45 thoughts on “BUT YOU SURVIVED THOUGH?

  1. Don’t misunderstand the message. He is calling out for her nice comfortable hole. He needs to get with her, hence the billboard. Not every man wants a neegle eye.

  2. Weh Keisha wid the shirt weh seh,”nah nuh buddy Bobbi”yes him look like a bobbi spelled with an”i” and all lower case letters

  3. Met this guy is taking it too far fi true.He even as one that says “All kieshas have big hole”.

    Whatever u did to warrant this public retribution plz come ere n give ur version of events oo!

    1. Him go as far as to pay fi print such a shirt…If some a dem man yah nuh have some labia whey bigger dan a plane wing smh

      1. When you see them doing those things Met they are overcompensating for some shortage in their lives.

        You & other women on here think good, good & see if unuh can remember any well-endowed men (just any man who unuh know is packing – whether ur friend can attest to it, unuh see it through whatever means etc) that ever say such things about women. I’m not saying you won’t have a 1 anomaly, but men with packages rarely, if ever, says such things.

        1. Some things that I hear Jamaican men complain about where ooman and dem vaginas are concerned no wonder so much a dem a run ina battam. They just dont have respect for women Cindy nuff a dem a stuggle fi like women because dem go through whatever dem go through growing up , mi nuh think a only likkle buddy man alone..

          1. :thanks2 Met yuh seeit! Sometimes I don’t want to say it because I’m sick of them (out or undercover), but I say it all the time to my people that when you see them pushing women down to get through the door before them & just overall being disrespectful & showing a lack of regard for females, it’s because they are taking what they shouldn’t be taking or want to take what they shouldn’t be taking why they are behaving the way they are.

          2. Cindy u fi seh it cause men in other places have smaller penises and they dont say the things jamaican men do they are really disgusting and sick

      2. MET, no sah @”labia weh bigger dan plane wings.” Met, this phuck boy nuffi get no more woman fi phuck. A weh Keshia do him mek him so butt hurt? Grow up likkle boy, or grow a bigger buddy.

  4. Met that is So true it’s the same thing Mi an Mi bredren a reason bout to odda day eno…him seh when u si some man ( Jamaicans) doing some things it’s always coming from something wayyyy back in them childhood. It has nothing to do with them as an adult now but what has transpired in Dem younger days, sometimes Mi affi wonder.

  5. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    He is a comedian who tells funny stories and his catch line that made him went viral was big hole keisha,suh him a sell the shirts with that has him slogan,just like wally said red flag and a capitalize suh there is no big hole keisha just like there is no damn Susan wid prince him. Everybody a try eat a honest food by making videos etc

        1. A women give man di strength fi talk and disrespect other women cause dem tink when man put down woman it bring dem up..

    1. Hey Simplicity! I get a good joke. Like Prince & Susan, my men people them cuss mi sometimes about it, but I find the videos funny so I watch :malu2 . But this is not funny past a video. If he made the video saying it, he should’ve left it desso. Now all I see him as is a little buddy, sexually repressed, down-low male for promoting this crap.

      1. well he did it’s his females fans who told him make shirts on it,even the video bella blair did on how Jamaicans brush them teeth she stole the idea from him cause she had a bigger platformso when he did the keisha one and trabrass did the drop inna big hole and get lost him seh yea mek him print and mek a money suh a suh dat guh

  6. Met, one of your commentators that goes by the name Little Willie made a statement that Anonymous & I would like an answer to. Because when I think how many of us do our best to ensure a certain level of maintenance if you will, only for Willie to make such a statement – well I’m left deeply confused. Compel him to answer Met.

  7. Yes some men prefer a little space down there especially it u well endowed. Some men prefer woman saying “ram cocky boy” rather than “ouch tek time” after all a sex we come fi sex not cut new road. Listen nuff woman a bawl out say them tight but they are actually dry. This thing bout tight n not tight need fi stop bcuz it a affect nuff woman psychologically n a hinder dem from truly enjoy sex. Talk truth when pum pum wet the right way the camel slip thru the needle eye like nothing. Us men need to be men n stop the friggery pum pum come in like a box a chocolate u nuh know wah u ago buck up n no 2 the same. So just be a man n learn how to adapt to anyone and ensure she cum (multiple times preferrably) then unnu can walk wid chest out. Not this jump on n dagga sametime like woman a bike. Just my little shilling bout wah mi hear mi nuh too know nutten mi a virgin lol.

