Met the bwoy Brighteye a play hype man a England n from him come him cah go back him claim say him nuh have nuh family a Jamaica n the ppl dem say him sista deh a Jamaica inna har old age a sell p** fi mine har man n pickney dem.
Same way brighteye walk n f**k dung the place nd look numbers dis gal yah worst she is a walking whore she f**k like she drunk n nuh have nuh respect fi har big pickney dem she all offer fi tek $1000 from likkle young bwoy fi suck dem hood n f**k them


  1. I’m not going to lie, someone out there well obsess over this Mr Brighteye. Imagine if him did hot ????? :mewek

  2. Come like somebody get f**ked and ducked why you keep talking about him. All di sista wah dat haffi do wid yuh and England mix up.

  3. come on now! it’s stale, unno all a diss the man family, him sista that lives in jamaica with her man,badmind get over unno self. bare lies and fake story.My youth just watch yuh friends, women weh yuh f**k and close family ties both yours or yuh woman them. badmind is active!!!

  4. They more than obsess no sah coming like every 2 weeks them post dis yah man yah no sah unuh did fi stop now it boring and played out nah man really low life to bloodclart

  5. unu low life and nave ntn to do… everyday unu deh pan me uncle f**king name… and me family a how unu nuff suh we family a unu main topic doe… suck unu mada badmind

  6. Where this old whore come from weh breed from a tenda age n don’t know her bbyfada a come talk bout uncle n her whoring stay bad mada. U ever tek a plane yet fi know if a truth d ppl dem a talk. Him family is some little dog shit a Jamaica the whole lot of dem from the baby weh nuh born yet to the old

    1. Whore like u germs ..
      Nuh know baby father try again .. Nuh need fi travel cause nuff a unu deh dere a live like dog .. Stop chat let us meet ..

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