I use to hate GQ bad because she usually try to act like she was more than everyone else until her true story pop out this summer. She is a Uncle Sam baby, now this big belly blow fish face looking battyman that walk with Trecia called Trendy Benty is now acting just like her sista GQ. This big belly girl keep tracing on social media and dropping words about who have more name brand and how fly and upscale she is. UnTrendy that like to act like she has every name brand and is more than everybody. A nasty attitude. Always throwing words and classing people bout dem nuh have big designer clothes, bag and shoes. GQ was the same way. A showoff thief until his real file hit Pink Wall. You stay trying to act like you better than everyone because you can thief and scam. Nobody not jealous or badmind you. You is too much. Even the trini dem hate this bullaman. Trecia is such a humble girl that don’t bother anyone I cannot understand how she stand being around your showoff bullaman ass.


  1. First off sender, Brent is a MAN… HE… HIM… MALE. Stop feeding into the bullcrap bout “she”. He is a homosexual, a man attracted to men; doesn’t make him a woman. He was born a man and shall die so so please stop it and if you’re a parent, do not condition the youth(s) to refer to men as women and vice versa … CONFUSION dat. Anyhooooooo… Tricia lime with Brent because as humble as she seems, she too is a thief. Birds of feather flock together. A true humble person does not scheme on others’ things. None of them are humble. Tricia is a woman and Brent is a man.

  2. Brent please don’t “pull the plug” because yuh white jeans gonna get shit up. Yuh figet say yuh batty a leak an is plug yuh plug it wid tampon. Why on God’s earth would you wanna pull the string. Silly Rabbit.

  3. Lololololololololo Credit card oh please act like the better then people when a thief them people credit card and swiping it’s Trisha work 9 to 5 so how do she Ford $1600 shoes and bag plus pay her rent every month lolololo and batty man Brent live in a one room lmao next

  4. Ah mus Trisha send dis story in . She and him war and mek back up ova the weekend here . Both of them have red eye suh till. sender don’t believe they are friends . She only use him to scam because she want to keep har job . HE only use her for her car . That Likkle girl have nothing to her name not one thing . Ask her to show the shoes she and Sade argue bout Weh she claim ah Brent buy give her she nuh wear the white shoes again . All they do is teif and return . nothing inna dem closet

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