Gully bop nuh ordinary man teck de plane wing an ah gwan like
Him single lmao
Real talk mi ah seh dis mi general memba weh yuh cum from
Don’t get swell headed craven choke puppy
Don’t be ungrateful memba when yuh dutty an cranny lookin
Nuh body nah fart pon yuh ah one women
De world si an ah chin an mi nuh business bout har past
All ah weh have a past but right ah right an wrong ah wrong
Nuh take boosting an guh duh f*krey cuz de katty stand up
Wid yuh mi general an look past de cranniness an yuh rotten
Mouth lol an dust yuh off GI yuh ah image
An know yuh sort out gal ago dash out cuz wah yuh inna de
Lime light but all DAT glitter ah nuh gold
Enjoy yuh success an guh easy an memba weh it ah start from
Behave yuh rassclot self gully bop lmao yuh too outta order
Chin nuh live inna nuh fantasy world an feel like bop ago
Loyal bop ready fe run de cocky ah foreigner bop wan
Ah worl ah girl tuh de man ting him Neva hide it when him ah
Talk seh him like something weh him si a girl to be exact
An him know seh it ago guh viral lol
Watch de pree chin nuh meck gully bop gwan like him smart



  1. If I was the girl he see in the club that he got a crush on, mi would a run guh home guh take 30 shower like Kanye did after he sleep with amber rose lmao

  2. But I like the guy doing the interview. He was very diplomatic about the situation at first an Bop still come back wid it. Is like di yuh yute see weh it a go an dead it. Smh. Cause if it was just the first comment him mek him could get away wid it cause him could play it off. Shame on u Bop. Now me see why Chin used to so jealous and itch up unda yuh in JA. She know what u capable of. Don’t worry Chin know how to fix you. Dwll

  3. Omg.. That’s why I said yuh don’t have anything I’m not messing with yuh. Because as soon as money start run or things start looking bright they are going to cheat on yuh..and he said it on the air chin gonna see it damn..mi jealous and it’s not me…

  4. Man all ova him eye ago stray every little thing oonu talk both memba Weh bop a come from he will never forget all of us have a past oonu lo di man mek di man enjoy him blessings. If him stray a chin a gully business that with nuff a we if oonu help is like every time we sneeze we must memba a u did help me so mi owe u di rest a mi life get the fu$$ck outa here. Bop do u thing more then chat u a do more u shine!!

  5. people need fi understand di man dung in di gully over 10 years wid no pum pum and now nuff gal want him, di woman a yard get di money and di love but let di man let out him tension pon di gal dem a road.

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