This is gorgy lucky British friend. Him used too f** off candy but she get f***k and duck. Candy was friends with the lady in the green dress but they are not fren again because candy expose her what’s app messages. Is gorgy throwing word at candy with this? And is she back with Bernardo lol?

18 thoughts on “CANDY WHERE IS BERNARD?

  1. the one in the green dress is shabba kartel baby mother , she mussi ah carry feelings her self ca she dont look no time better then candy. she shape bad na bloodclart she cant chaat to candy no time no day

    1. Amen to that, Candy is ok so they mussi carry feelings fi tru. Goergie Porgie a big JACKASS KMT.

  2. Chin take 1000000 seats. U nuffi gwarn like u r better than no one because u r a walking toilet. Look how old u r daughter look. By the way is she gay. Chin she look f**k out like you. Chin u f**k more than candy. Chin u cannot gwarn like u is nobody at alllllll. Met a piece a chin file i got and its very dirty. Chin sells sex for a living. She badmind anybody that looks better than her. She use the kids benefit money buy hair and clothes to go to dance. She is dying to b a dancehall icon but even in this video u can see everybody is laughing at her n she thinks they laughing with her. Xg Chin go take the rotten teeth them out of your mouth. Chin u need a brand new vagina because the gray hair cunt i saw u sending to people man look dead like shabba in the grave. U suck dick like its a hobby and swallow too yuck. Eewwww. Disgusting old woman go get an education. U f**k ur fren chin babyfather fabian and thats facts. U and chin give chris rich and famous 3 some u f**k killer aka stinking moiuth stashmilli and they r all in the same crew. All u kids look sick. But you wanna come on social media dissing people. Shabba kartel hated you he use to tell me how u r dunce and u cunt is big so he cant sex u and i know that man had 10″ of dick. and if you dont leave candy alone im putting out d rest. So f**k off an go bck under the rock bitch.

  3. I like candy she look cute and fix up herself good. This chin woman in the green look very strange to me her head is too big for her body dwl I can’t take that old granny looking woman with the lopsided wig Kmt all of these people need to grow up they are big long time women mothers and grandmothers about they’re cocking up they foot before they go home and rest their pussy kmft. That Georgie Porgie looks mix up as f**k I hate men like that !! And once again this stash milli name a call he can’t seriously have a woman that claims him …….???? Like seriously lol
    People need to leave candy all them in that mixup little video can’t Mek one these grannies need to bake some cakes and read some stories and low the slackness sick of it now !!

  4. Goergie porgie from do song with kevinbritish u think u hype u will never bus off next mans name u dont sound good u a shit stop it u love to suck pussy say with that u go no name at all candy say u allways suck her and chin

  5. Goergie porgie u soon go. Bk jail were u live u mix up and bad mind boy u n a west end a night time doing drugs

  6. Rumours as it Candy got her friend them to put this on (groupie) to hype her dance coming up, ‘how sad’. Gorgy f**k n duck Candy and all now she can’t move on. 1stargirlcandy all ah use part of the bwoy name pan Instagram cause she in love with the bwoy and him nah look lol Candy you no see you make Gorgy relevant by keep putting him up on groupie. Candy what happen to the so called football who give you £500 ah Turners dance couple weeks back? What happen him too f**k you and nah look lol !! What me can’t understand how you ah the biggest freak ah London and every man way you take no want stay with you ?
    Candy as to hide and take Bernhard because if social services know she’s gone back to him they would take her son way from her, because Bernhards on the sexual register for molesting her daughter..fact Candy suck p***y and lick batty
    Her lifestyle no clean … Sophie & Marvin talk say when they went to your yard to do 3 sum they had to vacate your run down flat because it stink of cat piss yuck’ All you Bwoy Gorgy need fie get done pan groupie bout you gone put yourself with Candy
    You no see ah peer sorrow and crosses follow Candy….!

    1. Really? You’re the person that sent this in though. The spelling and grammar mistakes is the big give away.

  7. Goergie porgie unot british ua jamaican ugo ja say luckybritish houseu have no were to stay moive like u rich battyboy old fish

  8. Gorgie porgie luckybritish going telling peoplenot come candy dance candy pussy hold them are trying lock dance with police them too bad mind

  9. Goergie yuh can’t f**k… Yuh dick small… Yuh f**k mi inna mi batty and yuh nature inna yuh mouth.

  10. Well Bernard back with Gucci mudda and they all lived happily ever after. Long time him lef candy she’s too lose her pussy want a boost

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