Kim you know sey you and Daymeon a sleep cause we all know sey didi lef yu and a give yu bun left, right and center.Chrissy yu really a show yu face , after them catch yu and nasty Tyesh a give di man three some inna di Dutty hotel on the blvd. Shakeira, yu look pop down my god, just build nuh, yu just have baby so we ago pardon yu tiad body.Last but not least Shauna Kay, you is a big woman fi dem likkle gal deh. True nobody your age nuh inna yuh. Dem a run from being classed by hanging with you, yu have to run come push up yourself pon people pickney.yu need fi get a life

0 thoughts on “BUDDY ROUND UP……………..PHILLY

  1. ANy weh me see Chrissy me ago runnnnnnn fass. This gal no loyal to not even har self. di way how Shakera dem do har up mi cah believe she even utter a hello to them. I guess She Kim and Shakera and gear up fi a foursome wid Gaymeon. no baddie no wah none a dem crew so dem a try bring back some life to dem no life self. all a de,m of man problem including Gaymeon so dem affi link up and reinvent dem self.
    Shauna only want to be seen after we dunn har and shell har dung pon di pink wall. After all Jigga naw look so she wah any attention right now. Shaunba go join a church. ay least some ah di memebers will acknowledge you as smaddy pickni and won’t judge you.

  2. Kim u r a crawny pretty girl.Drink cornmeal parrige every morning and eat ground provisions a evening.U coo cumm cumm badly.Not hating mi jussa seh

  3. Ally you sound hurt that Chrissy move out and you don’t have a baby sitter go take out yuh frustration on Shabba and not Chrissy is not she breed yuh nasty cranny body

    1. Chrissy you really ah ansa di pol dem and a diss Ally. DI way how di gal always a teck up fi you and keep you around like family. You lucky she did have you round har wid ur germsy self. If it was me like she you couldn’t even cross my door fi gi mi pickni no contaminates. From mi see you round Shakera who is frens wid Nikki Fab me know you did ago chat Ally bizness. Ally I doh blame you fi stya wide from walking lumbershop Chrissy. Pure wood and no pension. Meck she go back go get some breast milk from har madda cause she is a lost child that needs a mother’s love.

  4. Every time Chrissy go somewhere with them ally send it in dwl is what u alone want yuh pussy toung suck anyways what is the real reason why Chrissy left yuh yard mi hear seh is because you rent Is 400 and u want she fi pay it you have a sad case go to work and come of the gyal case yuh ugly yuh body saggy yuh don’t look good go get a life you look dumb bitch

  5. Suh neicy Yu really come out afta out cory shame Yu and tell people Yu shot him Yu should be ashamed of yuself nuh just di odda day Yu a bawl seh Yu can’t feed Yu daughter and Yu have no help? My girl get Yu priorities straight anf stop follow people
    Ps go see a dentist asap

    1. TINA iF nEICEY sHOT cOREY DAT MEANN YOU WHOLE BADDIE shOT UP . nO SAH. tHIS IS WHAT HAPPEN WHEN UNUH DECIDE FI KEEP DEM NASTY MAN. Cory have a million gal and you still ah hang on. Well your dawt give nuff woman man stress so i guess you affi accept this as normal behaviour coming from you hussband.

  6. Not even hungry dog a jamaica nuh magga like kim. Kim tell di ppl dem how yuh f**k gaymion, cause yuh know seh a him birthday an him gi yuh money fi guh buy red bottoms. Shining star your disgusting just have baby an deh a road a drink an suck out Qq tongue at daymion party. What are you bitches trying to prove to philly ppl :hn

  7. I like Pretty Kim a very good mom it look like always with her child I didn’t know she f**king dameion btw we know youre beautiful don’t stop keep up the good job davine divine you seem fun and cool don’t stop too

    1. Kim did deh a La a stress and starve . She get tyadd fi pretend so she gwann like a di Holiday meck she come back.
      All i can say is Fukka you. same nife weh stick sheep stick goat. you teck Yanice bbyfadda and a showoff like you couldn’t get leff. You get leff longtime and neva know. di man cah bare fi see you bones. Keep threathening him fi stay wid you it still nah work.

