BUT BRIANA YOU said your face pretty but your body don’t stan good… You need fi go fix up your body bad.. Look Pon the rolls them.. Then your tun your back like your have a batty girl you need fi go sit down your days dem down..

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  1. Unu too hard on people sometime. Not every woman has money to go do up body and nobody looks normal anymore. All these fake lopsided asses and fake boobs. She looks fine a little under dressed but Ive seen worse looks on bodies that have thousands spent on them.

  2. Sender, Briana’s days are down but yours finish. Hooked on phonics is calling you. :cd My 7 year constructs better sentences than you. In the future, when bashing someone make sure you’re up to scratch. BTW sender, nuttn nuh wrong wid di girl. :cool

  3. Morning MET!! So Sender everybody whe have rolls n have a flat ass fi go botch surgery n get it siliconed ???? Not everybody insecure like unu u said it the girl is pretty n all me a look pon d photo me caan see nutten wrong wid her body so go have several seats u dumb retard

  4. Morning met and metters! Sender you’re a hater! Nthg nuh do the girl. Uh need fi come tell wi a wah itch d girl a scratch fi uh

  5. Sender go eat something stiff and leave good clean heart money making people alone if u know what good for u sender the girl look good a bayyyyy

  6. Bwoy sender de chead definitely nuh guh inna yuh favas atall mumz it tun round big time pon yuh….hush a suh it guh mama, win sum loose sum.
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  7. This is the reason why everybody a run go do dem body, Senda leave the girl alone, I wish I coulda drag you through the computa screen and beat you.

  8. Why not say go to the Gym and tone up, lose the rolls, brush and use mouth wash because her mouth hella stink, look at what reached many that took the cheap surgery route they ended up far worst. Yes sender Sabrina has seen better days and maybe it’s because she is no longer with Mikey and her current boo thang Nakia is doing twenty seven, nothing that can’t be fixed given reasonable time.
    Sender by the way, you wouldn’t happen to know if she and Nakia still trying to get conjugal visits, do you?

      1. Chismesito ah dat mi seh, straight :ngakak
        Speaking of which…..tell me something, ah so Brina want tuh pirate Rose that she all put Rose pan har Insta Name (BrinaRose33)…..or is two Rose Nakia have inna fi him life?

    1. From mikey ketch har inna car wid him enemy and she lose di apartment wid di jackoozy she neva come back to. She f**k to much she get lame. From school days when she dwh wid Frisco Kid she had a nice face and neat baddie. She a Shauna was big friend, but mi nuh know if dem stoll spar. Sender she nuh dat bad, nutten a gym caan fix. She nuh deh wid mikey fi do nuh more tummy tuck, , but she alright.

        1. I don’t know it was a mawga girl dem seh can dance, caan memba har name. Di way brina tek di mike a har bby shower a Chris’ Place and seh how she wuda buss shot fi har man. Mi wow dis is luv. But den wen mi hear she tek har tun tun and go bus a fukk pon him mi seh wow dis is luv fukk. Don’t know weh im deh.

  9. sender i guess you one a them weh do surgery and look disfigure…… leave Brina she nah beg u nothing, i guess its not ok to take up other tings than partying , what if the woman want stop go out bc she find out there is more important things fi worried about. whats wrong with these lame bitches who think big ass, flat lumpy, saggy ass stomach and pluck lips is the shit ……

  10. Really and truly, you people will make people commit suicide if them don’t have a little self esteem. Nothing wrong with girl. Just because she have likkle roll in her back it’s the end of the world and she pop down. Stop compare people to the current look of the moment (balloon batty and balloon breasts with these waists that look like them top half going to break away from them bottom half at any moment). When it comes to beauty, unu fickle bad. “Just because Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian beautiful DOES NOT make me ugly”. Boy sender, you superficial bad! You know I realize bout some of us Jamaican woman, unu lack ambition because I don’t hear unu say that about a man (meaning requiring him to be perfect in appearance or otherwise). As long as him have couple dollars, you all will rate him all when him have big belly, rotten teeth (by extension bad breath) and disrespectful with a wife, 2 baby mother and 5 side chicks. Boy unu priority them wrong.

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