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Jamaican woman arrested at airport in Baltimore6:10 pm, Tue September 24, 2013

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents arrested a Jamaican woman on a warrant for drug charges at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport on the weekend.

Kedesha Peart, 31, who has permanent legal residence in the United arrived at the airport on Saturday on a flight from Jamaica. She was arrested on a warrant, issued from the University of Maryland, College Park, Police Department, for two counts of possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of marijuana.

Agents also seized an oxycodone tablet in a prescription bottle with Peart’s name during a search of her luggage. She was turned over to Maryland Transportation Authority Police for extradition.

Customs agents said Peart may face additional state or local charges in connection with the oxycodone seizure.

An immigration retainer has been placed on Peart, who must return to U.S.Customs and Border Protection officials upon adjudication of charges.

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An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported details about a prescription bottle containing oxycodon found by U.S. Customs and Border protection agents in Kedesha Peart’s luggage. The name on the prescription bottle did not match Peart’s.

26 thoughts on “BUT SEE YERE…………

    1. kremmy morning..mi jus put a piece more a di bottom..i dont know if a dumb slow or very brave but she smting ina she nuh normal

      1. Har facial features and that ‘smile’ say something off bout har. Which part Jamaicans name dem pickney kadisha? A rastaman pickney? cause dem Yanky names are conflicting.

    1. As long as you’re convicted of a felony you can be sent back to enjoy the warm weather and the white sandy beaches of Jamaica. It matters not if you have a green card. It only becomes complicated if you’re a naturalized citizen.

  1. Mrt mi nuh wah dem sue u ooo! The last time u write onecstory bout har the supposed lawyer run come write up pon the wall :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Ah dat me ah seh! She nuh look 31 ah tall! Some ah dem people yah REALLY need fi get some GOOD night sleep cuz dem look WAY OLDER DAN DEM AGE!

  2. She look more like 41, I guess it’s not everyone age gracefully. She brave nuh backside…the risk people tek, and play around with their freedom. Mi happy seh me struggle my way through nursing school, its hard work but it pays the bills, working on getting my BSN now. I know school isn’t for everyone, but even a good legal business plan can make you succeed even better than people who go to school! Cuz paying back the student loan is a killer! But ah so it go….

  3. I agree with u tektek, and don’t stop at the bsn get ur masters & mek money in America, my husband work inna construction n bun inna sun & I have my executive assistant job about to start my masters next yr, but we save we money and buy anything we want, no haffi mek money the illegal way if live in America.from u ambitious and hard working u will mek it with the help of God.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Queen S, to be honest I forced in a way to get the BSN. I live in Connecticut & worked for years as a CNA, went back to school to get my RN, but in order to work in the Hospitals up here they want the nurses to have or be enrolled in a bachelor degree program. Nursing Home do require that but I know I will get more experience in the hospital. You are absolutely right, with ambition it’s not if will make in the country, you must make it. Main thing is to live within your means, and don’t watch what people have, cuz you don’t know how they earn it.

      1. so true my meters trust me a nuff shit me take pon work when me use t work the little part time job while me a work my way though school but see it now me make it and plan to go even further in these countries if u nah come with the mind set to be some thing then fast money and life style go caught up pon u but from I come here I see my mother working hard so that was my goal work hard and make her proud

  4. This old bitch deserves everything she gets…when u f**k with people life and feel like ur on top…watch out for ur downfall…unfair game plays twice…

  5. I just show somebody her picture and ask them how old she look :ngakak dem sey she look like 40 odd to 50 :ngakak

  6. Does she work at or attend the University of Maryland? I’m trying to figure out how the University Police come into the picture.

  7. @anon…no dat old bitch dont work or go no school…she a drug mule…she use to work for airtran…bitch got fired for selling buddy passes…she is as dumb as they come..big dutty drug mule dat..and dont own a house or car…cant tek care a her 4 pickney dem…and still look like ny and nj landfill…dummy of the year…

    1. Thanks. Look like she might be hooked on Oxy or selling it. She might just get somebody else in trouble if that prescription is linked to a “patient” if you kown what I mean.

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