  8. Chrissy you friendly juss like you pumpum. You ina every baddie face like a loss puppy dog. Me see why kayann and Kelly stay wide from you. I doh undastand why Ally teck you back ina har yawd. But I guess she did really a look a babysitter. You teck all a ShaunaKay ex man dung to har uncle and still expect di gal fi smile up wid you. Ur boyfriend now is still one of Shaunakay groupies.dwl Same goes for you Shakera.. Your Hussy and Bay fadda still a mad ova Shauna Kay. When hoes team up they think they can win together. lmao Well yall losing together and still in misery.
    Chrissy di way how you chat every baddie ina di pic you a pose wid, lightning shoulda strike and teach you a lesson. PPl like you me fraid ah. You wi gi baby poison and tell dem a candy, and to think you are in the medical filed. Omg.. Memba dis, Shauna will not and never like you stop stop pose up and nuff up urself near har. You notice how far she stay from you at the dinner. Matter a fact she show you her disgust wid har facial expression. Kepp coming on here rappin and acting tuff And next thing me ago do is reel out the morgue fuill a hood in a philly weh you kill from dem jump ina you dunjon. Gal weh a teck ole man fi show money and asset not piss stain and come stain wid the afta scratch from bad juice. Ole critch ole and vipa ina one. I leave you to Shakera dem again cause dem gwine seal up you Coffin dis time.

  9. I knew this pic (or one that they posted) was going to make the wall. Gaymeion was in a war wid Steph Platinum the other day on FB and now Gaymeion is trying to make her mad by doing ish like this….. Yall are a bunch of nobodies. All of you party in the same surrounding with the same broke struggling ppl and ah try prove sumthing like yall top of the top. Have a seat….several seats….. Shakiera you don’t look bad for just having a baby but give your body time to heal. Shauna you are nice looking for your age. Kim don’t change nothing for you to have a baby and can still show your belly is pissing somebody off. Keep up the good work. Neicy you look stink. Chrissy……. waste gal. Gaymeion you a nut azz nicca with too many feminine characteristics about you. I bet you was raised by only your mother weren’t you? Cuz you act just like a bitch with mood swings. Dude in the blue blazer you look sweet as a pineapple. I bet you give good fashion advice to women just like a Drag Queen would. I just realized you helped Gaymeion get dressed didn’t you????!!!!! DWL!!!!

  10. First let me say there’s no hate in my blood with that being said.. Kim u are a nice looking girl real pretty when ur made up. You always talking about how pretty you are sounds to me like insecurity almost like ur trying to convince yourself. I feel like if you don’t have the full package just humble yourself. Ur face cute but you have no sex appeal ur body need work and it don’t look good in clothes but u didn’t make urself so u have to live with it but for the persons who are not born beautiful they have to live with that too so stop throwing words when ur not perfect. Yuh just too much now man humble yuh self.
    P.s I don’t know you personal just from social media

    1. Kim need to realize we live in america where pretty comes a dime a dozen.. She’s pretty, not cute or sexy.. It’s a difference… All she talk about is her pretty face, we get it! Kim is one of those girls the saying “u can full a name brand, if u corny, u corny” refers too… Kim can full up with any brand but the girl cannot dress at all.. She doesn’t put anything together right.. Shape like granny and dress like granny.. Gaymeon buys his friends.. Fallen star looks like she’s doing her, staying outta the way.. Diddy can’t lef Kim, every time she come back to Philly uno come with the same story.. Lol but I know gaymeon birthday week would’ve made the pink wall…

  11. The hate is too real big Pussy Susan Evans stop carry belly fi di gyal dem just cause you have to swipe Biggs shitty batty to stay happy you can’t sit with them terry dun you the other day and all now u can’t recover don’t come for them caz they will get terry oh and QQ

  12. Kim you come from La and a mad dem up yuh look good you have a nice slender body why dem a act like a now yuh mawga from yuh deh wid heckle till now nothin nuh change choo man
    Shining star mi like how you a step out and a live life you and yuh kids dem look nice and bobby tek weh himself right thing him do cause dem want yuh man things and herds fi rob
    Nicey tell 1 eye fretdem from uno stop par a bare good things a happen fi yuh even Cory talk it
    Chrissy stop catch a gyal yard use up yuh pussy and find a next job
    Shauna you need a topic by yourself

  13. Neicy should av shot di man enna him teeth him live wid wife and him did shot gal enna dem foot tru she bun him

  14. Veacy can chat zully yu si all a call her (I am a boy I am big) so veacy Tia know hol heap a things bout you? Mi love how you tek ya self outta of di war

