And a gyal waa cum throw sub’s no b**ch go get yo life… Wife a wife mate a mate fork a fork plate a plate stop throw subs and come to me face it all just proves you a social media bait kmft B**CH WHERE!!!! a weh borrow clothes a go 😂😂😂 go d ppl dem baby daddy buy u Twp piece a clothes and for Christ sakes that its TWENTY SIXTEEN DEM BIKINI DEH TAP WEAR pinkwall let’s call E’ TV and ask them who wore it better!!!

Don’t start wat u can’t finish miss bus wife its sad lol it sweet me but mi nu know y Nicki nu leff d likle good fi Nunn man to ehnu kmt coz quite frankly him nu waa u either miss Buddy lip Tiffy but seriously tho u need fi stop hype caa u Bruck goodly all dem shoes deh mi see pon pink wall a u sista wear n leff pupina weh goodly dry rass rotten u a post ah boii y a always d ugly gyal dem mek trouble eeh y d gyal dem weh nu av Nunn a qwaan fi dem y eeh y u nufi a f**k u supavisa n stay so she it nu look good bwoy u sad bad all u mirror weh u tek u pic dem ina waa clean but a u a throw sub’s oml u barely even have clothes and u a mek trouble mi eva a lurk ina Nicki IG d gyal d up fi a breedin gyal all b4 she breed free up u IG mon mek mi lurk caa u fbk still nu look like fi har a waa whole d two a unu a beat out unu BBC fi stop d f**** n teach dat likle f***k boy a lesson too UNU IS A DISGRACE!!!

6 thoughts on “YUH CHUBBLE DI SENDA

  1. Afta a hard days wuk, mi nuh need fi deal wid dem lack of punctuation post yah. Senda mi waan yuh leave out Pink Wall and nuh send nuttn else tuh Metty e-mail….cho kmt

  2. This dirty ass bitch!! Ctfu dwl…always the ugly Bitch dem! Funny how the tables turn….dem fi beat out yuh pussyclaat! Bum ass dusty ass bitch!

  3. Listen what the f** ever unu n my Bloodclaat sis have unu don’t post Nuh f**g pic of me up on this damn page I’m too grown for the shit unu Nuh f*** mix me!! N get this the f**k straight for y’all dumb shit house that knows nothing anything me gi my sis a Nuh wear n lef I put it on one time n Nuh wear dem again!’ Unu so f***g childish son!’!! Don’t bring me in y’all damn mix up

  4. Bitch shut the f**k up! all the Internet badness foh you the type that like to get hype but wouldn’t buss a grape in a fruit fight right!?

  5. Dwl not an Internet bad girl!! N like I said I’m grown for y’all childish shit!! Y’all don’t know me so don’t drag me in y’all mess!! Unu not even on my level!! Have a pleasant Night young lady’s!’! N for the last time don’t put up no pic off me up here cause I’m not f**g no niggas for y’all!! I’m a married lady not a side chick!! A hard working lady!! When unu can mek 1500us a week y’all can talk to me!! One thing I don’t fight over Nuh cocky n if a man want to move on let him move on Nuh need to throw dirt on a next female cause the guy not f***g with y’all!! Females like y’all make me sick!!! N if unu bad like that when I come to JA we can meet!! Until try n find a guy who unu Nuh havi a lower unu standard for

  6. But yah mine man tho….”cheetah” you may not fight over man honey, but you bawl your eyes out! Lol dwl a gwaan like yah smady yah nuh nuh bloodclaat goodas! Frighten Friday and FYI we’re in the same league when it comes to money suh stop hype up yuh ugly rass self! FOH idiot tuff foot gyal and guh sky juice yuh big hole mumma….im done! Burrppppppp!!!!

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