    1. ._|\______________________,
      …/ `–||||||||———]POOOOOOOW POOOOOW POOOOW
      ._==o ______ _____________|
      .…;.),—.(_.(__) /
      …// (\) ),——’

    2. Thank you Heavy D, because I can’t understand why Willie took so long to answer.

      I get what you are saying about the endowed needing a little space, but as a woman I can more identify with the arousal being key than any space issue & I’m glad to see that you get that from you saying in essence if the woman is well aroused (wet) then everything will fit nicely & play out well for she & the man.

      I also like that you mention the psychology of sex because I keep hearing women speak about ‘quinting’ & I know what it is (similar to the kegel exercise for that area), but why would any woman just be quinting like a damn fool during sex? At what point during all of this quinting does she enjoy the sex? What I know from my own experience is that quinting or rightly the spasming of the muscle is supposed to happen involuntarily & naturally. Your man must just take one look at you during the act & ask “are you doing that intentionally” or say “it just a grab mi” & you can’t readily know why the muscle is spasiming because it’s all involuntary & in preparation for that climax which when muscles really spasm.

      All of us, men & women knowing our bodies (most importantly) and the body of our partner is important to get the mind game out of sex so we can just enjoy it.

  8. I’ve never heard of anyone seeking to profit off someone’s big hole.Little Willie is cyaan me alone want to know how exactly u grow bigger buddy @anon 11:07?!

    Oh n only the blood of Christ must compel yuh to confess why is not all men want neggleeye. Wants different from Needs…simple!

  9. Willie you’re not the first man i heard this from about vagina being a certain fit

    Most man seh su woman a confuse dryness for tightness which makes the sex painful for the man causing to bruise the hood head or tear the skin which makes the sex uncomfortable for both him and her

  10. Extensive research in the Lab has proven that only 0.1% of women are in possession of the neegle eye pum pum.
    Mi preach it arredi….WET, FAT AND COMFORTABLE. Mi nuh want nuh pums a peel mi honey banana.
    HeavyD a talk up di tings
    Compel me Ms Royal? Man a badman, a wah do yoouuuuuu??!!!!

    1. Lawks Willie memba a play we deh play an learn enuh. Help mi wid da one ya, one time mi did a sex mi bf, dem mi see him start suck him pointer finger mi a wonder weh him a taste fah. Den my man insert di pointer inna mi punny while him buddy in deh. So mi push him off an start call him freak and bare tings. But a tru mi did shame she mi tunnel of lovr is actually a tunnel size. Mi start do bare keigels, buy ben wah balls etc.o I all start save fi do di surgery. Mi ask mi big woman fren she deh relax wen u wet and aroused dat can gwan and har hubby dweet to har. Mi ask mo younh gal fren she seh mo sah my ting nuh have room fi a buddy and a fing. Weh yuh tink? Big it big or it was aroused?

    2. Willie, mi naw look pan you cause you took too long to answer. More like coward man :kiss

      But Heavy D seems like a man with some knowledge about the ting & I especially like that he mentioned how we are messing up the pleasure in sex by messing up or psychology.

  11. I just watched the video with this man he have to carry on with such antics like get over it and move on, all that show and for what Ok she couldn’t feel you, maybe you not working with nothing that can satisfy har.. Get a life dude the yotube video was just a bit much..

    1. it’s a skit,see him ansa under mi post deh. Him name war professa,there is no big hole keisha.

          1. Ask willie wha dah lab deh whey him have name deh fi mi see him come ansa deh and mi nah :maho

  12. He is so annoying *not because of this pic* but because of the stuff he post had to delete him off of my fb

  13. Cindy….meez a werkin man suh mi answer when mi free up. Sorry to disapint yu baybee.
    anony 2:07….nuh fret yuself, memba it are like lastik ban. That’s why yu BF feel free fi finger it wid di buddy in dere. Yu did wet like dunns river and the BF a try a ting fi increase YOUR pleasure. nuh fight it girl because it was not about him.

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