Michie Boo why would you Pray bad things to happen to Lisa or Sandy. Is your nasty husband go look them them never notice him a him notice them. The time you take a pray bad for people go pray for your papers marriage. Big women Bye Bout Wife.

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  1. She again??? GM Met bless day. This women is so foolish.. Did you every stop and think to pray for your marriage as the sender say which is right!! Sweetie no matter how a person hurt you NEVER pray bad for them always pray and ask God to forgive them of the hurt they hurt you. Come on didn’t you learn that in Sunday School

  2. Michie Boo Why don’t you say Richie not moving forward because of the unfaithfulness. God will beat him harder than the women because those women never took a vow with he did. It don’t pay to pray for wickedness just Pray and ask God forgiveness and everything will be fine

  3. The time you take and a pray bad for these women who don’t acknowledge you go pray and ask God to take the asthma from your son. You a real fool

  4. Ask God to bring your husband to you fully, that he will never step out on you again and that he will not look no other woman but me, pray those types of things, it is not the woman fault that these no good men are chasing them… Get your war room together hun, and just pray and pray until God answers your prayer…

  5. Girl Bye …..Lord we serve is s merciful God. Ask mercy and forgiveness….that’s
    what GOD listen too.

  6. What makes us think she is praying bad prayers for the women? She could possibly be praying for her HUSBAND and as a result, the women get their fair share of justice. Go find your OWN husband, there is one for every woman.

  7. Michie Boo you need to go watch the Movie war room or read the book. girl pray for you marriage to be strengthening pray for peace and love in your home pray for a solid ground for you and your husband.

  8. The men are innocent. It r deze gerls walk wid dem pusC pon dem farrid and buk dung the man when him r not looking. Please continue to pray for us Michieboo, ignore the haters. Thanks.

  9. Anonymous 12:26 if she was praying a good pray she would’ve never post that comment. She post the comment reason there is a lot of infedility in her marriage. She is married to a cheater he has a baby on the way. Do you need more info…. Sorry I’m not married but very happy in my relationship. Can you say the same?Funny how this comment comes right after BeyoncĂ© song release.

  10. Little willie you and Michie boo a waste gyal. Continue to pray bad and see if the side chicks dont win and push unna old ass out. take your age group and you wouldn’t have to worry.

  11. Little Willie (aka Niesha) You return for vacation to hear about Posh Posh (lol) don’t worry monkey man looking Michelle is praying. But make me tell unna shit bag this Man a pray and God a wipe so be careful. Y’all taking this too far now blame the dogs your married to. Tame them control them.

  12. Michieboo that is way you not moving forward, you could not have said it better. Look how much people man you take, not only baby’s fathers or boy friends,people’s husband too you are one of the biggest whore ever and a you a throw stone, one lick you in your head back karma is a bitch.

  13. Michelle is one old whore she use to Hussle with a girl name blossom outta town and she did tek nuff ppl man, BF and husband karma come right back to you deal with it. you have nuff more bun to get. a true the little boy don’t know you history. That’s why you son father did leave you cause you slept with his fren

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