Bugle : Yahh….yuh know whey mi haffi do..Yuh know whey mi haffi do most a di time doe —- (Calls name)

Girl: Whey yuh haffi do?
Bugle : Guh pan yuh profile and look pan yuh picture dem
Girl : *giggles*
Bugle : Dat mi a do now while mi a talk to yuh
Girl : Don’t do dat ewww
Bugle : Why?
Girl : Mi nuh know
Bugle: Mi cyaa look pan mi woman, mi nuh supposed to look pan mi woman?
Girl : Gwaan bout yuh business
Bugle: Mi nuh supposed to do-
Girl: Mi waa know how me become your woman-
How me become your woman, how am I your woman?
Bugle: Yuh a nuh mi woman? Jus tell mi now so mi can know wha fi do
Girl : No
Bugle: Alright den mi glad yuh tell mi suh mi can start pre yuh different.
Girl: Yuh nuh surprise mi wid no rose yet, nuh nuttin, jus star bwaay treatment? Yuh listen tuh too much reggae *giggles*
Bugle: Everything good man
Girl *laughs*
Bugle: Mi done si whey yuh a deal wid
Girl: Whatever dude, I aint your damn woman and you know that your’e saying that jus cause… so don’t seh dat.
Bugle: *mumbles*
Girl : Mi not even ina no argument wid yuh eno so dont even. In reality.. thats not even-
What am I your woman when me and you on di phone..dat is it?
Bugle : Everyting good
Girl: mmmmm..Jus be real wid mi if yuh waa mi be real wit yuh.
Bugle : Mi nah war wid yuh eno
Girl: Dats not being real, mi being real wid yuh
Bugle: Action speak louder dan words dont?
Girl: Exactly..
Bugle : A which man dat yuh a lay dung wid ina di couch?
Girl: Whey? …Das him…das him..thats (—)
Bugle: Pardon
Girl: Dats him..
Bugle : A him dat?
Girl : mmm thats him him, yuh nuh si di odda picture..wi di go di movies and him did have him han roun mi..mi did tek dem off


Bugle: Mi a go show yuh who a yuh boss yuh hear
Girl ..eeeh?
Bugle: Mi a go show yuh who a yuh boss
Girl: Yuh a guh show mi who a my boss?
Bugle: (calls name)… Yuh neva tell mi seh yuh a go get bb di odda day yuh nuh get it all now?
Girl : Get wha?
Bugle : Blackberry
Girl: Den mi nuh tell yuh how much fi Blackberry boss and mi tell yuh which part my money a go already eno and mi cudda really use a Blackberry cause mi f**king phone a freeze up. Di screen a freeze up and mi did stop pay di f**king insurance pan it cause mi did seh nuttin nah happen to di phone. *sucks teet*.. Mi need a Blackberry fi real dow.
Bugle: Yuh si how yuh lip dem tik an sexy mi soon come kiss yuh pan dem
Girl: Hmmm
Bugle: Mi soon come kiss yuh pan dem..kiss yuh and shut yuh up
Girl : Gwey, yuh a aham sen Blackberry fi mi?
Bugle: Whey yuh seh?
Girl: Yuh sending me a Blackberry?
Bugle: Mi phone a cut out like a piece a shit-
Girl: I’m asking you, if you sending me a Blackberry. Yuh hear mi?
Bugle: If I’m sending you a Blackberry?
Girl: Yeah
Bugle: Mi actually supposed to get a phone..Todeh is when Tuesdeh?
Bugle: Mi supposed to pick up a phone Tersdeh
Girl: Okay and-
Bugle:Dah one yah mi will gi yuh it
Girl: A hear yuh
Bugle: Dat a nuh nuttin…
Bugle: Yow mi love di picture whey yuh have on dah jeans deh yuh si..
Girl: *Giggles*
Bugle: Yuh sexy
Girl : *Giggles*
Bugle: Yeah man dah picture deh sexy fi real ah swear..Yuh have a picture whey yuh have on a jeans, yuh have a water, a black shoes wid a black and white bag
Girl: Is black and silver..ah know ma picture a know what yuh talking about
Bugle: An a white top..yuh look reallllllllllly sexy babes. When mi si dah picture deh mi seh no me and har haffi deh. An den di one whey yuh stan up ina di house beside (Calls name) ..an yuh have on di shorts
Girl: mmhmm
Bugle: Yuh leg dem jus look tik an sexy
Girl: Yuh baby madda thick or no?
Bugle:…mmmm Whey yuh seh?
Girl: If yuh baby madda tik, is she a thick girl or no?
Bugle: Di phone a cut out boo mi nahh *mumbles*
Girl: Tell mi when yuh a hear mi
Bugle: Huh?
Girl: Mi seh if yuh baby madda thick or….
Bugle:..Mi nah hear yuh good star ..jah know…. what time yuh a come home offa work tomorrow?
Girl: 8’0′ Clock
Bugle: 8 ina di morning?
Girl: mmmhmm
Bugle: Suh a night time yuh up all night, yuh nuh sleep?
Girl: Sometime mi will dose off but a nuh soun sleep..no yuh haffi alert
Bugle: Tomorrow kaw mi nah hear nuttin whey yuh a seh di phone a cut in and f**kin out-
Girl : Alright

12 thoughts on “BUGLE REWIND

  1. F**king broke ginnal. Mussi tink tell ooman sey dem dey a go get him ugly raas some coochie. Caan even buy d girl a phone. Sound like him need a phone himself 2. Whe him say>>>>when him get d new phone him a go give har d one him have dat him caan hear good outta especially when she ask but baby modda.

    So a Raine a d baby modda him caan answa bout?? Den how him mek up song bout har…..him look like him still hurtin offa Raineeeeeee

  2. Lmfao!!! Wooooiieeeeeeess Bugle yuh a clown but yuh cah hear. I can’t with this fool- fool man…. Woooiieeee!!!!

  3. One question is denture Bugle have in? If so, him cyaa afford implant now, since “Compatible” ah gwaan good. Him mouth part luk funny

  4. The whole a dem a bruck pocket thief and wil f**k for a phone. Him and him fren dem a
    Hypocrite i can blow up some shit on them. A bunch of wicked theifs.
    Hungry belly pu**y holes the gal nah lie. Me know that for a fact.
    A true me want god fi deal wid them. As i said them nuh stop beg gal phone and money.
    They have no shame. The whole a dem a scammer buy a f**king phone and give har. But you cannot cause u abd you fren them just fool up gal head and tek dem tings.

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