Hello met pls ask the people them to tell me whats really going on with Kim k and Guinness bossy ..The people them seh she propose to har self and put on Instagram and seh is the man dweet.and one month later the man call police pon har an move on to the next baby mother… Kim yuh nuh see seh every time yaa keep party guineas come f**k yuh fi get di dance money n use yuh fi promote him dance and dash yuh dung …when are you going to learn and stop men guiness tek yuh fi papishow.


17 thoughts on “UK KIM KARDASHIAN

  1. Laws god…im loosing the will to live why this gal look so terrible.she look like bam bam other name fi har but guiness f**k box.

  2. Guiness do not want any of these women as far as i see him will f**k man because they all look like men.

  3. Wow that is crazy, it is sad that she doesn’t look that appealing but if she has dealing with this man and he don’t want her like that she must see it, and if she doesn’t want to believe it then do you and put up with whatever this man is dishing out to her which is a punch of bullsh*t… Girl, my advice to you is to run and leave that sorry excuse fi a man alone and find someone else that’s going to appreciate you more…

  4. but mi nuh still see Kim a brag say she a MRS Evans, so d big Summer wedding postponed? u know i believe is kim engage rself tho dwl no sa! kim and camille nearly look alike Camille just need lil tiny bit of care to look identical to Kim n both of dem come frm d same place Cresent RD

  5. Camille look worse cause she really look like a man…guiness have a certain type they all look like man…camille ugly plus tax

  6. Obviously Kim nah guh change back her name because she feel shame and don’t want people know him leff her, off course she engage to herself come on all she can do is gi him money? Suck him good and whine up Pon cocky there’s nothing else because she can’t breed, that’s why she a mad over Sam because Sam ago have dah baby deh dwflll Kim sister even seh Kim all a tek pregnancy pill and dem nah work we jus a laugh affi you Kim you better start thinking about adopting a baby because yu can breed, now you gone back inna sherifa dirty flat weh dem gi her for she and the kids and you nuh stop sleep out the kids room with your sour mouth, sherifa nuh stop chat seh she tired a you inna her flat, Kim yu always a brag seh yu money tall suh why you don’t go and rent a place? Why you a crotch a sister yard? It nuh look good Kim yu is a big rass gyal now, you deh a England so long and all a now you can’t sort out stay? And yu love call police how that work? Stop use fake name because dem soon ketch you nuh worry crosses whoring gyal!

  7. if you wanna cuss the woman out just cuss her but don’t go for the jugular if she can’t have a baby don’t cuss her about it if you’re a woman you should know that is a sensitive subject for anyone leave the girls uterus out of cussing unnu too bad man

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