Busy nah settle down now after him young baby weh born Wah day here, from the holly child hood girl . all the excitement with his baby mother drama! Tunya was a good woman
busy would not settle down wid har. Suh dats why she go cheat pon em. No matter how much man she f**k before him that no have nothing to do with busy cause that was before busy.

Busy who ah par wid Europe gal pon tour .

That’s why the Russian gal put draws pon DEXTA DAPS cause dem artist here f**k Suh breed ah gal some a them hardly know English much less our little Jamaican creole !

Busy fi find ah nice woman wid har head pon har body fi settle down wid now and have him family . Cause he’s one of Jamaica best reggae/dancehall artist and brand ambassador.

Look pon Agent Sasco and him wife Nicole nice family wife smart and kids smart that’s the way. Busy can do way better than a leave him self careless wid them gal ya weh not even speak English good!

Busy yuh 34! Full time yuh fi settle down look how much educated young woman in the world member d ppl dem respect yuh nuh be like d rest ah artist dem tek ah page outa AGENT SASCO BOOK! It would be a good look wid yuh n yuh family.. real pree.

34 thoughts on “BUSY SIGNAL PART 1

  1. sender you just casting your pearls to swine, busy a guh keep busy fi looonnngggg time he won’t settle down no time soon, settling down means maturity, cuz dem man/child ya still yung at heart

  2. I agree!! I wouldn’t want my daughter to even try talking to busy! Meh hear seh him deal with em woman dem wicked ! Class dem ! Suh afta meh send fi meh pickeny go good school fi Mek dem artist ya who feel dem have likkle money!! Deal wid my daughter certain way! And em nuh take care ah em woman either

  3. Busy nah go settle down ! Settle down is for gentle men who value themselves as real icons into the world. Busy nuh ready fi be a real man yet! Matter a fact nuh decent woman wan dem artist ya now ah days I think dem get it seh dem just wan breed dem up n cut!

  4. Hmft!!!! Nuh educated woman wan busy!!! Ah d gal dem weh drop outa school d gal dem weh nuh av nuh job n wan sum fast money wan dem man deh educated woman wanna wan respectable man!! All dem ah get dem likkle 20gran educated woman wan marriage , family , house , car they want a foundation ! And it takes a real man to figure that out!

  5. ROGAIN !!!! Woiiie meh rass meh ah seh wah Mek em hair tek so long fi grown bin educated woman will wan dem eno but d way how dem treat ppl gal good pickeny dem ago cut n giv bun!

  6. Meh nuh see busy wid no wife n kids! Em nuh knoe fi deal wid woman plus em n meh friend ah f**k n him mean nuh rass bowy mean n lie! Em nuh giv woman tings ! Either em gal dem get kick outa school r nuh hav nuh job busy Neva chat to ah sesnsible woman weh wi can seh ! Any gal will lef busy coz em mean baddddd bowy well mean!

    1. The way Tunya talking she mek it seem like Busy a mine har..Im surprised she dont have more than two T.V in her house :travel

      1. A me neighbour Met. House nice well maintained and empty. None a the kids dont get to come there? Altho he has a couple more houses a hear

        1. He dont see his children sometimes fi years. Very selfish and mi nuh think him cudda be a good father wid dem behavior dere.

          1. Smh. Life going to be tough for him. God nuh like when you intentiinally suffer his children. Him keep christmas party & invite the neighbours and nobody show up. Hear sey nuff food & big liquor waste. Should be a party for his kids instead a try impress these ole farts roun here

  7. Busy mean we all know. Mine tunya mind games u mean. Dwl. Idiot them yes net see u nuh waan post comments. Them run breed for busy. Two TV think she would o
    an a car or home. Smh all she do is harass ppl. I tired of them. Tired of signal too. Him lie baddd. Him have pickbeu go Skool with tunya kid him nuh norm
    al. All this over a bredda who can only f**k without condom he probably is simplex part 3

  8. Met! Need fi get yuh facts stright!!!! Ask busyyyyy bout meh !! Bloodclawt him affi run money! N wen meh seh money me mean money!!! T.V hahh yuh dream is if live one day outa meh life!!! Meh well comfortable n alright!!

  9. Tunya love Mek problem wid people fi true! @Dwl think she ah d real deal! She nuh look good tunya a no body what job she have! She dida try be a artist and it Neva work out dwl meh Cnt bother wid dis!!! Tunya yuh ah put yuh rass self out deh fi downgrade d man!!

    1. Why u use Tunya name and comment..the post have 18 comments u have 7 wid 7 different names..come on its monday

      1. Mi kno dats not Tunya cuz they spelt “MEH” the same way one person thinking they’re smart or its Tunya same one and commenting as anon!

  10. Tunya him breed smaddt else on u u nuh shame. Money? Fi Skool fee u still a pay car payment s n rent him can buy house n car. Why him never marry u . him miss used give u cause him never know u was a whore. Busy nuh waan u either stop lying him move out long ago . u lie baddd. What u have? What h give u but some more mate n more kidz

  11. I not going stop u think its one son part 2 coming. Skatta name was on belly first one that dead n next one . DNA busy did a try cause him nuh know netter him did think u was of class only c class. F**k PFF u stupid bitch u mother been pimping u all u life. U f**k everyone u catch a lucky belku n a hype. Him nah breed u agen. I may be pregnant too I’m waiting see if I get my period. I going mad u tyad ass more than already.

  12. 34 my ass! kmt. Busy can’t settle down because he’s meaner than a starapple. Tunya will always be treated like a groupie because that’s what she is. Why did she even get involved with Busy in the first place? You mean to tell me there wasn’t any other non-dj man she could get involved with than another one? kmt Busy head fava sinting weh jancrow draw breaks inna, bout him treating people girl children like he does.

  13. Met! Dats all uno do sit down n watch people business and uno nah have none ! If uno nuh call meh name uno nuh feel bbc good!! Meh nah beg uno nothing nah meh pickeny so! Yuh need fi go get a life! Cause yuh mix up n lov ppl business ! Nasty rass yuh! Chat bout meh use to f**k all kind ah man!! Tuh n yuh fren dem ugly n pussy nuh good fi artist man must less fi Mek dem breed uno! Uno life sad! Every time yuh n yuh duty fren frm ah call up meh name! Ah wah Suh! Meh nuh f**k gal!

    1. Stop use Tunya name , because all u a look a Tunya u waa see u because ina your mind Busy a pay she mind. Busy nuh business wid nobody so pudung di ooman name and guh pick up u shame and pride.

  14. Def not tunya a say she don’t f**k gyal although grammar on point cause she dunce. Who would want to be an old salty whore that owns nothing

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