1. Lipps its “unlike” not on. And Jody Jody Jody… Don’t pleaase. Cause u sad and crying out for help. A only lonely people give birth and take the baby out at one week to a baby shower. Me sit dung a do door when u come in a Dansa baby shower and Jaspa ask u if u a idiot and a giggle like u mad.

  2. To me it seems yuh man or you is need of something a little more to add to the bed a night time before unu go back home. A wha dem strippa deh have so wha tickle fi him fancy cause yuh ain’t doing it for him.

  3. Yes miss black Pamela Anderson your life no change hun. When ppl want to change them life they separate them self from filth shit in our raw expression ” no love can pull me in Devils play ground & bragging about that life style . Think about it we all have sin but 365 days u live in sin . Did u know Pamela Anderson change her life style yes she did . Warning God will cut u off suddenly if u guys don’t slow down go repent & asked the lord forgiveness .

    1. Who the hell you people think you are.Always have advice on how people should live their life,how about for once just stop the hate for 2015 try to find the good in things/ people,if not just say nothing at all. How does it affect your life,how she lives her life . Listen fam never mind what haters say ignore them, they will fade away.. They are truly miserable and wish they were in your shoe. Sky its your life, love God and live… xoxo tee


    1. Yet another self-proclaimed rodent looking chick thinks “Everybody” is jealous of her lifestyle smfh. When u don’t used to think it can have a hard impact on u I tell u boi. So u mean fi tell me say ALL the time you”ve a dancehall trash no-man never want just like the rest, nobody was hating u then, but know that u lying with the Devil EVERYBODY is hating on u? Oh my!!! Life is what u make it so cut the crap about ppl hating on u for ur lifestyle nah uh, ur wrong boo. Seek God.

  5. It look like the bottom never do good if y’all still end up Inna strip club twice for the week. Mi hate dem woman ya before she tell di man fi go make it rain pon him dentist dem Inna strip club

  6. I know they keep telling u, and I know u keep saying it’s hate. But boo honestly it ain’t. U body look bad.u face look gosh man..a unnu out unnu self out there fake ass celebrities..trying to live a lifestyle beyond them

  7. Someone up top says she must repent & seek God then I recalled a status she posted about only NUNS stay home on a Sunday night. Lady with the ass looking like a stallion in the above pic..give some tithes toward a church or better yet just give God the praises you rain on ya boo daily as he’s the only one you should praise so much. On the other hand I’m happy u find true love & not everyone cares for your lifestyle and is a hater ok

  8. Dont know the ‘lady’or anything about her but one thing I do know these dance hall people love being hated on so she nuh fool me she love the attention. U eva notice when nutten nah gwan fi dem how fb and ig quiet.

  9. what exactly is their occupation ???? shes so annoying always talking bout my husbanddd like shes the only married bitch in this world

  10. LIBBALIPP ugly woman! You’d B surprise the type of people that blog on this site. I laugh at people like you. Because you assume that the people on this site are dumb and are jealous of your illusion. You are an entertainment and we deserve to laugh till wi fall dung! Met big up yourself and all your Metters that keep us entertained everyday! And, libbalipp please stop act like U intellectual and cute cawh you R very ugly and frighten and U can’t construct a proper sentence. What do you have fi people grudge u an 8 u fah? Ur f#%king life is a comedy show and we are having fun laughing and making comments. So continue with the SHOW and mek wi laugh affa U ’till we pap up!! MUGGLY!!

  11. Oh lawd…she tepp pon smaddi sexylipp. Look like your going hopple tycle and belt for 2015. . Weh you seh 2015 is your year… hope all is bought and paid for 3 times… cause when feds come dem dig deep… ah unnuh sehh. “I like my CoCo” you and you man have baking soda..plenty plenty baking soda.
    OK chollo..

  12. yu know which picture mek mi look and laugh the one weh she innah the glass slipper and the black seechu dress and har hand dem mawgah and har foot dem fine and this big ball batty stand up behind har like stone…
    :kr ” i’m in love with my coco :matabelo … i get on the low low..” :salaman baking soda baking soda..

  13. I don’t know her so my comment is not out of hate. But I want to know isn’t her butt to big for her body frame…. Looking at the pic in black dress… But then again I could be wrong cause I don’t know anything about butt implant. However her face look tough in that same pic.

  14. but it seems like me thinking cap a scratch me and i really just want to correct the wrong spellings and grammatical errors…how i just hate dunce people trying to sound smart KMT!!
    *they’re there not “their there”
    *unlike not “on like”
    all those “,” and no “.” prove that you’re very angry at us, and you didn’t even stop to breath. Now on behalf of the jmg family please email us for spell check and grammatical errors before posting on instagram. I promise we’re more practical than spell check because spell check doesn’t fix grammatical errors. Thank you!
    (ps. this is for Paul Range also, and the dunce Dancehall Fraternity)

  15. Lawd God luk pon whoring Jody Weh a talk bout ppl 1st of all the old slut don’t really know a who har baby fada dem gal deh a seach like Google di Johncrow have baby not even a week good and deh a every party wid liquor inna hand smh who sad like she di dutty have man problem be4 she start talk she need fi go look fi di rite fada fi di pickney she f**k all everybody inna dancehall yard and farrin she and har dutty fren name Kim dem gal deh nuh have no type she f**k any man weh Pop champaine old dutty gal weh ring a ring a rosey and f**k all the home low life Jody yuh nah live no life a who a hype u yuh f**king look like baby weh a teed di amount a man weh she tell seh a fi dem pickney

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