Meeeeee can believe big Bc 25 and deh wid a 19 year old , tell me now if chanae nuh careless ppl and a not like say him scam and have money a mine her , him nah gi her ntn but infection and stress… my foot caa open fi a man weh nah gimi ntn worse yuh have a child yuh need fi take care a …. him cuda be yuh nephew , cousin all yuh Bc Breda , chanae yuh need a big man weh love yuh and yuh son dearly and stop tek young boy ole pervert , ya talk bout me stay bad chanae look pon you fi a foreigner yuh need fi guh back a Farrin cuz yuh nuh serve no purpose here , me wah sidung and play baby father challenge wid yuh bitch 25 and no baby daddy ? Never heard of him ? Tell dem a raffle yuh raffle di belly nuh and di man weh yuh gi the jacket realize ano fi him own and run gone lef yuh now ya gi di poor young boy step fada role yuh nuh see a two kids yuh have cause ya fi mind the boy and tek care a yuh son , yuh careless badddddddddd


  1. This girl really a mad unu due to how unu send har een 24-7 is like keeping up with chanae Dwl like the 19 year old usually f**k unu and nuh gi unu ntn mek unu know so much smh all the farrin weh she ago a get to unu saassss chriiistt no sah the hate for her is real and the funniest thing the girl nah use unu and a next thing the 19 year old barely a use unu when him feel like unu need fi send een unu dawm self and give the girl a break with unu tacky life

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