  15. Mi hear Chalice seh Didi wife a Kim a guess is a next Kim or is this Kim mi don’t care but all a dem look nice but the boy in the middle look cleaner than the next one

  16. Barbie I see you in person and you are a beautiful nice looking girl following these ppl you would think you look f**k up hahaha i fks with it

  17. 2:05 when God mek yuh pretty yuh don’t need ass or breast kim yuh thing up my girl a which belly denm a carry fi yuh look like yuh need to go home dem Neva ready abeyyy :selamat :hammer :hoax2
    Shining star who paid that 800 bill a you ?

  18. Ppl there’s a difference between Pretty, cute, beautiful… Yes Kim is pretty but beautiful is stretching it.. Not taking anything away frm her but beautiful… Nope..
    Diddy and Kim ah mad dem any time she come back ah philly. Guh back ah sunny LA mad dem more

  19. Lmaoo look at that girl in the pink pants. She need a couple meals.those two guys look gay .top freak in the black with the basketball shape

  20. Neicy find a doctor asap.that’s not the first man you gave a std and I hope he is the last.learn to be a lady the health dept should lock you up .as for the man he should of let you suck his dick with rubbers on. He better be careful you don’t give him hiv next

  21. Kim smh you can’t dress .your clothes look borrowed. Why is it that the clothes always falling off you? You need vitamins.Kim shining clown pussy juice a rotten your body.stop eat pussy and eat some food.I here didi run you from LA

  22. yes kim is not bad looking I can say that much.but har nose big nuh bloodclaat she should a glad it straight.

  23. I didn’t know shakera pussy rotten stop let her pussy be uno problem
    Alli if you miss Chrissy call her or she have you on block list mi dear yuh face fava bull buck

  24. Ok now her body is not horrible can she use a few more pounds yes if she put on weight she will look good

  25. The pants is not to be worn tight :cd tell you when bitches don’t know shit yes she borrow it from yuh big sour mother

  26. Top 10 pretty girls in Philly in random order
    Teacher daughter
    High worker hioka
    Rest ugly

  27. That’s is not kim real sister, kim mother live a Jamaica that’s her step sister. An yea she ugly as shit. Kim just get are green card from are fadda. An the first thing she do is run guh Jamaica guh try show off. Nobody is hating on that bitch Kim. Kim is the biggest hater there is. Chrissy as for you guh worry bout don don old fat ass weh yuh nuh stop nam out. An stop call no man phone, you ugly donkey face butch looking African bitch.

    1. U mad talking bout barbie run go to Jamaica.. Who don’t run guh back to dem place of birth when dem get dem things in order… Yes big up d ppl dem Weh nuh forget Weh dem come frm
      . and big up barbie Weh did well travel before she get her tings dem, she nuh mek her situation stop her.. Frm Miami, LA, Florida.. Make the best of what u have.. She travel more than u bitches that have uno tings.. I’m not even a fan of her hype ass but some of the comments be straight hate..

  28. I guess ppl can’t have a good time anymore, when ppl envy others it’s not even funny! Live love laughing at this hating ass Philly ppl that beg for a living, but because u not playing the hypocritical role they do this. Big up unnu self y’all doing something good!

  29. a bunch of sad ass people. all of them nyam one another pums, just one big freak fest. thats why some much HIV inna philly.

  30. uno a talk bout people a hate because kim fly go Miami Florida and La,like Miami and Florida nuh deh the same place.but anyway no one hating on kim because Miami Florida and La a nuh nowhere to go anybody can go there. Uno just fool nuh fart and nuh use to things lol. Kim a real country Gyal.yuh can tek har out the country but yuh can’t take the countriness out of her.

    1. And yet uno don’t go not one place… Kim big up urself .. If dem could dem go on vacation year round, dem would!! P.s I travel very much so.. Us and abroad so mi use to things.. Mi give props when mi see it…

  31. Now u likkl Gyal name Chrissy ur pussy is sooooooo frenly a long time mi a hear seh u av herpes n a tru Smh bwoy ur life is so sad how much man f**k u Inna 1 year???? N mi cyah believe Dan Dan really f**k u from teacher f**k weh him wife him no too righted… Lol well the hole a dem av it!!! Gregory , dwyane, jigga poor jigga jump from 1,whore to the next!!!! I think that’s his type lol n gaymion gay ass too n the list goes on!!!!! oh tyesh deffenetly got it dwlllllllll

  32. No dis cant be true. Some a dem gal weh unu a give Jigga a must lie. 1 man cant F so much women in 1 place. Unu too damn bad an wicked mon. but if a true, Jigga u is a real clown and dog shit. Chrisy though. jesus Christ mon I run gone. Unu too terrible sah!

