off the topic baldhead was in jail over the weekend ,he went to report, lol no them say him miss two court date , him man royal chargee say so ,tv girl but not there yet, lol nick get a klean summer fi true party shot ,he paid everybody. next topic big red ian shy shy lef his party before time and pay nobody ask lava burn dem ,ian go pay the club ,video man sound man

14 thoughts on “NEW YORK RUN DUNG

  1. Can hear loud mouth Lava, Ian pay up the man youth dem go private school. Bald head can’t hold it a jail the man skinny than a size 6 model rasta

  2. Bald head dumb a** missing court dates, did you not think that missing court dates wouldn’t eventually catch up to you… Now you the other jail bird of the relationship huh… You can’t talk sh*t about your baby mother because you guys both breed from the same cloth…

    And for Ian Shy Shy why you have a party and couldn’t afford to pay nobody and then you leave before the champagne bat began no sah that is such a disgrace fi true… You need fi pay de people dem cah you know Lava is going to talk it on his little show or post it somewhere lol… Ian stop do party my youth, just stop…

  3. Nick Klean pawty shot! The Thursday night dancehall taytay Nyoka My Beauty keep pawty and everybody forgot. Place empty. I wasted my good outfit. Ppl why unno Neva come a Nyoka pawty?

  4. Why man looking Johnny bravo shape Dora couldn’t just shut her mouth she tell my link the same thing. Bestie like u mi run from bald head could be in jail and nobody had to know. Get a life

  5. dora she tell my linky too ,so we all get it, omg ian where was rema dave fi beat and box u big boy, u too nuff wah inna big league and cannot manage it,nyoka was a rich girl ,she left the party and went away with her riches,now she is back soask her what happen ,ask paul range

  6. Everytime Paul Range lef her she go missing then they make up and make appearances together again but it no last too long. She want that man so bad. Him Neva dey a di party either. Nyoka you party di empty fi true. Range find next gyal and lef you again?

  7. from the pics you can tell nook party empty like barrel… neva uno she and paul range deh omg why so much name always calling on her…

  8. Range look like him desperate lately and she need di likkle hype . She always a front up wid him but him always looking like he wants to hide. Mappie Champagne her ex man was at her party but not Range. Range mussi did a save him outfit fi Nick Klean party. Good idea still cause her party should get the flop party award of the year!

  9. Paul Range is not with this girl. Him have him good up wife, look mad yes but knowledgeable. Any gal Ina dancehall way him talk to, him just a use. Him love him wife.
    Not friends or family with neither Paul or his wife.

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