Met a little birdie pinch me and tell me that the funeral home lady that is missing, Kartel have something to do with it. They said that the last time she was seen was when she left her office saying to the workers that she was going to do some business for kartel as his people had called her . The person who pinch me knows the woman very well as they grew up in the same community. They are of the opinion that because she had done business for him prior, she was a big threat.
Keep up the excellent work you are doing, it is wonderful.

0 thoughts on “CAN ANYONE CONFIRM?

  1. Bwoy dis bwoy misery extends everywhere. If she did a knowingly covah Kaartil evil doings a wah she did expect. Not dat im have any right fi kill har but jeezas man sometimes put dem self innah di some position fi a few bucks and nuh considah di fact dah if human life nuh mean nuttn to di person u a do di wuk fah theirs nuh mean a ting eidah. Sin embargo a hope dem find har alive, maybe im send har off pan a boat like im did a plan fi tek and she someweh innah some fareen country a hide out.

  2. ????Someting nuh right.. SHE TOLD CO WORKERS SHE GOING TO SEE KARTEL…statement nuh mek sense. Y would she advertised THE meetings since she dwell inna him EVIL. SENDER STOP LIE….

    1. The sender wrote “going to do some business…”, not “… going to SEE Kartel” and the people are her staff.

  3. Suh if she was doing business for him and she works at the funeral home, then chances are she know about nuff ‘missing people’ then…..cremating of bodies. I also wonder if Kartel people dem get rid of her, is it causen sey shi start run her mouth and dem hear back? Maybe shi tell her coworkers dem whey shi going outta fear in case something happen to her. She prob never had any choice but to go.

  4. Mi hear say she use to cremate the bodies of his victims and kartel felt as if she was a weak link and if police catch her she would cracking under pressure so he got rid of her.

  5. Unfortunately when u mix up wid certain and certains u life will never be the same again.
    May God give her family and loved ones the strength to endure during their time of grief.

  6. From a criminally minded persons perspective, she did have to go. The police would have offered her a deal and she would have taken it. She would not have rode it out like the others

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