Ladies please be aware of dis , liad and wicked boy him a judas , lucifer and bruce golding inna one, him love chat bout loyalty but him mek di word look lik it na no meanin, he can be very convincing of time , all him do a walk round and breed ppl gal pickney then lef them and find smaddy new


  1. Senda pickney nah hold man again. Women should know who they is are breeding far and if he seemed like a runner, breeding for him wasnt gonna make him a stayer…best regards

    1. damn right…if him was a Golding protege him wouldn’t have been straying and leaving onu ass pregnant. Irrelevant fi a call him Bruce Golding. On that note, What a ugly skirt suit!

  2. Print off Sherri Lee’s list of needs, and when di man dem come to unno, show dem di list of unno needs and wants and dat will weed out di breeda man dem.

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