Brutal murder

MEIKLE… was a benefactor to many

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Sorrow and anger gripped Manchester residents yesterday as they mourned the brutal murder of well-loved self-made businessman Trevor Meikle, Sunday night.

But amidst the outpouring of emotion, Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell, who heads the Manchester police division, cautioned residents against avenging the murder of the man who was a benefactor to many.
“We are calling on the residents to think twice,” said Cameron-Powell yesterday.

According to the police, Meikle was killed by a gunman after 9:00 pm when he dropped off his daughter, who was coming from the airport, at her home on Battersea Drive in Mandeville.

The 76-six year-old and his wife — who was reportedly in the car but was not injured — were robbed of items including cash, jewellery, a mobile phone, and debit and credit cards. Police said his daughter was not robbed or injured. Cameron-Powell said that the incident happened during the widespread power outage and so far the police are searching for one suspect.
She said that she was not certain if the people making threats suspect who might have been behind the murder. However, she suggested that any information about the killing should be passed on to the police.

Meikle was a relative of former United States Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was also the first African-American to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Meikle was the founder of what is now a second-generation block-making factory in Spur Tree, Manchester.

Up to the time of his death he was reportedly in charge of a trucking business that he also started.

Yesterday, a resident of his community lamented the murder. “He was a peaceful, quiet man who did a lot for the community,” the resident told the Jamaica Observer. “He would help the community with fund-raising, he helped to send a lot of children to school, and he also helped many people with funerals. The whole community is in mourning.”

Businessman and owner of Lyn’s Funeral Home Calvin Lyn corroborated that information, saying that just recently Meikle came to his business place and was playing an integral role in the funeral arrangements for a former employee. Lyn said that by his recollection Meikle has been doing business in the parish for over 40 years.

He described Meikle as a dedicated and patriotic Jamaican, and a humanitarian at heart who was serious about playing his part in the development of the country. Loven McCook, president of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, expressed condolence to Meikle’s family on behalf of his organisation.

“It is very disheartening to know that someone who has contributed so much to the parish of Manchester through his businesses… was snuffed out life that,” he said.

McCook said that the murder has created a level of insecurity and urged especially members of the business community to remain vigilant.

He said that the chamber will be supporting the police through resources and other means possible as they undertake their duties.

“As a chamber we will provide support to the security forces in whatever way we can help to speed up the process to bring the perpetrator( s) to justice,” said McCook.


  1. Daughter or the wife involved to me! Mi nuh care who waa come bomb rush mi!!!! If it were in the states they’d be the main suspect!!! Dem need to probe the matter! But a Jamaica this just anothr unsolved murder..

  2. Need to raise one quick point here where the government of Jamaica is failing to secure our people….Dr Commissioner please to pree dis.
    It is the failure of our elected Ministers to mandate the implementation of a simple, cheap piece of software to track all stolen/lost cell phones. All phone have a unique number that is necessary for it to be active with a provider.
    Set it suh a Judge issued a warrant, track down di phone and lock up whoever siddung wid it.
    No phone reported stolen or lost should ever be allowed activation, dat way people cyaa eat-a-food offa tiefin phone.
    From this killa tek cell phone him supposed to deh pon radar

    1. the country want to be Americanize in every way except the for the ways that could really help where crime is concern

    2. My question to you is why wait for the police or politician? Why do the owners not install the locating software themselves so that they can easily track their own phone if stolen?

      The other thing is, with the right technology, you CAN modify the phone unique identifying code associated with a phone (mobile identification number (MIN) or mobile subscription identification number (MSIN)) and re-identify the phone. In the states, it is illegal to rebrand a phone by change the MIN/MSIN, but people still do it. I’m sure these guys are doing it in Jamaica, since everything is on the internet these days.

  3. What threat does a 76 yr old pose to anyone? So freaking sick and tired fi see JA a head up global crime stats. You can’t talk nutten to the over hearing of anyone else, tings wah you may teck simple and inconsequential may be someone else’s jackpot. Condolences to his family and loved ones. I know his daughter and wife will never be the same again.

  4. I do not think that this is simply a robbery/murder. I believe that the intention was to kill him (like a hit was put on him) and they made it look like a robbery.

  5. This is why people who have acquired certain skills are afraid to return to Jamaica and set up business. Extortion and robbery, ok but they refuse to just rob you. They have to murder you. I know so many people who want to return and reinvest in Jamaica, but crime and decaying health care system have them thinking twice.

    1. @Pete Meikle


      on December 21, 2013 at 9:04 pm – Reply

      Not every man can align dem self wid skeng don cause as u strt link him, him want boi u up and want u fi wash car and dog and use him political power fi tek weh u tings. dats why alot of the top man dem like Miguel Smith dem avoid him.

      Hamilton did a buy up too much tings too quick and di man dem weh him have pon di ground a do him rounds dem naah no head especially shockwave. a Leon outta di whole a dem have head, even shockwave bad mind Leon fi him tings.

      If ppl did even call up him name everybody did know seh besides THE REAL BOSS aka Pete Meikle, him was second in command, so much dat when pete touch down a florida every other man operation shut dung cause di REAL BOSS was in town and a collection time….lol.


  6. Anony….what you are speaking of is not easily done. Won’t say can’t. People who a rob yu fi yu phone a sell it pon di street, gi dem people or tek it guh turn it on right inna di service provider offices. No blacklist there. That is the point im making. Phone cloning is not an easy task any longer.

  7. Look like there is more to this murder than some random event. @OUTSIDELOOKINGIN did drop the comment below on this site in 12/2013 about the the fact that the extradited kingpin Norris “Deedo” Nembhard parking his trucks and equipment at Meikle’s trucking and block making factory before he was arrested in Jamaica and extradited. The murder victim owned a Block Making factory on Spur Tree in Manchester, now run by one of his son. He also started a Trucking Company more recently.

    From the above article:

    ….Meikle was the founder of what is now a second-generation block-making factory in Spur Tree, Manchester.

    Up to the time of his death he was reportedly in charge of a trucking business that he also started.……

    Of course, Norris “Deedo” Nembhard is now back in Jamaica and try to get back the over $150 million of assets seized by the government of Jamaica.

    on December 23, 2013 at 10:17 am – Reply

    yeah mi kno Nemhard, him use to come out a Beaverdam Construction come race wid the Stanley dam inna him evolution, him love race…… Deedo from Cardiff Hall. is Pete Meikle a Deedo link also.

    When dem draw dung pon Deedo all a him trucks & Equipment dem did already deh a Meikles trucking and block making parked up because sumbody did gi him heads up.

  8. i know trevormeiikle hes a kind man just like texas at gabby street texas give the f**king boy money and he take the money an shot him really its sad just like man levy they prime minister needs to set up inner core training jobs for these youth my hearth pains when i saw texas lying in the morge it hurts to see these young people dont want to work its sad till my heart breaks everytime i think about trevor meikle an texas these are kind persons to those children even when its time for back to school its just sad;

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