Bounty Killer, we did know say yu a get yu ting sort out but we never know say ah so she bad, till when she ah suck the pipe, it ah “protrude outta her jaw”. The freaky gal dem have Bridgez as dem poster girl now, she buss. Inna her new song, Know Your Body’, she ah talk up the tings dem bout her freaky lifestyle, mi all see Bounty Killer a retweet her song as him a reminisce bout the “good hole” days. Rayyyyyyyyy. Mi body, mi need people fi da one ya, how dem just a force on dem freaky lifestyle pon the world so???



  1. serious question…Bridgez buss yet? cus me nuh so ups and more while me miss things so met tell me o if it happen and me miss it.

  2. I can’t hear anything on this site from de odda, Ms Met. I restart my device not knowing exactly what’s going on, to the same result. Anybady Eva experience dis yet, weh mi fe do?

    Is it my device or ah yu site Ms Met? Caws mi cyaa hear none ah you video dem from de odda day. DE ogle way mi heAR de video dem…is Tru mi subscribe to yu pon youtube.

    No subliminal comments please, I am NOT computer literate.

  3. even when she a talk di tings dem she still suckkk, if dem fix up er voice and a diss come out, how bad raw version muss sound … did she sing diss wid it stuck inna er throat ?

  4. @ Galaxy, she no buss quite yet but she in line right backah the K-Queens dem. Do the maths and see the possibility

  5. Afta my comment no rass more as mi seh dem gal yah fi guh pay fi promotion, u nasty gal ah buddy u ah sing bout u have inna u mouth, stink bucket you suck inna real life just like the stinking hood dem u be goggling Unnuh sick mi. Ah dem shit yah unnuh call music stinking gal when u womb get bless ah dem yah u waah u daughter ah listen gal. Wat kind ah woman suck artiste hood dem deh Buddy weh guh every weh damn nasty. U Nash get no forward neeeexxxxxt

  6. This song lame as f**k. Shes trying to pull a ishawna. As long as she’s talk abt. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad publicity. But she can’t sing fi save her life. And she’s definitely not cute. At least ishawna have 1 even if she don’t have the other

  7. Bridgez is bisexual she’s being influenced by the girl name seya her ig is @seyamusic. Seya is trying to incorporate her lesbian style into dancehall music and she’s using bridgez to do so because bridgez claims she’s done with men. Seya was around UIM at one point but because they weren’t endorsing her lesbian music they parted ways.

  8. This gal need fi go get a 9 to 5 caz she just sound horrible and that song off key from beginning to end . I can’t get past her ugly face and mouth yuck!!!

  9. This is garbbage MET pleaaase find some whe else fling dis :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 Dis concubine caan buss she worst dan iron rass ballon cause there is a way fi sing bout sexuality without coming off as desperate boring n utterly sik tumoch

  10. Artistes must hungry fi haffi a stoop to dese levels. You want to tell me seh wid all wah a happen round di world dis is all dem can come up wid fi sing. Mi see LA Lewis as ridiculous as him can be seh him a do global warming song, which is a very good initiative. Good talent is hard to find these days.

  11. Is cyaan bridgette roache weh mi grow up inna church wid a go church from Friday straight back to Saturday and baptisé a sing dem nastiness yah. Really tho? I wonder if her mother really hear this song.. what dance hall gone too tho God… Bridgez you know betta Dan dis so wheel n come again.. If di song did have likkle melody it wouldn’t even so bad but you lame, voice lame and lyrics lame… kmt

  12. Bwoy bridges yuh tink yuh did dead? Yuh jus dead to rass…. seet deh johncrow belly seh him rate yuh, yuh know how nasty yuh affi be fi get dem man deh ratingz? Lmaooo

  13. Mi cyant believe all ah unuh tink seh she a woman no sar Bridegez iz a man look pon har face good. she nuh even look like a woman trus mi ah man dat kmt

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