Can evil covenants be forged while fasting?
Many folks are unaware of the fact that when entering a lengthy or short sincere fast, Satan’s attack
against them will rarely be the tempting of food. Instead, the victim will be attacked in their dreams via the forging of subtle evil covenants or even the renewing of evil covenants.
Most folks that have been on a real fast will attest to the fact that not only were they having rapid dreams during their fast but dreams saturated with sex, marriage and other symbols that signifies some type of agreement or covenant being made in their dreams. For example, men that are fasting will be overwhelmed with some of the most explicit sexual dreams to the point of having wet dreams. Women on the other hand will experience being married in a dream especially if they are not married in reality or engaging in some type of adulterous or perverted sexual acts in their dreams.
In both cases the folks that they are performing these acts with in their dreams are Familiar spirits masquerading as known or even unknown persons that represents a far greater evil all in an effort to establish evil covenants with the Dreamer during their fasting. Scripture clearly tells us of Satan’s ability along with his agents to transform themselves, thus giving them the power to masquerade in our dreams, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15.
As a reminder a fast will initially, loose the bands of wickedness, undo the heavy burdens, let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke, Isaiah 58:6. This being the case, evil spirits are now at work in the Dreamer’s dream during their fast to subtly renew evil covenants that the dreamer is attempting to break as a result of their fast.
The masquerading spirits in your dreams pretending to be attractive women/men or whatever they’re presenting themselves as or whatever acts you’re engaging in with them, are evil spirits that could represents poverty, sickness, adultery etc.So let’s say you’re fasting for a mate or to break the spirit of poverty in your life. Then The dreamer will experience dreams where they are either married or engaged to be married or they will see themselves having sex in their dreams with folks that they are very much attracted to. However, the dreamer have zero idea that these spirits represents anti-marriage and the folks that they are interacting in the dream with are indeed spirit husbands and spirit wives. Now even though I am using the example with mates, this is also true with poverty, sickness, anti-progress etc.
The dreamer due to their limited spiritual knowledge is totally unaware that they are indeed married in the realm of the spirit via their dream to demonic forces that have successfully established a renewing of their demonic spiritual union with the dreamer. Such spiritual unions gives these spirits the right to influence good perspective to turn away from the dreamer. thus the dreamer finds it difficult to get married, or have successful relationships.
This is why one must be educated in the things of the spirit because when we reinforce our spiritual warfare via fasting the Enemy will become even more cunning and crafty in his dealings. As a reminder scripture clearly says that Jesus was tempted 40 day by the Devil during his fasting and even after his fasting, Luke 4:2. Scripture also reveals to us where covenants were forged in dreams by God, Genesis 15:11-18 and 1 Kings 3:5-14 thus Satan mimics what God does and his ability to achieve this is allowed by the scriptural law in Matthew 13:25, which says, “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way”
So, as I have carefully explained, you could be assisting the Devil in forging or even renewing evil covenants unknowing to you during your fast. Again, this is why you must pay close attention to your dreams particularly while fasting because it is usually during these times that the Enemy prey on the spiritual ignorance of the dreamer. I promise you that whatever it is that you are fasting for, the Enemy will disguise himself in the form of people and things that the Dreamer desires only to bind the dreamer spiritually to evil covenants that will work against them.
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
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  1. Very interesting insight. How should one protect themself from signing these unholy contracts in their dreams? I have heard before than when you are fasting, you should also be abstaining from sexual intercourse as well.

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