0 thoughts on “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE + 2 WORM

  1. Unnu leave di damn man dem alone n get a life..sender yu too Wat if dem want wear di samething bun mi fi sum a unnu jamaican chat ppl n bring down others especially di ppl dem weh a try Inna life..

  2. Are they twins? If not why would two grown ass man want to go out dressing alike, are they lover? Mi no get it
    Oh anon mi notice you deh pon some cheer leading shit, if you feel like address mi questions DON’T SUCK YOU MADDA

  3. Dem inna competition with each other then, dat frenship soon go sour like all the rest we seen over the years. These men need to be thensrlves and stop the hype because it no gonna get them anywhere at all

  4. These two acting like when your were kids and you use to dress alike for show. But you are now grown adults, these men take style for fun and that’s all they worried about is to go to the parties and out dress someone, but that makes them act stuck up like they god gift to women. Sweetie calm down and humble yourself and act like grown men suppose too. I can see you wearing the same shoe that same night but the same outfit. woeeeee

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