The state of Vermont released a press release citing identity theft by two Jamaicans from the Bronx..See below




False Personation (Title 13 VSA 2001)

CASE#: 16C103399

TROOPER: P. Slaney

STATION: Rutland Barracks

CONTACT#: 802-773-9101

DATE/TIME: June 29, 2016 approximately 1845 hours.

LOCATION: Holiday Road, Rutland Town, Vermont

OFFENDER: Charmique Lindo

AGE: 24



OFFENDER: Tania Palacios

AGE: 23



On June 29, 2016, at approximately 1845 hours, members of the Vermont State Police were notified of a fraud complaint from the AT&T Retail Store located in Rutland Town. At approximately 1848 hours, Troopers arrived and identified two females involved as Charmique Lindo and Tania Palacios; both from the Bronx, New York. It was learned that both Lindo and Palacios attempted to impersonate another through the use of false identification cards and debit cards; while attempting to conduct a business transaction. Both Lindo and Palacios were taken into custody and transported to the State Police Barracks in Rutland Town for processing. Lindo and Palacios were subsequently lodged at the Marble Valley Correctional Center for lack of $50,000.00 cash or surety bond for the aforementioned offense.


COURT: Vermont Superior Court, Rutland Criminal Division

COURT DATE: June 30, 2016; 1230 hours

BAIL: $50,000.00 Cash or Surety

MUG SHOTS: Attached


  1. the one at the bottom looks like she been stealing since she was 7 and finally just got caught, lol I guess “happle” is not the only one huh MET?,,,,,,, lets see how many comments for this one!

    1. Mi really wish you would just disappear….nobody ever said Apple was the only one…she just a well known one….all now we can’t see you comment on a serious post you talk about yet but you always talking crap….

  2. iPhone scamming I’d guess :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak never met a negro from Vermont- home of Cabot cheese NOT thieves :ngakak

    1. you’re right PP, very likkle chocolate covered folks in VT. I only went there one when I was looking into Middlebury as a potential college option. The only black ppl I saw were the few black students who were in attendance at the school, nary even a black professor in sight. Why dem tink dem neva did ago stand out is a mystery to me.

      1. And dem nuh ina no long hair and blue eye :maho …in those places they know everybody and their family dem know u never come ina dem town yettttttt

      2. Imagine the stories black natives have to tell about being living there. I’m going to do more in-depth reading about there.

  3. Ol’ set a crab louse. Dem fe get life sentence. Me fed up fe see dem ole chink dragging down Jamaica and decent Jamaicans.

  4. The number of people identifying themselves as black more than doubled to 6,277. Blacks make up 1% of Vermonters.

    They must have stick/stand out like a sore thumb. I guess they thought it might be easier to do identity theft in Vermont. They guess wrong.

    1. They thought they would pass as milk maids :ngakak dem too rass bold!

      Met, can you imagine how they thought they were brilliant when that destination came mind…dim bitches should have paid attention in social studies and American history class.

      1. PP mi dus waa know how dem reach dere?? It look like dem have a map and plan out whey dem a guh……Not even a blue eye contacts or nothing dem jus go looking like real negresses and dose crackers not playing no games especially now trump roun di corner :nerd

        1. Me bellllly :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

          Dem should a bleach longer and wear Brazilian straight :hammer

          1. Di one wid di baids look like it dus do…crackers aint see nuffin like that in those parts……..911 4-5 precinct reach deh and mi nuh haffi ask Christ

  5. Yeah PP, it’s probably one of the safest state in the US. I was invited there some years ago by my caucasian friends who are from a nearby state, we were post to go skiing lol, I declined cuz I was sure to be the only black person there lol. Now if mi change ma mind mi nuh sure how the folks at Vermont would look at me, things like that nuh really happen there suh smh. Mi shame.

    1. If they read Archer Mayor books dem would know from dem enter the state the general stores and gas stations send out alert of strangers in town :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  6. I decided not to go when I asked my friend from there if they got any good jobs and she yes they got cotton picking. And she was serious

        1. no sah met, dem muss outta dem cotton picking mind, no matter how much it pay I could not as a black woman see mi self a pick cotton inna dis ya century. no mattah how good the benefits and pay, no sah. not in the name of kunta kinte cut off foot. dis cannot be real!

          1. ____________________________________________________________________ dem brave oo…u si vermont all put out press release :hammer ..where dem get people debit card number fi mek fake card and a use…u si di bail? chayyyyyyy

    1. Cotton picking? Me miss that one. A think a Ben n Jerry territory too. They are Organic, old family names… more the cousins of the Rockefeller and such.

  7. Listen not even drive mi no waa drive thru dem places y dem dweet it????? Damn fools
    Hey Met mi hate July 4th eno damn asshole dem n the firecrackers kmdt cho

    1. U know my neighbor dem have dem own set a works a gwaan from yessideh..cross di street bounce about n fireworks mi waa know what happen to a simple bbq …these white people u si
      Vermont would never see me and I oh so love Cabot’s aged white cheddar :maho

      1. Met yuh well fancy I never hear bout Cabot’s aged white cheddar, and to think mi did tink mi fancy a shop at trader joe’s, whole foods and mrs. green. gwan thru ms. met. lol.

      2. Me love all Cabot gone to bed wid me bun or eggs! It taste like what Tastee Cheese use to taste like years ago. Tastee cheese is crap ass cheese spread! All butta In a de ingredients :najis

          1. yuh see why mi luv the wall? mi neva know bout cabot no sah, mi a go get some tideh. taste’s nuh taste how it did from mi pickney days mi tink a me one complain. Thanks met and PP

    2. :ngakak

      From me live a NY me hate July 4th. Idiots firing guns along with fire work is scary.

  8. Idiots! How you going to hick town and scamming? When you go up to those parts you have blend in. Wear college sweatshirts. No weaves no nails done. Make sure you guys dont wear anything with NY on it. It would’ve been better if they went upstate NY like Buffalo or something. Those HICKS are ready suspicious of you soon as you walk in.

  9. Dem mussi pick Vermont cuz di name name near to Mt Vernon, NY. Guess dem musi did tink dem brilliant fi make such a move n d towns people dem fool

  10. @Anon 9:17, u know what u saying hun. When I go anywhere upstate or in the New England area I jus press out my natural hair, wear mostly t-shirt, jeans and sweatshirt etc, no long nails, No glamour girl ting jus plain ole Jane. How di hell dem reach way a Vermont guh tief :hammer

  11. Yes a cavell little sister but cavell can’t control what she do after a no cavell send her go thief and in a every family there is an outcast…

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