Hello Met,

During my vacation in New York I decided to go a Stellie bashment party.
I saw this girl name Devonna and I remember few years ago she was living with Nasheen Fire.
Mi hear seh she ask him to marry her (Edited)
Mi seh all now the girl ah dress and travel like she ave money
My advice to you babygirl file fi (Edited) and don’t depend pon man.
Pretty open door but sas Christ you have no type ambition. Tell Wally British to link you back with Nasheen maybe you can add one more to his dozen of children and that way get your documents. And last but not least stop fight ova people man. Awoi.


13 thoughts on “BUT SHE A DI WIFE

  1. If you ah f**k down all New York selectors make sure dem can give you your papers cause nasheen don’t want you.

  2. Dwl!!! The pretty young lady it’s not legally in the U.S.
    That should be her first priority before even playing dress up and in the party scene. IJS

  3. I know her personally and she is cool the only reason she don’t file for papers is because she don’t want to, simple fact.
    She nah trouble nobody

  4. Why is it that if your light skinned or Browning as jam dung ppl woulda seh.. your automatically pretty? Why?

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