate me bloodclaat family wid guh suh him fi get rinse and him still a chat. Now him run back a Texas but the Mexican dem will handle him. Sharon guh check out yuh pussy and mouth fi disease becaw Breed Easy nuh stop shot people gal pickney. Caw every bloodclaat post ova here wid him sey him a fire shot. Sharon don’t forget sey when yuh use mi family bathroom n Breed Easy use it after yuh, him sey yuh pussy smell like stale saltfish. Sharon yuh pussy is like slot machine a vegas. Sharon fuck off and come back. Mi nuh bloodclaat fear yuh longtime fuck out puzzle pussy big blood woman.

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