  33. Poor yanice she still making Carson dick mad her yes dummy the most dangerous thing you can be in is f**king and sucking a community dick hop off Chrissy pussy bitch and tell the ppl dem Carson run weh left u to Palm beach with 2 kids Diddy left u and Carson did too u need a new pussy u better watch out Carson will never stop f**k Chrissy the end dumb bitch stop call up tyesh name in yuh drainy mouth

  34. Oh goodness man that pretty girl list is unbalanced with one sumady pon deh.Nuh want call nuh name fi mek dem feel bad but I will give a hint.The bleach out one

  35. Chrissy will do anything a man tell her to do, she is very insecure. If asn tell Chrissy fi guh nam shit she ask how much lol. Chrissy fi a young gyal wid a son yuh life nasty bad. An nuh kim an shining star duh yuh up weh day an bout dem have yuh file. As for you magga dog kim thank god fi yuh man weh yuh have, cause if it wasn’t for him yuh woulda still live wid yuh step madda unda tiles same way.

  36. Stop call jigga name pon dem nasty gal yah, bad as it is him did a f**k nasty sappy whole Shauna. Di man move on and now and well happy. Low him nuh

  37. Dwl @ the pants suppose to be loose, Kim the pants don’t fit Yu right! You don’t have to body for it and the belt was not needed but I guess u had to hold it up with something. I Can only remember one time u ever look real nice stick to wearing lil dresses cause I don’t know is who tell yu dem pants look good on you, you’ve been wearing them all year. When is not a high waist “so called” baggy pants n crop top, it’s a long skirt n crop top. Those things are for people with shape ok sweety n u mighta got a lil looks but u got no shape whatsoever and absolutely no fashion sense, my advice to you is since your so rich get a personal stylist you really need one and shakeria u love to criticize I don’t see how u allow ur friend to always look a hot mess

  38. Bitch stop hating on On them you sound hurt bad If dem don’t shit you don’t feel good :mewek because ppl go out dem rich :hoax2 di gyal dem a gwan that’s why it a mad uno rass :sorry last time mi check uno say shakera pop down so how two cant dress Gyal fi help each other just hate God go with uno fyi you sound like you f**k gyal

  39. Sloppy body Alli yuh body loose like yuh big pussy that can’t hold any man yuh body coming like quick sand any mad man come across it drown and disappear gym can’t help yuh stop walk and spread don don name cause if yuh body neva suh lumpy lumpy May be he wouldn’t of draw fi mawga Chrissy you just hating on the girl because you don’t have someone for yuh own two kids and no father around yuh condem yuh need healing

  40. Nikki fab stfu n get off ally name Shabba naw stop want up ar shape good body dwllllll everything she do u follow see she av store now I guess urs coming soon dwlllll ur SAD Smh stop a watch watch Shabba look ur son memorial pass n nothing we see u seh u doin for the little boy Smh ur disgusting n a sorry excuse!!! U always in everybody business new year now y don’t you do Philly a favor n go back to ATL n stay this time dwlllllllll

  41. If Kelly pretty then I’m dead drop gorgeous, because her mouth big, face big, and head big! Pretty shoulda never call pon certain ppl especially Kelly, thank goodness for bleaching cream because them insecure baddddd, go in the restaurant on 5 street and look pon Kelly really good! More like walking dead, and face full ah bump, zombie zombie zombie, God don’t like ugly and that she is and luv nuff up har self like she cute with har stinking mouth from how much years now.

  42. Boy oh boy.. Philly fulls hate! Funny thing is… U can tell it’s personal beef with those who are commenting.

  43. anon 6:12 – STFU & speak FACTS. Keep the boy passing out of your cunt smelling mout. His 1yr passing has Not even passed yet insensitive Bitch. Do you have anything positive to contribute… i’ll wait but won’t hold my breath. Worry bout ur own pickney & Get yuh life Bitch!

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